Welcome to the 2012 Kiffex League!

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DS Region: Kiffex
DS Region: Kiffex
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Welcome to the 2012 Kiffex League!

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Format and Prizes
The Kiffex League (named because Ontario has been termed the “Kiffex” region by the SWCCGPC for tournament purposes) will be a series of 5 events running each month (Feb – June) that will award points to participants after each event based on their performance and achieving certain goals outlined prior to the events. Each player’s points will be tallied after each event, and the overall points leader after the last event in the League will be awarded a bye to Day 2 of the 2012 SWCCG US Continental Championships, a bye to Day 2 of the 2012 SWCCG World Championships in Germany, as well as a Glass Trophy. Other prizes, such as Virtual Card designs and good ole’ Star Wars cards will be given out at events, so even if you don’t win the whole she-bang, there will be a very good chance that you win something just for coming out and playing.

The general scoring system for the Kiffex League breaks down like this: Everyone who attends an event will be guaranteed at least 1 point. If there are 6 people at an event, the person who places first will be given 6 points. The second place player will receive 5 points, third place will get 4 points, and so on (so the person who places last will still gain 1 point). So, if you do well at a League event where there was a large field of players, you will gain a large number of points (thus encouraging you to bring your SWCCG-playing or –curious friends to events to bump up attendance and the potential point hauls).

Event Guidelines
Decklists will not be required for any event during the League. You don’t even have to bring the same deck from one League event to the next one (although if you want to, that’s perfectly fine). Some event goals that players can meet for extra points will be based on having certain cards in your decks or performing something noteworthy in a game. Pay close attention to the goals, and you should be racking up points in no time! Also, all standard SWCCG tournament rules will apply to each event (all of the rules are outlined in this document). The tiebreaker for each event will be Strength-of-Schedule (SOS), so in short, differential will not make a… difference. If anyone has any questions about this, just let me know.

Because league registration kits and the trophy have to be purchased from the SWCCG PC store (the money is used to help cover the costs of the PC, which in turn helps keep our game alive), I am charging a one-time registration fee of $10 for league participants. So, if you attend a 2012 Kiffex League event for the first time and you would like to be eligible for any prizes associated with the league (including random ones I dole out at my own discretion) you have to pay me $10. However, that means you do not have to pay any more event fees for any remaining events in the league (excluding events like Provincials and Nationals). If this is an issue for any of you, please contact me and we can work something out.

Event Scheduling
In order to do my best to be as accommodating as possible for future dates, League events will be scheduled as far in advance as possible (generally 3-4 weeks). I do not want people missing events they wanted to play in because of simple scheduling conflicts, although I understand it will be impossible to meet the demands of everyone. So, when I put out a call for dates that work for people after the end of each event in order to schedule the next one, please let me know your preferences. It would be great to have a strong core of players attending each event to make things competitive (and more fun, of course), so please don’t be shy…

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