Event 2: Sunday, March 25 @ 11 AM (Hairy T West)

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DS Region: Kiffex
DS Region: Kiffex
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Event 2: Sunday, March 25 @ 11 AM (Hairy T West)

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Date: Sunday, March 25
Time: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Location: Hairy Tarantula WEST, Dundas St. W and Keele St, Toronto ON
Format: Constructed
Games: 6 (if we get 6 or less people, we’ll play 4 games)
Cost: $10 (one-time fee)

Since March is the month when St. Patrick’s Day comes around, people don green paraphernalia and plant themselves in their favourite (or most accessible) watering hole, here's the bonus goal for this event:

If you have 3 non-lightsaber weapons and/or devices (aka “cards that are green”) deployed on table at the same time, you gain 1 bonus point. This goal can only be obtained once during the tournament. If one of your “green cards” is also at the Tatooine: Cantina, Coruscant: Nightclub, or Cloud City: Casino, you gain 1 extra bonus point.

For example, if you’re playing your Dark Side deck and have a Stormtrooper armed with an Assault Rifle at Mos Eisley, Snoova armed with a Vibro-Axe at the Audience Chamber, and then deploy a Droid Detector on the Cantina, you will receive 1 bonus point for having three “green cards” on table AND 1 bonus point for having one of those “green cards” at the Cantina. This also means that you will not score any more bonus points for the rest of the tournament, so if you want you only need to bring one deck that can achieve this goal, and your other deck can be whatever you want it to be. If you need any clarification about this month’s goals just let me know.

See you on the 25th!

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