Saturday Night

Leicester, UK
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Paul McPherson
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LS Region: Naboo
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Saturday Night

Post by Paul McPherson »

I'm going to book us a table at a local bar/restaurant at 22:30 on the Saturday night. This is the place were Darren and I have taken Angelo, Chris, Enno, Casper and Morten previously and is right next to the Premier Inn. I'm going to book a table for 10 people but will require confirmation by 12:00 on the Saturday to finalise numbers (I'm actually hoping that more like 15 of us will come along).

Feel free to post below if you are interested.

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Re: Saturday Night

Post by aermet69 »

I'm in! They had Guinness.

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- Casper Jørgensen
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Re: Saturday Night

Post by Zenith »

aermet69 wrote:I'm in! They had Guiness.
And good foodz! I'm in too :-)
-Morten Iversen

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Re: Saturday Night

Post by Darth_Link »

Well, I'm in. You had me at "Guinness"
Emil W. Sweden

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Enhanced Product
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Re: Saturday Night

Post by rax »

I'm with you too!

Besides, the success of a SWCCG event is always linked to the bar yuo go to after the games :)

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Re: Saturday Night

Post by Gravityshadow »

In. I think Chris and Enno as well.

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Shadow 14
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Re: Saturday Night

Post by Shadow 14 »

What he says! :)
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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