Sonn Mains LS First place decklist

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Re: Sonn Mains LS First place decklist

Post by JediJer »

Here's a Holotable file of the deck (minus shields)
(2.52 KiB) Downloaded 84 times
(2.52 KiB) Downloaded 84 times

Paul McPherson
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LS Region: Naboo
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Re: Sonn Mains LS First place decklist

Post by Paul McPherson »

Wow! I just played this against an Imperial Occupation (V) deck and it won by 26! Lando on Lady Luck went to the system turn 0, Mace and Luke disrupted the Defensive Perimeter all game (often draining for 4). Eventually, Home One with Admiral Ackbar (V) joined Lando until in a desperate move the DS shuttled Darth Maul up to an alerted star destroyer to blank my ability. Leia, Rebel Princess to Home One and Han, Chewie And The Falcon (V) ended the game in the skies over Hoth. I'll be testing with this a lot during the coming weeks (mainly to understand how to beat it!!!).

A great pile - 5 stars - this deck would have a good chance of placing at a major event ;) .
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