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Post by Steviegets112 »

Dear Europeans,

Your contingent at worlds was pretty sweet. Emil, Par and those other two guys definitely impressed me. I'd say I'd take back all the awful things I've said about those folks across the pond but that just isn't me. Even if it is true. Besides its not like any of you were actually good enough to take down my boy.

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Re: Escusiiiii

Post by kryptofis »

I mean, I don't know you but that and scoop-to-Desai thing makes me convinced you're not as bad as you think you are.

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Re: Escusiiiii

Post by Darth_Link »

Meeting steve in person made me almost believe he was a real person.
Emil W. Sweden

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Re: Escusiiiii

Post by Shadow 14 »

Steviegets112 wrote:Emil, Par and those other two guys definitely impressed me.
That's what she said! :)

Otherwise I'm not sure. I've met him twice so far, and I'm still not convinced he's a real person. If he were real though, he might not be a bad guy. ;)
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