Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

Post by DVD ROTS »

I was going to kick this off with the opening line of Skinhead on the MBTA, but I couldn't fit it in the subject line, so you get Shipping Up to Boston instead.

So, at some point this spring (probably in May sometime?) I decided I was going to go to Worlds. I don't really know why I made that call, except possibly that I didn't want to go a full year without playing in a SWCCG event, and the last time I'd touched a physical card was North American Continentals in Atlanta last year. I always feel like I have a pretty solid time at these things, and it'd be a shame not to see everybody for a whole year.

With that said, I did go into it with some apprehension - I generally don't have the accumulated number of games that most players do, but I go to these events wanting to win them - basically, with goals that are out of proportion to years of demonstrated results. I'd never Day-3'd an event before, but I often think through what my Day 3 decks will be; and that gap between goals and outcomes had grown pretty frustrating. But whatever, lesson here- don't spend too much time inside your own heads, kids.

Preparation for the event consisted of basically three things - churning out hypothetical list after hypothetical list on Notepad and trying to whittle them down to 60 cards that might actually be playable; testing on holotable from time to time; and spamming Greg Shaw with question after question about decks, matchups, metas, card choices, and whatever other nonsense I could think of.

For decks... yeah. For LS, I was relatively sure I'd end up playing the TRM Revolution Podracing deck. Basically, the only matchup where I was worried was Walkers... which makes it not the greatest call in the current meta, but the deck has an acceptable shot vs. Walkers (in part thanks to Shaw telling me to put Dash Rendar V in) and it does very well against most other decks. I grew kind of concerned as I started to hear about the Slavers deck this summer, but the first-turn Revolution is so devastating in that matchup that I was willing to take the high-variance 70-30 matchup there. During Day 2 (I think), Chu brought up the fact that I should have played Much to Learn You Still Have and started it vs. Walkers, and I felt like a total ass for not thinking of that.

For DS... I had a whole bunch of decks up in the air. Ever since the Fetts in Space package came out, I've been wanting to use it in decks, primarily because it's hyperefficient and pretty versatile. One of the first thoughts, which I had in the bag as a Day 3 deck for NAC last year, was an Endor Ops Emperor Start - the concept being that when LS is good, TRM is good because it just plays good and efficient LS cards, so let's build DS the same way. I figured anything that played Endor (the best location), EPP Maul, and the Fetts package would be fine. As it turns out, the deck is pretty solid, but the way it's built (primarily capitals after the Fetts, only 1 Vader) means that TIGIH moves Luke over and does a metric ton of damage all game.

After that, I built three different 12-card start decks, under the assumption that the Fetts make 12-card start more viable, as they get the site and a super-strong space package out without the need for an effect. I made Senate, Huntdown, and SYCFA. The Senate deck got scrapped - Scrambled is good, and I didn't feel like I could do well with a deck that everyone saw coming, as I'm just not that good relatively speaking; and the alternative space package I'd run in the Senate was just too expensive. The HD got scrapped for reasons I can't really remember... but the SYCFA seemed pretty good. It played very reactively, clearing opponents' locations and using First Strike, but it retained a bunch of other damage sources (enhanced drains in space, Tarkin Doctrine, blowing up planets) and it retrieved with the core and A Million Voices.

In mid-late July, I had to be in NJ for work, and was able to get in a few PT games with Shaw, which mainly involved running his SCYFA w/ LCB deck against his Scoundrels deck. I remembered how comfortable I felt with my old SYCFA deck, running 3x UC spies, 3x Nevar Yalnal, and 3x Cease Fire, and figured that if I added the LCB to that, I might actually have a solid shot with it. Combined with struggling against Jarad Konsker's Senate with the 12-card SYCFA, I began to lean towards the (more) conventional build.

So, Worlds. I flew in on Friday morning (6 AM flight... which I didn't really think about beforehand, as it means you've gotta leave by 4:15...) and got picked up along with the Minnesota crew by Casey. Big props to Casey, by the way, for taking the initiative to get this thing organized and located. It going off well is in large part due to him.

Upon arrival, I was able to catch up with a bunch of folks who were already there - the Jersey crew (Scott, Chris, Steve, Amar, Greg despite rumors of his demise) as well as BFred, Kim, Veasey, and Chris Menzel, who was cool. A little while after getting in, I was able to sign up for Power Cube with a bunch of folks (since I still needed to get my bye), and got picked to draft DS. As I have mentioned elsewhere, DS is pretty easy to draft; I didn't know what was in the Cube for either side, and I passed Mob Points and Establish Control without selecting an objective... but 3x Vaders (Lord, DLOTS, Math), GMTarkin (OG), and Vader's Saber is really hard to contend with. Throw in Dr. E, Disarmed, and some ships, and I had a pretty solid deck. I managed to go 4-0 with 2 TW, thanks to a combination of luck and absurd cards, and with that, my bye was taken care of.

I'm trying to recall what happened after that; I know that I didn't play in Day 1/Iron Man, so I assume I hung out, said "hey" to folks, and tried to chase down cards w/ folks. Eventually, a decision was taken to eat something, and to get a second room for the night. Scott went and did some voodoo to secure another room, and then Team Jersey + JediJer went to go get food. The mexican place near the hotel wasn't awful, and we all got to experience the horror of EPP Scott Lingrell with Ethnic Food Menu and catch up for a while.

We then spent the rest of the night trying to build decks and figure out what we were going to do for Saturday; Greg was in kind of a weird despair fugue state where he'd wake up every 20 minutes and decide he disliked something else about one of the five deck options he was juggling. I was pretty locked into what I was going to play, and just needed to make sure I got the appropriate cards and made some fine-detail card choices. Amar had figured out what he wanted to play as well, and ended up going to the game room where Scott and Chris were to try and test his LS. After that game, we went back up; I went to Chris' room to grab the last cards for the CPIv deck, while Amar went back to our room (which was open, but neither of us had a key for).

So, I get the cards from Chris, and head back to level 2 to try and crash for a bit. However, once I'm there, I don't know what the room number is. I checked a few doors, and none of them seemed open, and Greg was dead to the world; so I went down to the front desk to figure out which room Greg was in. However, apparently I look like the sort of guy who would firebomb one particular room in a hotel, but wouldn't simply do so indiscriminately. They don't tell me the room, so I get one for myself, figuring that a little legitimate sleep is probably (unfortunately) worth it.

So, I wake up off of five hours of real sleep, relatively refreshed, and get some cards together, check my lists, and go down to Day 2. I love the start of the big day at these tournaments - just seeing the whole group, saying hey to folks, and recognizing people all the way across the room. After a little while of setup, pairings are announced, and off we go.

Game 1 - TRM Pod/Revo vs. Veasey's Mistryl

I start my ordinary start, including Goo Nee Tay; Veasey starts 3 effects, including Breached combo. Well, so much for Goo; but hey, he doesn't start Ni Chuba Na?? V, so I should still be able to get Revolution off. We draw opening hands... and I have no Revos and four ships. He doesn't play a BG system. OK, then. The first few turns consist of setting up my activation, podracing, getting out Threepio (who promptly eats a Restraining Bolt), and establishing Savrip; I was able to get a dude or two to the Podrace Arena, and I think Obi to one of his 2/1 Coruscant sites. On the third or fourth turn, I drew into three Revos, and was therefore able to cut his activation off the following turn. Eventually, I win the race, find Malastare, and manage to set up I Did It!; with the retrieval from that, and a couple of battles with both DtF and First Strike in play, I get ahead on cards, and the game goes to time. I get the win.

Props - getting the win, Veasey, who's always cool
Slops - no early Revos against a deck with no NCN; going to time
Absurd - I Did It!

Game 2 - SYCFA CPI Spies & Gun vs. John Anderson's Scoundrels Kessel Run V/Space

Early in this game, I basically set up my activation and moved the Death Star to Alderaan in order to flip. I might've also put a Dark Jedi Master to the docking bay for Coward/Battle Plan purposes. He got Dash out early and used him as his Kessel Running target, with the Toolkit on board. Second turn, he had Dash at Kessel, with the toolkit, and I had a call to make. The Toolkit wrecks me a little, since it gets past Lateral Damage, Overwhelmed, and Relentless Pursuit, all of which are my standard options for dealing with starfighters. So I'd really like to knock the Outrider off the table; it's maneuver 4, but DV +2 from Bravado; I have the Judicator in hand, which will shoot at +3; so I need a 4 or better to hit (this is before he can get the -1 effect out or complete Kessel Run for the global -1). I check my RD for destinies, and there are 5 misses out of 13, and a couple of them are ships, and I have TIE sentry ships... so I have to take the gamble, as there's no way I get a better shot than this. In the ensuing battle, I draw my Ghhhk combo for weapon destiny, and end up losing the Judicator with nothing to show for it. Nice. So, he gets Dash back to Nar Shaddaa and flips, but never deploys a bg site. That means he's not getting off a ton of damage pressure on me, and I can set up slow and pay to drain. I go to my three systems, use LD/Overwhelmed/RP to deal with the Falcon and Lady Luck (and maybe BiPS?), and just sort of ping him out. The drain 4 at Nar Shaddaa and 3 at Kessel help a lot as well. I think this game might have also gone to time? But I remember feeling fairly confident about it; I'd have to keep running away from Dash, but Doctrine + drain 3 at Kessel meant that I was getting considerably more damage through. I also considered setting up PotF+ a DJM at his 2/0 if he took the DB with Kyle eventually.

Props - the W, John being a good dude, the SYCFA deck just being a machine
Slops - going to time, I need to play faster; not hitting Dash with a better-than-8/13-shot

Game 3 - TRM Pod/Revo vs. Mark Walseth's EOps Deck

So, Jonny Chu mentioned this deck in his TR, but I didn't realize it was traditionally a Lone Pilot deck, because Walseth started Prep Def against me to get the Endor Shield first turn. This game was kind of silly, unfortunately; he didn't have NCN, and I Revo'd his bunker first turn, which meant that he'd never be able to flip the objective, which is more or less GG. I also got a first-action DDTA and was able to choke him some. He got his AO out early and set up some space, but I eventually managed to clear him, I think using Home One and Dash V. After I managed to take Endor, I won the race, set up I Did It!, and that's all she wrote.

Props - the W, Mark, Mark not being too put-out by playing against Revo, the deck working as intended
Slops - Not really any
Absurd - I Did It!

Game 4 - SYCFA CPI Spies and Gun vs. Conrad's Communing

Conrad had just played (and beat, I think!) Matt Sokol, and asked if I was also a former champ, to the amusement of Shaw and enormous amusement of Baroni, who were sitting next to us. He had to play Emil the next round, too, I think. Anyway, he was playing Chewie Communing, and got pull-screwed a couple times early game (some part of the Threepio and Gunrunner pull chains were in the FP early, I think). I was able to set up space really quick, establish Sidious at the D*Dbay, blow up a couple of systems, set up a UC spy at his Tatooine drain site (I think this happened), and eventually just do enough damage to put him in an insurmountable hole.

Props - Conrad started off really strong in his first Worlds. The SYCFA deck did nicely against Communing.
Slops - Nah, this was fine.

Since I was done pretty quick, BFred and I went and got food at the Panera; it was good to be able to talk shop with Fred and hang out for a bit. I managed to score myself the biggest iced coffee in the history of ice or coffee, and both the day and the cashier were gorgeous, so it was a solid interlude. Got back to the tourney, gave Kim her food, scarfed mine down, and on we went to the next game.

Game 5 - TRM Pod/Revo vs. MHT's Walkers

Time to pay the piper... and in the streaming Feature Match no less. This is not a great matchup, as I suddenly have a bunch of dead Revos in my deck, but it is one where I have a shot, mainly predicated on setting up Padme damage, I Did It!, and taking his system away from him. In order to pull that off, there are a couple of key cards - primarily Leia V and Dash V. I wasn't able to find either, but I did get a decent early jump in space, with the Home One/Ackbar/Lando and some backup fodder. I'd started Honor, and he opted for NCNv over No Escape, in order to fade an early Goo, plus he had some trouble blowing the Generators early, and so I managed to hang around for a bit. However, he eventually established a star destroyer (the Conquest V) with Tarkin/Thrawn/fodder, and we kind of had it out back-and-forth. Since I wasn't able to nix Tarkin's text or limit him to 1 BD, I had to rely on big attrition in the first couple of battles, before he chewed through Spiral/Wedge in RS1/Tantive/whatever other fodder I was stacking. In two big battles, I drew 6/0/1 and 6/0/2, which is probably my fault as the 0 was the same both times (Malastare), but I love complaining, so I'm going to act as though it's not. Inconceivable! Anyway, eventually he stacked up 40+ power at the system and knocked me off. That meant he could also shut down I Did It, get past HotJ, and plink me down. Eventually, he got off Walker Garrison and finished me off.

Props - I don't know if I've seen Matt make a serious in-game mistake yet. I'm sure it's happened at some point, but he's playing at a very high, very locked-in level. 8-0 wasn't a fluke. I was happy that I'd had a shot against Walkers despite not finding Dash or Leia, also.

Slops - Malastare. If I can kill two dudes in one of those battles, I can buy myself some breathing room attrition-wise and maybe dig for Dash. I'll blame this on having eaten; I was not man enough to maintain the Sherlock Holmes/Ramadan fasting tech.

Game 6 - SYCFA CPI Spies & Guns vs. Steve Baroni's MWYHL

Interesting. What happens in this matchup? I went into it assuming that I'd be able to shut out his damage on the ground, and so the game would hinge on me doing enough damage in space and burying his fleet - because if he were able to somehow recur his ships (with Flash of Insight V or Strikeforce) after stacking a 7, I might have some trouble. Fortunately, that's how it went down; I got UC spies to the Dbay and his Battle Plains, and managed to throw ships to systems and eventually set up Doctrine for additional plink damage. He got some starfighters out, but didn't really have an answer for Lateral Damage/Overwhelmed/Relentless Pursuit, and I was able to knock them off the board and use Sidious + Cease Fire to get a turn or two of free drains. Eventually I set up PotF at the Death Star so that I could protect the Doctrine without stashing ships at a useless non-bg; he moved in front of me with Lando + Ship, and I was able to get off a Lateral Damage beatdown for 12 overflow, and he scooped.

Props - Beating Steve, pretty sure that was our first game, and he's a better player than I am, so that was a nice confidence boost. The SYCFA deck continuing to do everything it was supposed to do.

Slops - None really, I was kind of zonked after, I think this was the highest-pace SWCCG game I've played.

Game 7 - TRM Pod/Revo vs. Reid Smith's Spice Mains

Well, he starts NCNv, which is bad. But thanks to the podrace/I Did It and my space package, I knew I had avenues to a win. I got a revo off on his CC twix (two or three times, actually, he Altered it a couple times. Who plays Alter?!), and he got to space pretty quick. I think I got Savrip set up again, and was able to get Home One and Dash set up in space. He got fairly unlucky in his Spice draws all game, and the podrace was able to mitigate some of his early drains with Sidious + saber. Eventually, I was able to take the system from him, as he landed Slave I to keep them alive, and I was able to set up I Did It at the podrace arena. I Did It! is pretty much a win condition, and I was able to grind him out for a while, and eventually got Malastare out for another drain, and established an unassailable position.

Props - Another win against a player better than me; I Did It + take a system is pretty ridiculous.
Slops - None; getting Revo altered was kinda funny.
Absurd - I Did It!

Game 8 - SYCFA CPI Spies & Guns vs. 3CG's Cartman Communing

Ick. Didn't want to be playing Chris in this game; I was rooting for him to make Day 3, but we're both 6-1, and so even though my SoS is probably good enough, I didn't want to take any chances either. I've also always felt pretty weird about scooping games and that sort of thing, and so a significant part of me was pretty glad to just be able to play it straight up. The matchup was interesting, though; we'd been discussing it back-and-forth all day, with Chris fairly sure he'd win comfortably, and me fairly sure that the game would go to time with both of us having 20+ cards left. So, my early-game, I go and pull systems/get activation and flipped. Chris, in the meantime, sets up Luke on the Skyhopper on Turn 1 - I can't recall if he got Threepio out early, though, because I feel like I immediately ProtoFailed him, got Op as Planned, and then ProtoFailed him again - but that might've been the game against Conrad. Regardless, Chris struggled a lot to find his space in this game, and the one time he got R2iR5 with Wedge out, I think I Lat Damage/Overwhelmed him. I got UC spies to Beggar's Canyon and the DB pretty quick; he Corraned Arica at the Canyon, but I Ghhhked the battle. I managed to retrieve any damage he managed to do, and set up Doctrine in space and pushed through pings until he was out of resources.

Props - Got the win in a tough matchup (few things feel sillier than paying 6 to retrieve 3) against a good player (it's probably happened one or two other times, but I don't remember the last time I've beaten Chris, and he was probably the consistently dominant player in our area as I was growing up).

Slops - Knocking a friend out of the Top 8. I feel pretty crappy about this even now; wish it had worked out differently.

So, I finished 2nd overall, meaning I got Reid the following day. So obviously I decided to stay up until ~2 eating Dominos and drafting Power Cube - I got Emperor/Gemmeperor/Janus/Force Lightning, Blizzard 1/2/4 V and Nevar/Veers V/Igar/Trample and Mob Pts in this iteration. DS is busted. I was going to play the Emp Start EOps, but it felt too fragile; if LS can get a big battle through early, it's difficult to recover. After a lot of internal debate, I chose to stick with the SYCFA. The EOps wouldn't have done any better against Reid on Sunday (TIGIH is a rough matchup due to a fast 2 damage/turn), but I should have given more consideration to the SYCFA 12-card-start mains build instead. I ended up cutting the PotF for the Add 2 or 4 to Starship Weapon Destiny card.

For LS, I decided to play a JCC mains deck, which is good for a couple of matchups (ROps and Walkers, primarily), but apparently doesn't fade Slavers that well. Oops. The decks I have on the back burner are Scoundrels Kessel Run/Space and WYS space-heavy. Should've played one of those, but oh, well. They have their problems also.

Sunday I get down for Day 3, and sit down across from Reid and get going. I play DS first, and he flips over... 12-card TIGIH.

Game 1 - SYCFA CPI Spies & Guns vs. Reid Smith TIGIH Mains

Well, TIGIH matching weapons is not my favorite matchup, because they stack cards for every DB battle and retrieve at Endor with Luke each turn, which can be an issue. The game itself is a pretty odd one. His first turn, he moved over to the Endor DB and dropped the Battle Plains + EPP Obi. My turn, I Force Push for Arica, put her at the Battle Plains, and put U-3PO at the Docking Bay. So far, so good. His turn, he tries to SATM U-3PO (grab + Cease Fire) and draws for a bit, and I get a chance to get flipped and set up systems, etc. His next turn, he drops Corran to the DB, senses my Nevar Yalnal (didn't have the 2nd copy), breaks U-3PO's cover, Nabrun's Corran to the Battle Plains for 6, and breaks Arica's cover. Well, then. I think I got Sidious out, and in the ensuing Battle Plains fight, he didn't overflow Mara; so far so good. I managed to OOP EPP Qui-Gon after a fight at the DB, and got a ship out, so that I was satisfying BP/Coward. Unfortunately, I then made a critical error and paid for it - Reid had asked every turn, "how many cards in hand?," and despite that, and despite not digging for anything in particular, I drew up to 13 and promptly got Grimtaashed used. The five cards he got were my Ghhhk combo, 2x Lightsaber Deficiency (with Protocol Failure on table and about to go lost) and two ships (Victory and I think Devastator). That left me without retrieval/damage sources for space, without protection once he got his Bron Burs out, and without a way to fade his next drain or two. Oops. He followed this by getting Bron Burs V (barrier), Lando, Scoundrel (HINR v) and Luke via db transit to my docking bay. We duked it out a little bit there, but I had to stack some cards, and he was able to kill off Sids and establish LeBron Burs at the site that prevents damage, and that was more or less it. He got Home One to space, but he stuck Obi-Wan on board. I don't know if that was just for fodder or if it was to duck the Overwhelmed, but despite the Lateral Damage I put out, he was able to Barrier and move around my ships just enough to stay on table; combined with the four cards I had to stack on Conflict and the free drains he got, that was pretty much game. Reid won by 6.

Game 2 - JCC Mains vs. Slavers

So, Reid starts Crush, apparently putting me on both of the same decks as yesterday (though there were other benefits of Crush as well), and proceeds to boatrace me off the table. I guess I should've tested this matchup legitimately, but I basically went and took his drain-2 site 2nd turn... but Reid was able to flip, set up the 2nd 2/1 site, and lock down space, and that was that. Reading some of the stuff Justin has written, I needed to be able to go to two locations heavily, and I don't think the space package in this deck was properly constructed for that (the fact that Slavers invalidates Brain-Dead and Resilience doesn't help either). I had no idea what to do here, and it showed. Reid won heavily.

So, I ended up with 6th place, and got a serious confidence boost in terms of my deck selection and deckbuilding skills. I had a lot of fun playing as well, and I'd like to thank all of my opponents for some really great games and sportsmanship (especially considering the degenerate LS deck I was playing). I also want to thank everyone for the kind words on Saturday - that run was pretty bonkers, and everyone's congratulations and support were pretty cool - I especially want to single out Jonny Chu and Matt Sokol here, as they each came up to me multiple times with encouragement. I also want to thank the Jersey guys for talking tech, loaning me cards, and putting up with my rambling (double for Shaw).

After getting KO'd, I watched some more SWCCG (congratulations to Justin!) and then proceeded to be the obnoxious over-the-shoulder advisor during two more power cube drafts before realizing I was passing out in my chair and going to bed. In the morning, Casey's dad gave me a ride to Cambridge (Thanks!) and I got through a couple of meetings before heading to Logan and chilling for five hours as my flight got pushed back. An overnight stay in DC later, I'm back in Tampa. What a weekend. Let me know if I missed anything, I'm exhausted.

Props -

Justin Desai, for winning the whole thing. Congratulations again.
Casey Anis for driving the organization of the event.
Scott for running *; the assorted volunteers (especially Gogolen, Kim, and LBH) for their contributions.
The Hall of Fame. Couldn't have brought in a better group of folks.
Greg Shaw, seriously, for never telling me to just * off with the eight iteration of a SYCFA deck.
Reid Smith, who played really well all weekend; thanks for the games, dude.
Matt HT for playing like a beast.
Tom Hollingworth, for PTing help and rambling discussions, and for getting super excited about drafting ISB.
The Europeans, for being excellent folks, one and all - it was a pleasure to meet you.
Andy *' Klema, beard and all - it was good to see you again.
Power Cube.
Boston, for being civilization.
Old friends and new.

Slops -
Traveling to a SWCCG event and not getting to see Kafer, wtf?
JCC Mains, what a terrible decision. Stephen Kim, you may have been on to something re: sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation.
I Did It!
United, for delaying my flight out of Logan to the point where I got to a DC hotel at 2:30 AM and had to leave at 6 for the second leg.

I'm going to be unconscious all weekend, I think. Peace!


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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Vik, thanks for the sweet treport. Kudos to doing well, writing my favorite worlds report so far, and making me want to play TRM Revo.
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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Congrats again on a strong performance and overall just a fun weekend.

Like I said on Sunday morning, this was a tremendous accomplishment for you and I hope you enjoyed every minute of Day 3.

See you at the MPC

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Good TR Vik, and good game. I'm frustrated because I totally forgot how I was supposed to play that matchup (start Menace Fades, set up Kyle at my 2/2 asap). I don't know if it would have made the difference or not (I've won that matchup, but not every time) but I hate realizing after the game that I didn't use the right game plan. I think it went to time and you had me like 26-21 or something. We both retrieved quite a bit.

In any case, it was a good game and good playing against a classy opponent. Congrats again on top 8!
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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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good report. grats on the showing, and thanks for the isb deck and taking down team canada
tom kelly
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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Nice report and great job at Worlds. VERY cool decks. By far my favourite pair.

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Great TR, and great showing, congrats!
Casey A. - New York, NY
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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Nice job dude. It takes some rather large cojones to play TRM Revo in this meta. Love it.

I hate Grimtaash too!

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Do you remember the TRM revo deck I had at San Diego a few years ago that had hella magic proxy's!? Kevin Shannon's favorite deck EVER!

Nice showing man, and good to see you again!

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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Great TR

I was pretty bummed after getting rolled by your deck, but at the end of the day when you had made it through, I was happy I was not the only fellow getting Revo blown out. I do like the fact that it's good at giving slavers a square kick in the nuts.

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Re: Climbing up the Topsail, I Lost my Leg!

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It was nice to meet you, too, Vik!

Again,... playing the cube AFTER Day 2 till 3:30, and then play Day 3 next day... might have cost you another win or two, but one could see you had a blast and were "all in"!

Mad props for that!!!
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