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Re: Seriously?

Post by Kevbozzz »

The origins I went to was in 09, I think bfred won? I think I got 2nd.

It was definitely 2009 because I hurt my knee between my wedding and honeymoon and Candace will never let me forget the precise date I threw my life away. Or formed a union of love or whatever nonsense she calls it.

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Re: Seriously?

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yeah chris you were at the one jan won, that was the first time i met you so i remember. 08
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Re: Seriously?

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WiseMarsellus wrote:yeah chris you were at the one jan won, that was the first time i met you so i remember. 08
Yeah, Andy Klema was at that one too. Good times!
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Re: Seriously?

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Thanks for the info guys- I have updated my earlier list accordingly

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Kevbozzz wrote:I agree 100% with Gogolen's responses.
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