cooleo does acrobatics

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cooleo does acrobatics

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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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yes, but can he wrestle?

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Kevbozzz wrote:I agree 100% with Gogolen's responses.
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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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gogolen wrote:yes, but can he wrestle?
Against his demons, yes. Time will tell if he can win.
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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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gogolen wrote:yes, but can he wrestle?
Were probably going to have to wait a while for that video. Jan is only on here once in a blue moon. Or is that after a blue moon.....or after drinking blue moon...

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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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I thought for sure this was gonna be a different video.

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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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Re: cooleo does acrobatics

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Ohhh man, I'd personally like to thank you, to all the people I've met over the years playing this game. Since returning home from the event things at work have resumed and I really have to appreciate the fact that inlight of what happened I felt joked with but not judged. I typically dont drink, and that attests to the fact that I can relax and be myself around u guys, for that I am forever greatful.

Thanks again especially to the following

Chris Wirfs- Teacher, Mentor, but above all else one of my best friends.
Scott L, Googlin, Shaw, Kim, Mark- Simply amazing job I love this event.

U know what Adhd moment

Wait for the most epic of epic tr reports

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