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agnos wrote:My problem with ASM was that the flip condition while thematic at points, was exceptionally easy to do and unflipping it was exceptionally hard usually. Between the heroic droids and Oh Shut off and Force Field and Garindan, it just got to be way too much in general. I for the most part liked the flipped bonus and thought it was a neat "fixed" watto. I'd like to see it focus less on moving a non-character but effectively a character card and more based around gaining "control" of the prisoner.
Changing it up from an event to a character would be interesting, but that would mess with what WHAPv would be unless that deck was completely changed from what it is now (which it probably should be changed at some point, but that's another thread that someone else can pioneer for)

I feel like flipping back being hard was the entire point of the flip. It isn't all that hard to turn off the damage, just occupy their battlegrounds. Fighting the characters is a MUCH better idea than trying to movie Palpy off the flagship. The only other bonuses that they get to keep would be the Tunnel Vision effect and the reduction of immunity (which could go I guess, bit it's an extra little bit to be able to help handle LS Jedi and ships with the limited cardpool)

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