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LS Region: Coruscant
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Re: Kyle Katarn

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What's the name of the game, again?

Also, dude, that avatar pic is horrifying. Cripes. And text me tomorrow re: the camera thing.

(Note: these are to Advocate)

JP - yeah, but I knew who Shada was, because she was a significant character in a book I cared about :P

(Also, you can find a lot more info on any character by doing a simple read on Wookieepedia - my point was that I think Katarn's popularity was even more niche than "significant EU character" because for an entire medium of the EU, he was... not super significant).

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Re: Kyle Katarn

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Kyle Katarn appears in the following games:

Star Wars: Dark Forces
Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (expansion)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

He appears as the playable main character in the first three games and as the Jedi Master to the player character in the final game. Interestingly, in the Mysteries of the Sith expansion, though you begin the game playing as Katarn, in most of the game Mara Jade is the player character.
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Re: Kyle Katarn

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I'm actually very surprised at the Kyle Katarn hate that I've always seen on these forums. He's probably the most well known "made for a game" character(with the possible exception of Dash Rendar because of the crazy Shadows of the Empire marketing) in the EU. He's also definitely in the later books(Jedi Master and member of the High Council). Personally, I'd like to see him as a character in a New Jedi Order/Legacy era themed set alongside Jedi Corran Horn, Jaina Solo, and some other characters from that era. I also wouldn't mind a Dark Forces era version. I don't know that he needs to be a main, but I think cards like Corran Horn and Dash Rendar strike a nice balance.
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Re: Kyle Katarn

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yeah i'm surprised more ppl hadn't heard of him. he was in the New jedi Order series too, wasn't he?

anyway, i would def like to see a card of him in future sets. he'd be a great hook on a new type of jedi testing (where the tests are him going out and completing missions like qasur was saying). test 4 could be Death Star Plans, test 5 Rescue General Madine, test 6 the Dark Forces thing.
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LS Region: Coruscant
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Re: Kyle Katarn

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JosephPhillips wrote:Well, you can find a lot more info on him by doing a simple read on Wookieepedia. I do remember when he was part of a task force sent to apprehend Caedus, he was leading the campaign and it was clear that he was the most skilled out of all the jedi sent, even though Caedus still defeated him easily. I believe he was also on the council.

But in any case, it's not like we don't have precedent in building an entire deck around a lesser known character. Shada had her own platform and she was never in a video game or anything like that.
And no one has suggested bringing Shada back

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