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It seems On Deck is still viable as PC may continually release and change some of the old V cards into new ideas. I'd like to see what players think work in terms of objectives and what doesn't. Some are really good jumping off points for multiple decks, but bad at what they were originally designed for (SYCFA, COURT, CCT) for example. The first part is great to see, but perhaps we should also give reason to Flip the card. Others like that for operatives just don't work at all because of the huge number of counters and overly complicated rules for cards that should have just been blanked (or errata'd extremely) never get any play.

Its the ones that don't get played much (all of them) and those that don't flip that I'd like to discuss. What can we ask for to make these viable in the meta? Should they be? Most importantly, is there a way to make cards work WITH the existing objectives to make them useful, RATHER than just creating a Virtual version of the objective itself.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see NPE strategies grow, but I want more diversity, and I hate seeing "dead" cards in the pool. I think finding a way to strengthen the existing pool, in addition to NEW ideas is what will best grow the game. Replacing existing ideas with new ideas doesn't do nearly as much. AS a side note, I really love CRv and mirror, as they help accelerate the game to the level that has come to be expected, but keeps the same flavor of the game pre-objectives. (In fact I hope NEVER to see a Hoth objective, missions could be another story).

In regard to NEW ideas, As much as some players don't care about it, especially in a competitive setting, theme is still and will always be important to this game. Otherwise, their wouldn't have been a reason to fight to name our cards with Star Wars names. (Thankfully they did!). Is there any particular theme players want to see in the game as a whole (without getting into dream card ideas) that wasn't there before or was removed with the reset?

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