Twitch Subscription Incentive Program - 2021

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Twitch Subscription Incentive Program - 2021

Post by Jnapolit31 »

Summary (the TL; DR):
1) Subscribe (and renew) to
2) Provide proof of hitting milestones & your address via PM to Jnapolit31
3) Win-win-win: PC receives financial support for SWCCG streaming efforts, you receive exclusive foil v-slips and poker chips, the Game gets more visibility

Here in January, we have a good opportunity to refresh/remind/inform members of the community of the Twitch Subscription Incentive Program. Many of the below items will not be new to many of you, but hopefully a fresh forum thread that consolidates the key points of several prior strings related to this program will help this process run smoothly in 2021.

Why subscribe? Subscribing to the official PC Twitch - - is a great way highlight the active community we have and generate positive exposure for the game. We urge members of the community who have a Twitch account to not only Follow the PC’s Twitch channel, but also subscribe.

How to subscribe: Subscribing comes in two forms - normal, paid Twitch subscriptions and an allotted free Prime Gaming subscription (formerly Twitch Prime) if you have Amazon Prime.

For Normal ones, these cost money each month, but ultimately such funds would be more optimally utilized by the PC through donations. If someone wanted to directly contribute to the PC, use this link: Regardless, if you are able and willing to subscribe to the PC’s Channel via this method, don’t worry - you are eligible to receive the incentives outlined below, just like those who use their Prime Gaming subscription on SWCCGPC.

For Prime Gaming subscriptions, these are free. If you have an Amazon Prime account and a Twitch account and are not using your one free subscription for any other Twitch channel, you can quickly and easily subscribe to; in doing so, you’ll earn Twitch Incentives, earn the PC money which will be used directly for streaming expenses, and further build a presence on Twitch of SWCCG.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to link and subscribe on Prime Gaming - thanks to ARebelSpy for making this. Note that the website has been re-branded from Twitch Prime, but the steps are substantially the same (I know because I did this process myself):

When is this relevant for? You can start subscribing today! And, subscribers will get credit for their retroactive months - assuming they have not yet already received their earned incentives from Chris Gogolen. Two times per year calendar year (middle, end), based on submissions since the last round of shipments, incentives will be re-stocked and shipped, but potentially shipped more frequently if feasible to combine with other physical prize support and if the slips are in stock.

What do I have to do? The means by which you receive your Twitch Incentives include: take a screen shot your Subscriptions screen on your Twitch (, which shows total months subscribed to the SWCCGPC channel and consecutive months, and then send a PM on the Forums with this screen shot to Jnapolit31, along with your mailing address. You may also send this screenshot to Jared on Slack via DM to JaredNap. Be sure your Twitch handle is included in the screenshot. Note sending your proof to Jared is new vs. prior years, where Gogolen would receive the proof.

Twitch Incentive Awards!
Accrued at…

1 month: (NEW for 2021) Quiggold
3 months: The Grand Inquisitor (6-12 currently in stock) + Red Poker Chip
6 months: Ezra Bridger (6-12 currently in stock) + Green Poker Chip
12 months: I Want That Map / And Now You'll Give It To Me (3 currently in stock) + exclusive-to-this-program Orange Poker Chip
18 months: Lady Proxima (will be printed Spring 2021 based on submissions)
24 months: Old Allies / We Need Your Help (will be printed Spring 2021 based on submissions)
30 months: Maz Kanata (will be printed Spring 2021 based on submissions)
36 months: Shadow Collective / You Know Who I Answer To (will be printed Spring 2021 based on submissions)
Note the cards above are full, non-AI, sticker paper, foil v-slips

FAQ’s -
Do my months need to be consecutive for the milestones above? No, they do not.
Where does the money go that the PC is earning through this process? The money goes directly towards making streaming at events better, flying commentators to live events, updating/purchasing streaming equipment, and other streaming related items.
Do my subscriptions automatically renew? Normal (paid) Twitch subscriptions do renew automatically, but Prime Gaming subscriptions must be manually renewed each month. We recommend setting a calendar reminder for yourself (e.g., in Outlook or Google Calendar) - this process takes about a minute, but cannot be done until the current month has completed. Prime Gaming has a grace period of a few days (believed to be 7) to renew, while preserving your streak.
What’s the difference between Follow and Subscribe on Twitch? Follow’ing is free and just involves receiving notifications and other benefits; Subscribe’ing has additional benefits, but comes with a monthly charge, with the exception of the one-per-account free Prime Gaming subscription.
I think I’m owed stuff - who do I contact? If you believe you have outstanding, accrued Twitch Incentives by reaching the milestone increments above in 2020 and previously, PM Jnapolit31 on the Forums or DM JaredNap on Slack.
What screen do I need to capture to provide as proof for my months? Click on your icon on your Twitch page, then Subscriptions.
I have a question - who do I ask? PM Jnapolit31 and he will answer or find an answer for you.

May the Force Be with You! And see you on Twitch!

-The PC Marketing Team

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Re: Twitch Subscription Incentive Program - 2021

Post by shurden_68 »

Very neat. I didn’t realize I could do this until now so thanks for the update. I just subscribed!

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Re: Twitch Subscription Incentive Program - 2021

Post by Solidsnack3 »

The original foil list from JNap got me subscribing, this is going to make me hit my renewals to the day!

Thanks for all your help and hoping to get a good streak going for myself and the PC here to try to accumulate as many months as I can. Win win!
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