2021 Player of the Year Framework

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2021 Player of the Year Framework

Post by TacoBill »

The Tournament Committee is pleased to announce the 2021 Player of the Year Framework!

First, as we continue to let the man rest, we'll be giving Chris Gogolen a break from tracking and calculating Player of the Year points. In his place Paul McPherson will be taking over. If you do have any questions about POTY points, what events award them, or think there should be changes, please bring them up with Paul and he will consult with the rest of the TC. Look for his 2021 Player of the Year post for tracking your points.

Second, we have a few (minor) changes from last year's points totals. Individual OCS months will now award POTY points. The points awarded will be a static 2 points for the winner and 1 point for the runner up, and will not change regardless of how many entrants there are in a given month. Ultimately, we felt that, as was suggested, this will provide a small incentive for players that have qualified to continue to play all of their OCS games and play to win. In addition, with the likelihood of Online events for at least the first half of the year, we are expecting bigger numbers of players that should be accounted for. You'll see that additional points are going to be awarded for 80+ person events.

Finally, we have some exciting announcements regarding two 'of the Year'-type awards that will be given out. Starting this year, we will be giving out a Most Improved Player of the Year award and a Breakout Player of the Year award. For each of these awards we will convene a selection board chaired by the previous year's Player of the Year. This board, consisting of 8 additional highly-active players, will choose the winners of the MIPotY and BPotY from a list of 3 nominees chosen by the TC based on increases in PotY points from the previous year.

Look for your first chance to start earning PotY points starting in a few hours with the first month of the OCS!

-Tournament Committee

Bill Kafer
Cam Solusar wrote:What TacoBill proposes is ideal IMO.
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Re: 2021 Player of the Year Framework

Post by Blarg »

Cool announcement! Good decision on the OCS.

What is the difference between most improved and breakout?

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Re: 2021 Player of the Year Framework

Post by arebelspy »

Neat! Great changes!

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Re: 2021 Player of the Year Framework

Post by PaulMyers »

Great announcement. And I received it directly through an email?! Even better!

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