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Pre-Registration for Europeans (IMPORTANT)

Posted: September 22nd, 2015, 11:29 am
by Shadow 14
Attention all players!

We will have a special prize for each participant (depending on which side they will play in the first round).
It will be something great looking, shiny and from Wales. No, my team mates won't be bringing their wives or girlfriends.;)
You might have read in the Worlds forums that we gave out some special foil prizes there, and we just maaaay have a DIFFERENT set of foils for the EC.

IN ADDITION, there will be one special foil card for each player who pre-registers himself till 4th October 2015.

This card will only be available for pre-registration.

Please pre-register by posting your full name here:
/viewt ... 86&t=57097

My buddy Krypto already made an attendance list, so we might as well use that.

See you soon and may the force be with you


Re: Pre-Registration for Europeans (IMPORTANT)

Posted: September 22nd, 2015, 11:57 am
by Shadow 14
I have established a doodle poll where you can enter all the events, you would like to play in.
Needless to say, it helps us a lot to know how many players to expect for each event.

Enter the events you want to play in here:

Please enter your full name (first and last name) and mark every event you want to play in.
Be aware that some events might have limited capacity. These will be handled on a "first come first served" base.
This may even include the team tournament, since we might do it as an elimination event (like it was done at Worlds).

On Sunday we will have a Consolation tournament, which will be either a LEGACY or RESET event (depending on expected participation).
If there are enough players for both, then we'll do both. Please check the tournament you would play in, if you would NOT make day 3 on sunday.


Re: Pre-Registration for Europeans (IMPORTANT)

Posted: September 22nd, 2015, 1:18 pm
by kryptofis
So if my name is there, I am in, right?
Is there anyway to prepay entry fee for Day 2?