Any updates?

Bochum, Germany
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Paul McPherson
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LS Region: Naboo
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Any updates?

Post by Paul McPherson »

Who won the team tournament?

How many players are there?

Who are the 2-0?

Have there been any "upsets" yet (like a Welsh player winning a game)?

Any surprising deck choices (i.e. what is David playing)?

Did anyone phone Ziemowit at 5:00 am?

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Re: Any updates?

Post by tarkiNZ »

Paul McPherson wrote:
Have there been any "upsets" yet (like a Welsh player winning a game)?
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Re: Any updates?

Post by arebelspy »

Angelo and Krypto won the team event, but final was not played. It may be played Sunday, but probably will stand.

Didn't end til after midnight, then we went to build decks, so no one got much sleep.

35 players today.

IDK about 2-0s.

I read your "Welsh" and Walseth and thought it was a sick burn, but it was still pretty good.

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