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Top 4 TR

Post by rlx »

3MW0J8 wrote:I know plenty of players who are playing less, or not at all, and I also know plenty of players who are still playing DESPITE the Reset rather than because of it
Well that’s me, ok he doesn't know me, but what he says is true for me, I still love the game, but I lost a lot of interest in it because of the reset, which makes me enjoy the game much less than in the years before.
While the actual reset game-play isn't so bad, I really hate building decks in the reset environment. When I am on a train my brain often begins to think about SWCCG and I have ideas for decks and build them in my head and in my head they
sound really cool and I want to build. So when I get home I fire up my pc, start holodeck and begin to throw together the deck:
Click, click, click - add this card - add that card - that looks nice - now I need that card that did this - what is its name again - where is it - I know I have seen a card that did this - maybe it was dark side - no it wasn't - click on
show legacy - it was cut in the reset.
Then I am sad and angry and don't want to touch the game any more.
Therefore I did not really play much since the reset, we started to play a bunch of other stuff in our local SWCCG group like the Star Wars LCG, the old Star Trek CCG, X-Wing, random boardgames, while Angelo complains that we should play
more SWCCG.

So two weeks ago Jonas played his WYS while Angelo and myself where watching, and Angelo asked if Jonas really wants to play WYS at the tournament and I commented that he should better give it to me so I don't have to build decks. And I
also said that he should also give me his CCT.
A week ago Jonas I teach Jonas the new Game of Thrones Card-game that I bought at the Spiel in Essen and he said he wants to build light side Lightsaber Combat for the tournament. I applaud him for this decision as it means I don't have to
do anything and will have decks for Saturday.

However on Friday I get the message from Jonas that he did not have the time to build the Combat deck before going to the Sealed tournament. So that’s bad, I don't have a light side deck. I try to throw a deck but it fails miserably, I
I have half an WYS deck and half a TRM deck lying and the ink in my printer is out, so that’s a problem as well. I call Angelo and ask if I can borrow his WYS deck, and he says sure.

I buy terribly overpriced ink at a shop and go to the tournament venue "Zu Den Vier Winden" for the team tournament. For the team tournament my team partner Nico gives me his TRM, that he wants to play on Saturday.
And I also want to pick up Angelo's WYS deck, he hands it to me and it is Palace Raider WYS. I have never in my life played WYS with palace raiders, I know it's strong, but I don't like the concept and I am not comfortable with it, so we
look through his other decks and find WHAP, that seems perfect for me, a mains deck, that essentially plays it self. Which will be perfect for when I start drinking beer like Rasmus after losing the first two games.

And so the team tournament begins with a game of my or rather Nico's TRM against Marc's Senate, and I get crushed. Then I play against DDM's scout blaster HD and get crushed. So my confidence is at an all time low, even lower than before the first tournament I played back in 2008 after not playing a single game of SWCCG for 6 years. At least back then I had build at least one deck and borrowed the other one of another Nico, named Kreidl.
At last I got a consolation win against Rasmus. Then Krypto pressures me to get home, so he can get his beauty sleep. I look through my shields and realize that there is a Jabba's Prize in there, which is not needed in WHAP so I take it
out for Weapon Levitation shield, saying to myself that there will always be a guy like Jimmy who always plays this card.

Well rested we get to the tournament venue and with a little delay the tournament starts.

My decks are CCT IG-88 and WHAP.

Game 1 Kevin Jaap (LS Senate)
Oh my god, another one of the welsh guys with a senate deck. In my head I had already lost, if he flips he can basically destroy my beautifully crafted hand every turn making IG-88 worthless. But then I remember, there is a shield now that
can protect my hand, that’s good, but I have to be careful to not get shield busted. He plays Senator Palpatine to the senate and Wedge in ship to Nar Shaddaa and Luke in ship to some other system to creature some pressure. I dig for the
sith infiltrator package plus I Have You Now and Much Anger In Him, deploy Maul with ship to Luke and Much Anger in Him on Wedge. I can clear Luke with IHYN and cloak and move maul over to Wedge. He never finds a second senator and
drains on the ground and Much Anger quickly eat away his life force. I think at some point he deploys Melas to stop me from cloaking but it is already to late.
FW - 2 VP

Game 2 Jerome (CCT + 12 card hand)
I honestly don't remember anything besides that he started 12 cards in hand and was able to deploy a bunch of guys to the Throne Room early. I don't even know if I flipped or not, I have absolutely no idea what happened. It would be
great if Jerome could remind me, what actually happened in that game. But apparently I won, but I don't remember how, I don't remember if it was close or not. It just gone.
FW - 4 VP

Game 3 Koen (Imperial Entanglements)
What a bad match-up for me, and why is he playing Decree V, there was an erratum for that card, you are supposed to play that. I flip with Amidala and some other dude and flip him back with McNulty and Mace. He lets me sit at Mos Espa and
flips again, and I set up 3 drains of 2, while he also commits a bunch of cards to the table. At some point I cancel his Occupation with Free Ride Combo, which reduces some pressure. He takes a long time every turn to peek every turn,
which I think is fine by me as I have deployed maybe 10 cards, while he committed about 25 cards to the table. My turns are rather uneventful, as they are mostly just pay 9 drains for 6, ping for 1. I don't think there was a single battle
in this game. And suddenly time was called and I somehow had a few force more than him.
FW - 6 VP

Game 4 DDM (EBO Ketwol)
David starts doesn't seem that unusual for EBO and I am pretty confident as I have the 5th marker in the deck, so I can make his 4th marker a non battle ground so he has to pay for drains, while I hide at interior sides and satisfy
battle plan with Maul. However, then he deploys Ketwol, I pick up my shield and begin to search and search and then David says "You don't have it, it's A Useless Gesture non-V" and he is right. So I am *.
Well I just do the usual set-up and put Emperor at the CC and move Iggy over. He sets up EBO, and gets Luke and something else to Hoth. I deploy the Sith Infiltrator with Much Anger on Luke. So he is really taking damage without causing
any damage, although he can deny a lot of damage with the Ketwol Luke Skywalker V retrieval engine. I decide to apply more pressure and deploy some guys to the Audience Chamber and deploy Search and destroy. He attacks me with EPP Obi or
EPP Qui-Gon I don't remember. And I do the move that lost me the game against MHT in Toronto last year and let him redraw a weapon destiny so he won't have a battle destiny left. He then plays Smoke Screen and he clears me anyway. Only
after the game I realize that he should not have been able to play Smoke Screen as he is not able to draw battle destiny at all as he has no decks, so he should not be able to initiate a replacement action. Correct?
Search and destroy is canceled. And I put Dooku plus saber at the AC and get S&D back with No Escape and I am already in a huge lead.
At some point he tries to play On the Edge and I ask him who he targets. And then he screams in agony as he just realized that he could have killed Luke turns ago to cancel Much Anger in Him. And while I am writing I realize that I
should have sensed it. So he kills Luke but it was way to late. I think he then had a system with less than 7 ability piloting so the good old ZiMH, EPP 4-LOM, BFBH combo did the job, I could however misremember that. And it was time that ended the game.
FW - 8 VP

Game 5 HIPO (WYS Podracing)
First turn he deploys to Ralltiir Freighter Captains to the Cantina and puts some Ship at Kessel. I think I have to clear him in the cantina, so Dr. E and Vader is fine, I kill one he gets no destiny, that’s great. So I deploy Dr. E and
immediately regret it, wtf am I doing that is a trap for sure, it has to be WYS panic, nothing else would play RFCs so aggressively, he will probably play Panic and then Blast the Door Kid, and I will have a lone Dr. E against a bunch of
dude and no destiny, that seems terrible. But I have sense, so that's good, well no he is flipped. And here is the weird thing I remember all the scenarios I played through in my head. But I have absolutely no idea what actually
happened in that turn. I think there was no battle and he moved his guys over to the DB, where I killed them with Dooku.
So he was flipped back, and I had ground control and as always I put Maul and Much Anger in Him in Space. At some point he made a great move and deployed Coruscant (SE) and used A Few Maneuver to fly over with the guy that had the Much
Anger so I was not able follow him.
I started to do as much damage as I did but I was already far ahead. The race finished and due to the new shield it did not matter at all.
Apparently he did not know about the changes to the Podracing shield and had no Jabba's Prize so he could not play Han, which obviously hurts a lot.
FW - 10 VP

Game 6 Joe (EOps Mains + TIEs)
Joe Olsen, the player of the year, and I think WHAP vs EOps is a bad matchup for me. Why is this the feature match? He will just crush me. So I put Obi with lightsaber to the courtyard and begin moving Amidala and Panaka to the Throne
Room. He puts Saber 1 to Endor and Blizzard 4 + Vader + Ozzel to the DB. I flip and dig for characters but I don't find any. He plays the rest of his stuff and I am now facing a drain of 2 at the DB, a drain of 2 at Endor and a drain of
3 at Fondor. And I cannot even setup Ultimatum without putting a lone Panaka at the hallway which does not seems really safe. So I draw again, and get some characters and an Under Attack so that’s something I can assemble a beat squad,
Nabrun them over, kill the Blizzard 4 and battle him. Next turn I don't find any sabers so I wait another turn. The game is already lost so I just for fun Nabrun over and get crushed by a beat down a turn later.
FL - 10 VP

Game 7 Jimmy (AoBS)
Well Jimmy just has an aura that makes me do stupid mistakes, I always play super horrible against him and in this game in particular I make disgustingly big mistakes.
I flip with Amidala, Panaka and Mace with Saber, he plays Elis and moves over Guri and Xizor to the Throne and deploys some dudes (Bane Malar and BFBH), and I think that is not that scary I have force left over and clash and sorry about
the mess and this will take care of every thing and he will maybe lose everything if he battles. And he does and he retrieves to force for free because of Scum & Villainy, which I did not realize he deployed. I should have played that
shield. And then he played Weapon Levitation, and I should have definitely played that shield.
So he clears me. And I have to come up with a secondary plan, so I go to Jabba's Palace with Obi and cancel Scum and drain for 3, while he only does a drain 1. We have some battles on Tatooine and for some reason I am still in the game,
I try to increase my damage by moving McNulty over to the Imperial City. He deploy P-59 there and I think I canceled the battle with It's Trap. Then time is called and Jimmy has one force more than me and I have Anakin in hand. And I
messed up and did not track the nabrun, because using threepio to exchange Anakin for Nabrun could have increased my power a bit and also increased my life force by one. But I messed up so I just deployed Anakin and it was not enough, to
cause overflow.
FL - 10 VP

Game 8 Jimmy (WHAP with Space)
Jimmy again and this game I don't play as badly as the one before, however this game I get some bad luck. I attack him at the throne room with a squad that should have been able to clear him. I get to swing lightsabers 3 or 4 times and I
have EPP 4-Lom, YAB and Sniper, but I don't hit anything. And a turn later the same thing happens. And then he takes control back of the throne room and I lose by a lot.
FL - 10 VP

Man those last 3 games were terrible. I get a beer and Angelo tells me that Paul has posted a list on the forums that has me in the top 8. Krypto again wants to go back as soon as possible so he can get his beauty sleep, but I want to
wait for the official rankings by Chris.

I am matched against Joe Olson, and the game against him didn't go that well, so I mentally prepare to get crushed two times. On the way back to my place I discuss decks with Krypto and he tells me to play HD as it should be decent
against TIGIH and TRM, but I am * lazy so I don't want to build decks and search for cards in the middle of the night. So I decide to just play the same decks again. At home I put a pizza in the oven and get the idea that I should
change at least one deck. I was comfortable with the CCT, but the WHAP could change. So I send Nico a message that I want to play his TRM, that I played in the team tournament, that didn't work at all. What the * was I thinking.
I told him to switch out the Obis and Qui-Gons for EPPs and the sabers for Rebel Barriers. I also switched in a Masterful Move Combo and Monnok for Emperor's Shuttle and Disarmed for my CCT and was about to play two ghhhks, because it
allows you to do some really greedy plays. I couldn't decide what to take out so I didn't. Should have been a Dr. E as I took out one Disarmed.
Krypto spend hours to build his decks and goes to sleep at about 4 and he tells me he wants to sleep until 10. I wake up at 8:50 and he is already up refining his decks.

We go back to the tournament venue and Nico gives me his TRM and there wasn't even an Obi in there, well Obi in R7 was in. I still switched up some cards.
I talked to TB and told that in about 2 hours I would have time to play some pick up games. And then Day 3 started.

Joe as the higher seed decides to play LS first, which I don't get as with dark side the only thing you can do is just beat your opponent, with light side, however, it is far easier to manipulate the differential via retrieval.
If I would choose I would always play dark side first as it will set the target for your light side.

My decks are CCT IG-88 and TRM.

Game 1 - Joe Olson (WYS Raiders)
He starts the usual Palace Raider effects, but I am not sure, maybe he brewed up something nice. In his turn he draws a bunch up to 15 or 16 cards and I play monnok used, and put Dooku and Iggy to the CC, Dooku should be on Tatooine but
I did not have another option. He draws again, and I deploy Emperor to the cantina. Then he went to space and deployed patrol crafts with palace raiders to the tatooine docking bays and setup celebration. I cancel celebration and he
grabs masterful move combo, which depletes his force pile, I play EPP Dengar and EPP VAder to one of the docking bays and play first strike and battle. And he reacts and I did not know that palace raider could react for free, at least I
am not playing it myself. I still clear him but I also lose my stuff. I get to verify his deck and I realize that it is Angelo's deck as I see a card with some inside joke written on it. At some point I did put the Sith Infiltrator into
the air and kept pressuring the ground. At some point I played No Escape to get Jabba's Haven to get EPP Dengar to clear the second wave of patrol crafts. I keep clearing his ground and flip him back, so he isn't able to do too much. But
I am still afraid of messing things up so I save a Ghhhk in hand until the end.
FW + 22

Game 2 - Joe Olson (EOps Mains + TIEs)
22 is a lot, but I play TRM, if I don't get activation, losing by more that 22 isn't impossible. He gets to start Emperor and as some who loved starting Emperor against TRM so I can sense his location pullers I have to slap myself for
not playing at minimum Do Or Do Not before searching with Speak With The Jedi Council. So I got some activation at least. But I have no characters again. I have some ships but that really seems dangerous. Joe deploys his usual stuff but
keeps it to just Endor and the docking bay and doesn't pull Fondor. I draw a big hand and hope I do not get monnoked. At some point I get the battle plains and a mace in hand and I have some tricks, so I want to deploy that, but I have
to check for the saber. The only way to check for it was to flash R2 in Red5 that costs 9 to the Endor DB with Luke JK, but I only had 8 force, so fortunately that search failed. And the saber was available. So I deployed Mace and passed
the turn. Joe just drained and passed the turn. Joe was at 23 life force and had a pretty large hand. I drained and added Yoda and Luke Skywalker plus lightsaber to the battle plains and Joe tries to setup resistance, he pulls fondor and
is now at 22 life force. He spreads in space and I attack him with HCF at Fondor, he reacts with Saber 4 + Vader V which I barrier. I kill Saber 1 and Baron. But I will still lose 7 and he still has resistance up and I didn’t really
improve my board position. It was still a positive exchange for me as I traded 1 card for 2 cards of his hand. I think this turn I also persona replaced Luke as I was I bit scared he would Elis over from the docking bay or other stuff.
He begins to think for a long time. Finally he passes his turn, I pick up my deck and I am about to activate, when he says he would rather deploy some stuff. He puts EPP Maul, P-59 and BFBH to the battle plains, but he has activated to
much force so he cannot battle, which is why it was OK for me. He passes his turn, I pick up my deck and I am about to activate, when he says that deploying is probably wrong and he should not do it. I say he should decide somehow, and
then he tells I should pick whatever I want so I let him deploy. It is three cards of his hand and I think I have enough tricks to clear him and cause overflow. I Nar Shaddaa with a super greedy tantive and start a battle at the plains.
But the stars align and with 3 swings I am not able to hit Maul. But he also misses everything. So my Jedi are immune and he has to lose 7 to attrition. He picks Maul. I end my turn, he activates, drains me for 7 I throw away the copies
of all the characters at the plains and then he asked if it is OK to forfeit the other two guys and keep Maul. Which I decline as it like 4 phases later. And he scooped.

Now I face Krypto for the first time in a tournament ever, but I will let Krypto tell the story, I think he will post a tr as well.

Everybody who made the journey to Bochum
Krypto for winning the whole thing
Chris for organizing
Jonas and Kevin Shannon for the CCT Iggy
Angelo for the WHAP
Nico for the TRM
The Welsh guys for the foils
DDM and Jimmy for playing weird *
Rasmus for drinking beer with style
Paul for checking the SOS stuff
Maul + Sith Infiltrator + Much Anger In Him for being * broken

The reset for increasing RPS that much that mediocre players like myself can make top 4 just by lucky match ups
Maul + Sith Infiltrator + Much Anger In Him for being * broken
The legacy tournament not happening as 75% of the players that wanted to play in it made it to day 3.


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LS Region: Kashyyyk
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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by Hayes »

rlx wrote:I pick up my shield and begin to search and search and then David says "You don't have it, it's A Useless Gesture non-V" and he is right. So I am *.
So good.

Monnok was a great call!

Thanks for the TR!

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by DDM »

Hehehe. Good TR. :-D

I'll write one too when I'll have time. :)
SirYoda wrote:I suggest we ban all creatures.
Or better yet, just ban DDM from playing creatures.

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by Twotak »

Awesoem' Report my freind!
But do promise me NOT to drink beer like me, there is actually a reason i never rank higher.

Normally i dont comment much on stuff in here couse iwe got nothing fancy to say like the TITANS of the game do and As said b4 my memory can slip me, "from time to time"

Your feelins about the reset was like u stole my words and thoughts ACTUALLY as i wish i could describe em' on writing.
So thx for that and thx for bein' awesome at the turneys. always.

One last thing. Kristian actually said That since the reset, the gungangs could be more powerfull i am leaning towards he was right. and best of all : They almost play themselfs'
perfect for a dude like me with somekind of messed up priority for at real tough turne like this.

Buut who cares as long as were having a GREAT time and folks keep on beeng so cool and nice .

Rasmus Juul. Winner of No Turnement ever

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by JimmyFrench »

Great TR Marvin.
It s impressive How U improve your skills. i Will never see U Like I used to do and consider more your skills.
Hope to C U in december

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by kryptofis »

Great TR, man. You're the star in mine :)

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by Yoda007 »

great report, nice show!
Tamas Papp

"Oh come on! How could playtesting results have a greater weight in this discussion than pure opinions?!
What’s the point of this forum if you rather believe in people who tested those cards instead of people who just know?" -BW

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by Calaglin »

Good TR, and congrats on the top8. You may have lacked some testing, but you've always been a hard opponent to face!
Cedrik V. - Belgium
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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by arebelspy »

Congrats on the finish. Was very enjoyable playing you, you played great. :D

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by Shadow 14 »

Great TR, and great read, Marvin.

It was very cool to see you in the top 4. A long overdue high ranking for a good player!
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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Re: Top 4 TR

Post by gossuii »

Cool TR and congrats on the top 4!
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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