EC 2015, DDM's Report

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EC 2015, DDM's Report

Post by DDM »

Let’s say that first of all, I hoped I could make Day 3, but I had not really prepared a lot.

The only SWCCG experiences of the last months were:

me playing 2 quick games on the Euro holotable tournament (but what’s the point of playing your decks, so that all will know the crazy stuff you’ll be playing ? :D)
Building some 10 decks IRL so that I could teach Max (my italian friend who comes with me at the EC) how to play the decks we chose for him, and to make the other 2 italians guys (who couldn’t come) get acquainted with the constructed format once again after 8 years of inactivity.
So not much for me, then, but I had found out a good new EBO build, with Ketwol. Not unlike the last Commie Luke list, which was a bit too card intensive and suffered from some issues.
For DS, I had worked on a new Hyperdeal build (much different, it turns out, as the one Jimmy played).
Other decks worthy of note were DDM’s Chokk That! And DDM’s RST Talz (both were going to be played by Max). I had also my fun MKOS, the HD Scout Blaster, the HB X-W, and some others.
Anyway, this year I’m also bringing my hungarian girlfriend, Alexandra, so we’re driving 10 hours from Milano in 3. We found a nice studio to rent, quite cheap, Tamas (Yoda007) is also joining us there a day later.

So we’re driving in Italy some 45 minutes, quick as Italians can go, then Switzerland (where you got to be REALLY careful about speed limits) but all is fine, and finally we enter Germany where there are NO speed limits at all and I’m thinking “ok, time to make up some time” and I push heavily on the accelerator.
Yeah well.
Let’s just say that the highways were so crowded that a 6 hours trip in Germany turned out 9 hours, with us arriving after 9 pm in the evening.
I phone the pub, only Marvin is there, we just crash into bed after eating outside.

The next day we are to pick up Yoda007 (the “Monkey” as we call it me and Alexandra) at 11h at Dusseldorf.
The original plan is to pick him up, go to Dusseldorf, eat and sightsee a bit, and then come back to test decks with Tamas (he has even less experience than me). But the power of p… errr… girlfriends, and Max too, pushes for “more sightseeing” so we do just that, and go home quite late instead.
We still manage to be there for the team tournament.
Max goes with Ramus and name themselves the “Dos Monkeys” (but Chris can’t hear and write something else instead), and me and Tamas are just the “Monkeys”.
I have a really bad feeling about my DS Hyperdeal deck. I understand that yes, it has some really cool tech and surprises, but vs Combat I might just auto lose, and vs WYS Luke, it’s not very great either.
So I decide to test the HD Scout Blaster we build with Fabien last time and play it, and see how it goes.
It turns out that the deck is good, but suffers from 2 things:

- Compact Firepower can be grabbed (woot!, what a surprise)
- Playing 2 Blaster Racks non V is good, but all the time I get my Dark Jedi killed with their sabers before I can play the effect.

Still, I win 2 games with it and I find it easy enough that the deck has more potential hidden than it seems.
I understand that if I could keep my weapons on table, the deck would be twice as good. So it’s all about Blaster Racks non V.

So we go home, I take out 16 cards (all scout blasters tricks), and end up with a free effect to start with.
I look around, and decide to add Wipe Them Out for more activation which turned out to be a great choice.
I add a 3rd blaster racks non V, I up the WMAOP from 2 to 4, add a 3rd Darth Maul YA, a 3rd Dr Evazan Combo, and then keep some counter cards, like Crash Landing and Sebulba’s Podracer.

For LS, I have my EBO Ketwol, which I think has a pretty decent chance of killing everything.
I will end up being right about that.

Game 1: My EBO Ketwol (start Strike Planning, Get To Your Ships, ANSWB) vs Jimmy AOBS

Or in other words, the first game against the only player I know will pack the Ketwol shield, since he faced it last time in Belgium. :D
And indeed he’s cursing, but has the shield.

Jimmy’s AOBS is very innovative, elegant, and smart. He just pulls with Vigo Tat:JP and gets the other two 2/1 sites, complete with Scum there. And of course, he Elis there with Xizor and Vigo as soon as possible to flip. I suppose the deck might have some issues vs a Insurrection start, but then, no one plays it, and it’d just make him Elis to Tat:JP instead of the AC directly.
I haven’t a great hand, but at least a DB. No Luke, ship, or AWRI (6 cards), and this will be confirmed all my games during the EC. It's bad because dropping Luke turn 1 is generally a great plan, forcing some shields from the opponent.
So I set up Madine and Ketwol + Luke/ship at DB to get EBO going, while he pings, drains, and has S&V.
I decide however to attack aggressively Xizor+Vigo with EPP obi. I have Scramble in hand but it's useless vs Xizor alas. I also have a Sense, so I feel a bit safe, and I deploy DTF. He had pulled however turn one Oppressive Enforcement without even knowing my deck.
I go there, fight, he Cease Fire. Ok, he loses 2, and I sense. He curses, but Controls. WTF. :D
So I think about playing Smoke Screen, but he points out that the stupid Vigo has forfeit 6.
So the Vigo dies, along with EPP Obi. I think I Ketwol back EPP Obi, to make him go slower on ground.
He reinforces, he hasn't much choice, with Guri and another guy.
I keep using the retrieval of Luke instead of the AWRI&DS so I can't set up other ships, but I go vs. him again when he spreads to a second site and hit me with S&D.
Again, I go at him, he Cease Fire, I Sense, he Controls. This is getting annoying.
But at the very least I'm draining for 3 in space, retrieving one, and pinging him with DTF everytime. He's doing a bit of damage too.
He grabs ICBW, I manage eventually to clear him with Smoke Screen from a site, killing S&D, and I have We're Doomed, locking all his damage but the first ping of 1 (and I have 3PO on table). I have 2 cards in hand, one is a Rebel Barrier, and draw a 2nd one.
Time is called, none of us noticed.
So he tries to fight with Zuckuss in Mist Hunter + EPP 4-LOM vs my fleet. I Barrier. He had Force Pushed the turn before for the canceller, so he cancels. I Barrier again.
That's game right there, because either I have more than him or I just overflow him in space.

We talk about the deck choices a bit, and he says that EBO is the worst match-ups for him but he hoped not to face me. It'd have been harsher if I had spread in space, but I felt like going to fight him on ground instead to force him to commit more and more there, while I was the one hitting with DTF.
Anyway, great AOBS, that's for sure, and I'm positive that indeed it will surprise a lot of persons.
When he sees I'm playing HD he says "it's a good pick, but you could die horribly to WYS due to the choke". I'm like "hmmmh I didn't think about that" :D

Props to Jimmy, because I like his creativity and he's always a good sport. I wish him the best, him too, and man, we were so going to be right. :)
He ends up going other 7 wins in a row after that.

Game 2: my HD Racks (Blaster Racks V, Wipe Them Out, Crush) vs Hipo WYS Podracing

This is the game where when I see the podracing start, I smile and show my podracer. But still I'm very wary, because Jimmy's warning is there, it's WYS.
Luckily for me, he is giving me one more icon.
Turn one, I play Blizzard 4 + Vader at the DB, get the saber, move him at the Cantina. I have one left, I upkeep, then in his turn I activate 1, ready to grab something.
Neither starts the podrace, an error imho from his side, since I would have had to decide if to use 2 to block him and have some issues dropping Vader, or not.
He drops Kessel, and 2 ships, and flips.
We just exchange drains, while I ping him with Visage. I stop of course his Podracer, but draw a Ghhhk. Next turn, he pulls out a 6 and 5 on race destinies, and I draw a 4, so we're even, and I stop him again the turn after, while I draw another 4.
He's not dropping anyone down, I think I put OOP Blizzard 4 and added Maul+saber to the DB, and the last podracing turn shows me getting another 4 (total 25) while he gets another 6+5.
So I win the podracing, and of course he doesn't play the shield, so I retrieve 6 and he loses 6. It's pretty much game over for him.

We talk a bit about the match-up and the choke, but I start to get that WYS "chokes" normal HD. The ones with a lot of cards to drop. Mine just drops a couple of Dark Jedi and stop caring after that.

Game 3: my HD Racks vs Angelo Space Combat. (see stream)

I don't want to play Angelo. It's always a hard game. :D
Tamas sees that and says that thankfully it's a 1 hour long game and not the final confrontation, else we'd finish by nightfall.
I start AAA (V) instead of WTOAOT, of course.
I have an ok hand, I fish for the Bridge and check my reserve to see what's there and I draw (because there's a second jedi, Dooku, there). I leave 3.
We both lose 1 and ofc I ditch B4. Note: I have both of my (useless) barriers into hand.
He loses from the top Occupation canceller.
He drops Nar Shadda, and Luke there, which is signed by me in one of our previous games.
Angelo plays also Evac Control (V) (useless vs me), and shows 2 Master Qui on top.
we both loses from visage and I show my barrier, and Angelo laughs about it while losing from the top Dodge.
I use 3 for WMAOP and I get Energy Walls. Of course Angelo reads it. :D
I activate 11 and fish for a I Have You Now. I don't see Vader's saber in reserve, so I'm stuck with deploying Dooku + saber which sucks since I'll have to eat the Luke drain and some Visage damage (total 4 more card loss). I put also Blaster Racks (non V) on table. I drop Coward shield.
Visage for another useless card (racer) and he loses Azure Angel.
He can alas drain but I opt not to play Battle Order. I lose another B4 and the 2nd barrier.
He plays the * (Leia RP) away to prevent my drain and then draws.
I drop Vader + saber on her, he plays Aim High. I flip and decides I don't know why not to pull Firepower.
He Blast Door thankfully.
I move Vader away (IIRC I had an Elis in hand).
He retrieves for free (no wish to burn a shield) and then plays C&TV, fishing Qui Gon, he adds the saber. he adds a combat card (a 7) but i burn it with AAA (V).
He wants to combat but I move my sabers on the racks before that. :D
He draws 10, I draw 11 or 12! So he loses 2.
He moves Qui-Gon away.
We both lose 1. I won't pay 3 to drain to have him retrieve 1.
I redeploy my sabers. :)
Then I drop Maul YA on his team, I add the saber, then Dr Evazan combo.
He plays the anti weapon lev shield.
We battle. I swing at Qui-gon but misses with 2 "1" (what are the odds), he swings at Maul and hits. I lose 1. I swing again and kill Qui-Gon who goes lost. I save the saber :D He grabs Qui-Gon from Evac.
I draw low, him a 5. He loses Leia + something, I flip.
He drops another Qui-Gon, uses his text to get the weapon back, we laugh at him playing We're Doomed to the lost pile (we all love/hate that card).
I save my sabers again.
He combats Dooku, draws total 11, I do 9. I lose 4 which I opt from the top, losing both a 7 and a 1.
I fish for First Strike.
Then I activate, and play Energy Walls. He has Blast Door so he doesn't control my Energy Walls and with 1 force remaining he can't blast door.
I play another grabber, battle, retrieve 1 and he loses 1 (a 1 from the top). I swing killing Qui. I could overflow but opt to Dark Strike him. I flip back.
He ICBW the visage damage, I grab.
He plays Yoda, unflipping me. I just remember I forgot to retrieve with AAA V (something I'll forget most games). I save the sabers again.
I recycle my MM&EO.
He wins the combat so I lose 2.
I activate and pull Firepower.
I drop Sidious for more beatdown power. I fight and retrieve both times.
He pays 1 to steal my Vader's saber. :(
And then he pays 2 to Blast the door. I grab it, getting annoyed (and we're doomed is not there anymore).
I can't lose my 7 from the top so I lose from hand/force.
He combats again and draws 8 vs 12. (he mistracked)
Yoda runs.
Then he make me shuffle with the Omni Box.
I finally get a drain of 3 but he controls. I play Elis and all the crew moves in front of Yoda.
I get the saber, retrieves 2 and want to play Weap Lev but the shield makes it impossible so I just cry and leave it there. :(
I hit Yoda and he draws a 1 for bd. Yoda dies horribly with the rest of his life force, not before making the finger to Vader and taking the saber with him into the lost pile.

Game 4: my EBO Ketwol vs Marvin's CCT

I hate playing against Marvin. In the last important tournament he beat my EBO Commie Luke eyes closed.
I didn't want to play vs him and so thought / hoped I wouldn't again this time with my LS. So I didn't add General Jar Jar vs the match-up, and actually forgot the cards he was playing last time.
Again, no luke etc. in hand.
I set up, while he sets up IG. I have again Scramble but it's useless because he adds Emperor.
When he sets up Maul + ship + Much Anger memories flood in and I curse, because I took out Obi in ship some days ago.
There however I made a huge mistake. I decide to move Luke to Endor instead of landing him. Keeping Luke there allows me however to get a drain 3 through, and keep 1 retrieval.
But in the end, it's bad, because it's still lose 4 "just because", so it's even, but I guess playing it safe and slow would have been better. I can't spread to 2 systems without Luke because I have only Anakin as other ability 4+ pilot.
Anyway, I have On The Edge in my hand but forget I can kill Luke that way, ketwol On The Edge, retrieve, and get back another Luke.
Whatever. :)
He keeps losing 2 for Maul, I ICBW once (he grabs).
The game is pretty tense, and he tries to S&D, which, as you saw in his report, I manage to clear (but with a rule mistake against him). It doesn't matter because he No Escape it back and wins the game anyway.
I couldn't find We're Doomed and my whole plan of playing On The Edge twice didn't really work so I figure out I can kill Luke that way.
This game was a whole brain freeze. :D
Marvin takes the game with superior play, and gets another victory.
I'm tense because I know I can't lose more than 1 game.

Game 5: Ketwol vs Angelo TTO

Without Obi in ship or an AO, I didn't like much that match-up.
The night before I had my first try vs TTO played by Tamas, up to 3 am.
And Collision proved big, causing him overflow, with us fighting always on Hoth (even with 2 BDs from him).
So I decide to stick to the plan, but Angelo simply always cloak Maul, refusing to fight, changing his mind only when I seem to be somewhat "weak".
I gamble, because he hasn't the Ketwol shield, and plays a blind Collision (I can Ketwol it back again and play it again it's non unique), getting a 1 and killing one of his ships. He has thus to lose a bit of cards to keep Maul there. But he's still damaging me more, and covers a drain 3 with just the 2 force from cloaking.
I decide then to run to the DSII with R3 Falcon, Luke and Wedge.
Thanks to Electrobinoculars, I never miss (even with the -5) the movement inside, putting OOP after a while the Falcon when it's not needed anymore.
Angelo drains and damages me where he can, while I wish and find We're Doomed and soak up some damage that way.
When I finally arrive at the Core, Angelo tries a C&SFS on my Luke. I blindly play a Sense that I just drew, getting a 1. I lose 3 but it's worth it.
I end up blowing it when time is called, and indeed it's gg for Angelo. I had tracked a 7 so I suppose I would have blown it up even with Wedge, but still.
I feel bad for Angelo, who needs now to win all his remaining games.

Game 6: HD Racks vs Tobias' LS space combat.

A rematch of Game 3, in a way.
This time, however, I drop both Vader and Maul, with sabers, on turn 2. This is way harsher than vs Angelo, and Tobias faces a drain of 7.
He has a control, so indeed he saves himself a turn.
The match-up go very bad for him however, since he doesn't manage to find any evasion cards but a Houjix, it seems. So he IBCW another drain, I grab.
We fight and he Houjix (I don't play Maul Strikes so that I can beatdown the next time with Elis on his other guy at the next site).
I'm not sure if I elis then a turn later, and THEN play Energy Walls to prevent him from running away, or just didn't had the card in hand/play.
The point is that he can't do much and suffers another beatdown with Maul Strikes that seals the game, and no Houjix to protect him.
I feel relieved because I always fear him very much, as a player. He's very concentrated and this somehow makes me shake everytime. No kidding.
And if you look at him, it's like he's threatening you to DARE to win the game vs. him. Brrrr.

Game 7: Ebo Ketwol vs Joe Olson's EOPs

I'm super tense. I need to win one more game and I face the only undefeated player here.
I go and see him and, since I'll give him a ride next monday to Munich, I tell him "remember that I'm giving you a ride monday!!!"
He smiles, shakes my hand, and says "GG then!!" :D

More onto the game, when he shows me EOPs I'm feeling a bit better because it's not a deck who pressures a lot, and I think I have the tools to win it.
Still no Luke, ship, etc in starting hand however.
I look my deck with Madine, see Luke's ship missing there, and hope to draw it, which happens. I get also Ketwol with Madine.
He looks at it, fumbles through his shields, and says "what is the Ketwol shield again ?"
"It's A Useless Gesture non V"
"Ah. Can I take the V-slip off ? :D"

He sets up Emperor and Ozzel I guess at the DB.
I drop Ketwol, flashes the ship but Luke is not in the reserve, Beezer is also hiding in my force pile, so I drop Anakin with Azure Angel but remembers I can't squassin twice so I take it back.
So I can't play EBO, I play 3PO and just draw. I curse a bit. I didn't check with Madine first because I didn't want to reveal my deck, and I thought out of 2 Luke, not both would be in my force pile, but I was wrong.
He then adds with Baron+guns at Endor, and adds the AO so it's drain 2+2 next turn.
I play Luke, EBO, guns, Electrobinoculars on Madine and take off with a Barrier in hand (I was thinking also to attack him, but too risky and I did well, he had Close Call V). I also play 3PO and use him to pull a DB on top of Used, expecting him to come at me next turn.
He drains for 4, I calculate a bit my life force for next turn, trying to see if I can get the 0 on top.
I ICBW one drain and eat the other, and Ketwol back a Wedge from Lost pile.
He plays Vader+ship, I barrier. He adds Tarkin V. Then moves over Baron + guns over as reinforcements like I predicted.
During my turn I just activate all, getting one short of my 0. I look at at it with the binoculars and it's wedge ship!
I 3PO it. Then I play Collision and he looks at the card a bit "wtf is that, you play always so weird things :D". He thinks to grab or not, he declines, I draw a 0 and show it to him without looking and boum!.
He ponders, shakes his head for a full minute, with mixed feelings (both smiling and cursing), wondering what is the least horrible thing to do, and loses the Baron.
I then check my reserve with Madine, find Beezer there and a lot of 1s and a 3, but also Anakin. So I flash him with Azure Angel, and Wedge+ship, and battles.
I use AWRI&DS for a 6 (Which he can't do jack about), and he loses all (I lose nothing thanks to Wedge RSL), + some 3-4 cards overflow. I move to Fondor, for a drain of 6.
He ponders a bit, activate, and draws.
Next turn I just retrieve, drains, and he understands he can't do much. If he puts one ship at a system I'm killing him, if he has 2 I'm using Collision.
He concedes and I jump literally from happiness because I'm in, and Krypto is just shaking his head amazed that I'm pulling through and just beat Joe.
Alexandra is in the meantime congratulating me, telling me that "see, I told you you'd make it!"

Game 8: rematch between me and Joe. He's playing WYS Luke.

I don't think it'll be easy for me. We both play a bit cool however, since we don't really care.
In the end, I used the wrong shields so he could retrieve twice with On The Edge.
I think he would have still won without it however.
You can see the match on the youtube channel but it's nothing too interesting albeit we did our best.

So I'm in, with an incredible SoS, and indeed I'm the first of the 6-2.

We stay a bit for the official results, and I see that I'm going to face Angelo.
You might think "ok, but you beat his decks twice today".
Well, yes, but I know how things can go vs. him. And I had a bad feeling.

The evening, I ponder my choices.
I'm quite sure he won't change decks (he told as much that he had only these 2 decks in the first place), so I make a gamble.
I place all my credits on the HD.
I take out 4 cards, getting in Blast Door Controls, the puller, and 2 more Elis inside.
I even debate of using Wounded Warrior x2 to deal with the pesky Leia instead but I figure out that 4 Elis is just better in general.
I don't have a It's A Trap Canceller, and I never liked that card anyway, so I stay like this.

Day 3: my HD vs Angelo LSC
So we both teched vs. each other.
He turns out he's upped the C&TV, and the Blast Door Kid, to deal with my tech cards. This is good because I didn't up the Energy Walls and I have the canceller.
But he's also upping to 2 the It's A Trap.
This time in my starting hand I am not too lucky. Sure, I have a Vader, but after checking my reserve with Crush, I see NO other characters inside. So if I drop Vader + saber, I risk a combat, losing him and the game.
Also because I know the Racks is in the force pile.
I just draw, not too much, getting the Bridge and Racks.
He fishes for Nar Shadda, but it's not there.
I check, see the same deck more or less but also sees the 2 It's a Trap.
We lose some, I draw some more, after checking again and knowing that in the force pile, besides Vader, there is one Maul.
I draw into them, fishes for First Strike with WMAOP. In the meantime, he is topdecking C&TV and some other low destinies from the top of his reserve. This is not looking good.
When I finally drop both guys with Phantom Menace (no way to recycle it), he comes with Qui-Gon.
Here I have a choice. I know we will blindly combat. I know he'll aim for Maul, which I don't want, because I have just another Vader in hand.
I know Maul's saber adds 1 to combat, but if he still manages to win by 5, my saber is gone.
So I try to play "safe" and save the saber.
Of course, I draw 6 and he draws 10. +1 for Qui's saber. I lose Maul and 4 from the top, one of which is Dooku's saber and that's more or less game. But I recycled the 7 (Phantom Menace) that I had on table.
I manage eventually to have 2 Jedi down, making him lose etc but he's ahead.
With half his life force, I manage to drop another Maul, adds the saber, and clear him, but he just keeps coming back, not before I drained for 5. I forgot to retrieve with AAA (V) again, which would have allowed me to drain another turn for 5.

He wins by 14.

My EBO Ketwol vs his TTO

The changes I made were taking out Scramble, a DB (I was sure he was going to play the shield), and a 3rd card I don't remember to add Obi in ship, pulled, and an Alter combo (works like Collision on ground, deals a bit with S&D). I thought about adding an AO, but couldn't find my I'll Take the Leader, so that was out (also, it works only if you manage to draw it).
I was expecting Angelo to keep on Hoth and cloaking, but he wisely goes to the Death Star II, while he moves up with Vader shuttle with aboard Ozzel and Jerjerrod to Endor).
I have a brainfreeze and I don't remember if he has Barrier in his deck. I can't take off with Luke alone at Hoth, else I'll get beatdown with Maul, Black Sun Fleet, 2 BDs, and other stuff he can add.
In the end, I find my puller for Obi in ship, but it's ruled out it doesn't cancel the cloaking if Maul is already cloaked.
This sucks, because it means that I won't ever be able to kill Maul, who is either away on the DSII, either alone where my fleet (with Anakin and Luke) already on table.
This game is taking however a lot of time, and I regret not moving to the DSII, but Angelo plays very well and puts a lot of pressure from turn 3 (he builds also the DSII turn 2, which helps).
Time is called, and we have 23 life force vs 24 for me.
I activate. Useless to drain because he has 10 cards in hand more or less. I have 4.
I figure my best chance is to hope to have On The Edge in reserve, fish for it with Binoculars and 3PO, and play it twice with Ketwol (for free, since he is shield busted and no secret plans on table).
However, when I look with Madine, On The Edge is not there, but in my 10 force pile.
I still have a slight chance. I draw WWTBAO, play it, he grabs (23 vs 23). If I can draw On The Edge now, I can make it close (I'd need to grab OTE now - 22 life force- , hope for a 6 on top or binoculars for it, play, play OTE, retrieve 5 - 27 life force - pull the DB in reserve - 26 LF - ketwol back OTE, find the last high destiny in reserve, a 5, and retrieve again 4 - 30 life force, and then 3PO a useless card with an used interrupt to get to 31, use 1 to retrieve with Luke for a total of 32 Life force, but that'd be still +9 vs him (he hadn't any used interrupt in hand).
Anyway, On The Edge was my next to last card in force pile.

Angelo and me shakes hand, he didn't think he'd make it out this round, but he did. :)
Props to him, and even if I like him, I'm more rooting for Jimmy, my fellow french player, in the next round. :)

Props and slops: I'm not too good about them, but this EC was a blast, and I had lots of fun.

PS: for the streams, I'm making them "lighter" to upload them on my youtube channel, so be patient. :) I'll drop a line when they're all there.

SirYoda wrote:I suggest we ban all creatures.
Or better yet, just ban DDM from playing creatures.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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DDM wrote: I hate playing against Marvin.
Why? You should love it, your tournament record against me is something like 7 to 2 now. :)

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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rlx wrote:
DDM wrote: I hate playing against Marvin.
Why? You should love it, your tournament record against me is something like 7 to 2 now. :)
Somehow it's the last 2 games that matter. :P
SirYoda wrote:I suggest we ban all creatures.
Or better yet, just ban DDM from playing creatures.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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DDM wrote:
rlx wrote:
DDM wrote: I hate playing against Marvin.
Why? You should love it, your tournament record against me is something like 7 to 2 now. :)
Somehow it's the last 2 games that matter. :P

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Thanks for this awesome report. :-D :-D
red71 for Decipher many years ago...

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Amazing How many details U remind!!!
Excellent report David:
Hope to CU in december and continue to create new deck, there is so many system not explored yet :arrow:

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Awesome report and details. Great light deck tech.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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I REALLY love your creativity in deckbuilding, a very entertaining read. And I really hope Massimo enjoyed the tournament as well. Apart from him not knowing the senate mechanics, my uneducated impression was that he handled RST quite well.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Massimiliano was actually my mentor in 1996. :)
Years later he wasn't very playing anymore so he gave me all his cards.
I managed to get him back into the game, which he enjoys, but he lost a bit his english (reading skills) in the meantime, and doesn't remember as much.
We did this all the last 3 years for the EC.
But it's been some 4-5 months now that I'm also organizing Cube events with him and 2 other italians, so I hope he'll get back into his own old knowledge, more and more, and so that will make him an easier opponent to deal with.

He told me personally that he felt sorry for the Senate game, because he really didn't know anything about it. :)

He enjoyed the tournament in games where he could play. When he played DS, half of the time the deck was a bit too technical for him and strategic choices were difficult.
But the Talz deck I gave him, he changed it a bit to make it more simple, and loved it.
SirYoda wrote:I suggest we ban all creatures.
Or better yet, just ban DDM from playing creatures.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Thanks for the report

I want to congrulate you for your result and especially for your unique deck building.

It's a chance for all sw player to have such an imaginative guy.

see you soon :saber:

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Great TR!

Your deckbuilding skills amaze me, and your playskills are impressive as well. Though it's a feeling of dread to match up against DDM (in for a tough game), it's also exciting, cause you know you'll see something crazy. :D

Thanks again for the ride! Hope to see you in a month or so.

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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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DDM wrote:However, when I look with Madine, On The Edge is not there, but in my 10 force pile.
I still have a slight chance. I draw WWTBAO, play it, he grabs (23 vs 23). If I can draw On The Edge now, I can make it close (I'd need to grab OTE now - 22 life force- , hope for a 6 on top or binoculars for it, play, play OTE, retrieve 5 - 27 life force - pull the DB in reserve - 26 LF - ketwol back OTE, find the last high destiny in reserve, a 5, and retrieve again 4 - 30 life force, and then 3PO a useless card with an used interrupt to get to 31, use 1 to retrieve with Luke for a total of 32 Life force, but that'd be still +9 vs him (he hadn't any used interrupt in hand).
Anyway, On The Edge was my next to last card in force pile.
That's ONE of the reasons I love you, mon ami. :lol: :lol:

Great report. You still are the most crazy SW player out there.
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Re: EC 2015, DDM's Report

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Great TR and wonderful to see Collision and Alter Combo (which are great and unexpected cards in any game) in your deck! Also, the detail of each game is fantastic for those of us who couldn't be there :)
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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