Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

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Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by brainschrat »

(Disclaimer: This will be long. Because this is the first tournament that I ever went to apart from ONE local, I will give some personal background as well. I do not like posting my name on public forums, so those who have not met me will have to do without. PARANOIA, ha!)

I played the game from about 2003 to 2005, but never with anyone having their own cards. Mostly I taught former Magic players and built decks for all of us. I lost interest in the game in 2006 and sold my cards in early 2014 to Christopher bacause the thousands of legacy V-cards meant I did not want to get back into the game. Then the reset happened and Christopher and I decided to meet and play some cards. That's how I got back in early 2015.

Pre-tourney stuff:
Since I no longer have cards, we are limited to Christopher's cardpool which mostly used to be mine. For out kitchen table games we build Hidden Base, ISB, Hidden Mains, QMC, WHAP, TRV, SYCFA TIES and WYS. For a long time we do not know if we can get decks together that we can play well. I want to play decks that I enjoyed playing before, so I pick my recent incarnation of Shane Engelking's Bunch Of Simple Tricks And Nonsense and get Christopher to build me an updated KToD Senate. I know that people no longer seem to run the political effects, but I see no build that really convinces me, so I just use what I know. The WYS uses super Luke and Kessel Runs with droids adding to hyperspeed. It's quite fun to play, but almost entirely defensive, which proved to be a problem.

Christopher plays QMC (EPP version with weapons in space), although he is not entirely convinced. The alternative would have been WHAP, but we are both not that familiar with the deck. For dark, he plays TRV because it's fun. The week before the tourney I fell ill, so I did not know if I could make it up until Friday afternoon, so we both miss the friday event and I am still a bit weak on saturday.

He meet at Zu den vier Winden in Bochum, which is a cool place. Food and drink are good and cheap (the scandinavians feel like they died and came to paradise), and we meet the crew. So many people! Turns out we have 35 players, and about 10 regulars are missing.

Game 1: WYS with Squassin, LMFBM (V) and Civil (V) vs. Koen's IE starting IAO, Mob Points and Imperial Justice (V)
First game, I face a deck that I have never built or played against before. My guess I start Civil Disorder (V) instead of Menace Fades because I do not see any force drain bonuses incoming and expect lots of battling. My plan is to find activation, set up in space, set up Luke on the ground for Fades an Honor and try to kick him off the system then. Koen is a returning player, but I think he won the Netherland's national some years ago, so he's good.

First turn, he deploys Admiral Motti (V) to Devastator, pulls a location with the objective and the Mos Espa DB with IAO, deploy Blizzard 4 to DB 94 and uses it to pull GMT (V) aboard. I think he pulled the grabber and BO shields straight away. I activate 8, but against Devastator and Motti the Skate I have in hand is just hopelessly underpowered, so I pull Kessel with my objective and set up there with Mirax + Ship because neither Speak nor the JCC is in force pile to draw for.

Second turn he deploys Mos Espa, Tempest Scout 3 and Marek Steele there, We Are In Attack Position Now (making his pilots deploy -1 to capitals), a biker scout to Devastator (Elsek or Barich) and sets up Occupation. He deploys SSPFT (V), too, so two grabbers, one of them free, Hmm. So next turn I am looking at a drain of 4 + 2 Occupation damage, and he can increase the hurt by adding commanders to the ground with WAIAPN. Neither JCC nor the puller ended up in my force pile, so I need to stall him. I try to bait a grabber with All Wings Comboi grabbing Outrider, but he doesn't bite as he knows exactly what to grab. I play Free Ride Combo to cancel Occupation (grabbed), pay to drain at Kessel to bury it and deploy Jedi Luke with Saber to the Cantina so I drain for free now, but he caps my drains at 2 with the Resistance shield.

Third turn he redeploys Occupation (dang!) and some guys to Mos Espa DB, including a Commander, increasing his damage to drains of 2+1+1+1, 3 from Occupation and 1 from WAIAPN. This makes it highly likely that I lose critical cards from the top that kill my retrieval engine. He pulled a commander with Piett, who he deployed for 2 to Devastator thanks to the AO. Again, no JCC, puller or Honor in Force pile. No droid either, so I cannot HDWGITM for a better hand. I have Hyper Escape in hand, so I deploy Dash + Outrider to Tatooine, add Wedge and finally flip, move Mirax over so I might actually kill someone aboard Devastator if he cannot reinforce. I draw a card or two each turn, but I do not hit enough dudes to attack him on Tatooine, but that would have been pretty futile anyway because he could have limited me to one destiny, reacted the AT-ST and whatnot.

But man, he reinforces! Comes down with Conquest (V) (which kills the Hyper Escape plan) and one more biker scout and battles, limiting me to one destiny with Imperial Justice (V), substracting one destiny from my total power and attrition with one of the biker scouts. This means I lose Dash and Wedge but take no overflow and Mirax stays, while he loses nothing. Last turn I managed to draw into Talon and Leebo, so I deploy them to Outrider, fly them to Corellia and Mirax to Kessel. I manage to pull off one Kessel Run so Leebo pings for one, but I forgot that only the Falcon has ship docking capabilities, so a Kessel Run takes two turns and I cannot do it with the Skate, so I just retrieve 7. I move around and battle Blizzard 4 with Luke, but just doing 5 damage vs. his 9 does not cut it, and I do not find enough guys to try to knock him off some sites, so Honor would have been useless from turn 3 on anyway. But since he put so many cards on table, he wins by 9 in the end.

HIs: Well, it was close.
LOWs: He was in control all the time, and the move to Tatooine was complete BS.

So this was my first real competitive game. Koen was very nice and friendly, but also firm, catching some mistakes I made (like neither Skate nor Outrider being able to ship dock). Christopher used TRV to REALLY pound flat a TRM deck, doing what TRV does: Sensing an early Wesa, PotF to the JCC with Dooku draining for 4 and even the friggin Executor to Coruscant with PotF draining for 2. Hah! Jan Westergard is a genius, too!

Game 2: Senate with Combat Response (V), IAO combo and First Strike vs. Caspers Hidden B-wings starting Wokling (V), Superficial Damage and ANSB(V).
I'm like WTF, he even WON the first game, why does he get to play a scrub like me? Appearently there were a lot more DS wins in the first round, so he got paired down. I will hurt his SOS a bit in the end. Right off the bat I tell him that this is my first real tournament ever (which I tell all my opponents, btw. That's probably not so good from a competitive POV because they know what to expect, but I'd rather have a friendly game with people not getting annoyed by needing to point out things to me). Casper is really chilled and we have a somewhat one sided but friendly game where he helps me play my deck better and it not making any difference because he is just so way ahead of me.

First turn, I deploy Tikkes to the senate, and draw some as I have no other senator. He deploys Naboo and Roche (maybe I mix up Naboo and Nar Shaddaa in this part), Woklings for Slayn & Korpil Facilities and deploys it. Second turn I SRF for Black 2, deploy Lott to the senate and flip, pull the drain adder (he pulls the senate shield), deploy Black 2 + Pilot via Combat Response (V) so he cannot pull ships with Organized attack and to increase my activation with Tikkes. Also I figured an early drain is good to keep his options limited, because he cannot afford to lose cards from the top. In the next turns I yank out my other political effects, but with the senate shield, I gain just about nothing from them. His turn he deploys Nar Shaddaa and Kiffex, Concentrate All Fire, a B-wing to Naboo, Concussion Missiles via S&K, Green Leader and battles. He shoots and hits (so he retrieves with S&K), draws two destiny vs my one. I think I drew a lucky 5 for BD so he lost Green Leader and forfeited the missiles to used. I lose Black 2 and 7 including... (drumroll!) Blast Door Controls, which I figured was critical to get the drop on his ships in space to get rid of them (later Casper told me he knew he had the game when that card hit the lost pile. Well, here I was smarter than him: It was about when I played my starting effect). I think he moved the B-wing to Naboo. He pulls the BO shield now, so we both bay to drain from now on. Not a single battleground site on table.

Third turn I pay 3 to drain for 1 at the senate. I SRFed to Maul's ship at the end of his turn, so I deploy it with Maul to Naboo to block the drain and cloak. This does not save force, but Maul is on table for probing duty and cannot be killed as easily. He deploys another B-wing, his 5th system which I forgot (and maybe Kiffex was the last one), Obi in ship to Kiffex (meaning I can no longer cloak. I thought this was at Obi's system, but no, it's galaxy wide. Damn the force, it knows everything! It's like Google! Or maybe all Obi is does is to look up Maul's location on Holonet because Radiant VII has a good connection and Home One doesn't.) He also deploys a B-wing to Roche and puts some missiles on it and flips.

With Lott pulling stuff from force pile in my every control phase, I now have my remaining space together and deliberate where to move first, but figure it will probably not matter due to barrier, ATF, Hyper Escape and whatnot. Baron goes to Kiffex to shoot Obi and gets barriered (I grabbed the first Rebel Artillery he played earlier, as it is easy to cycle and play every turn due to ANSB (V)). Vader goes to Nar Shaddaa and gets barriered, too (dunno why I did not try to drop him on Obi, too, to get rid of him via attrition). So I probe all three systems and get nothing. Maul moves to Roche because it looks highly suspicious to me with the B-wing sitting there.

On his turn, I probe Roche and get the Hidden Base, but Maul gets killed. I squabbled quite a lot in this game, but he only grabs it late in the game after I retrieved 5 with it (dunno which interrupt he was waiting for). He eventually kills one more ship with Gold Leader and some other snub fighters, but with the -3/+3 effects and attrition from Toonbuck I get some of his guys, too, and take no overflow. We keep chasing around for a bit and when time is up, I am down to 6 cards, so I draw up.

HIs: Playing a really good player. He knew what I was up to before I did.
LOWs: I still think early Black 2 was the right move, but it ended killing my deck, and even a better player would not have been able to win.

Casper and I talk for a bit about HB and Senate, and he confirms what I think: The shield really kills the political effect concept. I kept them in the deck also for their secondary functions, but only the react cancelling of the +3 and the activate 1 text on the -3 effect really come into play, because the other two effects are suspended every time you might want to use them. I also have the feeling that the drains of 3 + 1 Baskol damage is really not enough when Ability^3 non-V does not kick in.

Game 3: Senate with Combat Response (V). IAO combo and Imperial Degree (V) vs. Massimo's RST starting Sai'Torr (V), Strike Planning and Wokling (?)
I am sorry to say, but this is a game I did not enjoy, as Massimo does not speak German or French and only very little English, and he had never seen senate before. So we had DDM at the next table, playing the friggin' feature match (I think it was vs. Angelo), doing translation, explaining senate mechanics and still WINNING his own game despite having to split his attention. My utmost respect for that.

The game is really slow, as I try to explain how things work to Massimo, which shield he needs to pull, which political effect to suspend in which turn. Again, not very clever from a competetive POV as I could have just ripped him apart with Senate mechanics he did not know, but I would definitely not have enjoyed the game and myself doing that.

On my first turn, I drop Tikkes to the senate and Black 2 to Endor and squabble for Lott. He played an interrupt to pull an Explosive Charge before I activated. On his turn, he deploys Mace Windu (V) and a Talz to the BD (the Talz can forfeit in place of a hit character, returning that character to normal), pulls another Charge and plays Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes, which I grab. I should have figured him playing SAC and waited for Sense. He then moves his guys to the bunker.

Because he has no rebel at the Bunker, he cannot blow next turn, so I deploy Naboo, Baron + Ship there to save Vader for the ground, Toonbuck and Lott to the Senate, the Coruscant DB. Massimo then Qui-Gon to the senate but I let him take it back because he did not realize he had no power vs. my 8 + destiny. He then deploys Scout Luke to the landing site and misses the saber pull, so I see an opening. The following turn I deploy BDC, First Strike (he has enough force, though), EPP Maul and battle. IHYN gets sensed (should have seen that coming with Sai'Tor and immunity mains), so I play a shield puller so that IHYN goes to used, but that gets sensed, too. Nicely done! The site gets cleared anyway an he still has to Houjix. On his turn, he first deploys a lone Arcona to the senate, which I again let him take back. He also deploys Leia + Saber to the bunker, another Talz and Luke to the bunker, so he is ready to blow. I replenish my hand, pull the senate shield, so one slot is still open.

After activating, I did not get that he went to control phase, so he blows the bunker before I can pull the coward shield, and I cannot get him to understand this. Otherwise, he might have let me pull it, who knows? So I lose 6 (Degree (V)), he retrieves 8 and time is called. After a bloody 14 Force swing, which should have been a 6 force swing if I hadn't been so bloody minded about pulling Coward too early. I have force saved, so I squabble for 5, he drains for 4 at the back door, and the game ends with his 28 to my 20. At this moment, I am really pissed off by myself and that I gave this one away, but later on I feel kinda good about it, because I did not exploit Massimo's lack of senate knowledge.

HIs: Maul doing stuff.
LOWs: This was a very taxing game. It's just so much easier when you are able to talk to each other, and I did not get to appreciate that Massimo's a nice guy.

Game 4: WYS with Squassin, LMFBM (V) and Civil Disorder vs. Ralf's Hunt down starting Blaster Rack (V), Conduct Your Search and... something, possibly IAO combo.
Yeah, HD, one of the hardest matchups for my deck. And it's been 10 years since I tested it, no TT in the deck and Luke is the only solid ground character. Yikes. Ralf is another returning player, but he played a lot years back, so he is way ahead of me in terms of experience.

Ralf has a very good start, dropping two twixes from hand, deployng BDC via CYS and draws, I loose Honor to Visage. Double yikes. I set up Mirax at Tatooine, not wanting to give him Kessel activation. Next turn he drops Choke Vader + Saber to the Cantina and the Back Door, so get Captain Hand + Falcon to Kessel to match that drain next turn. Ralf then sets up Emperor + Janus at the BD and starts cycling cards, and I drop Luke to the DB, fearing his battle interrupts in direct confrontation with Vader and draw the BO shield. I have Houjix in hand, so I am ready for Maul + 3 destinies, and I already have the next Luke + Saber ready. So down come Dooku and EPP Maul and Ralf plays... Weapon Levitation to steal Luke's saber. I even have the bloody shield and a shield puller, but because he deployed First Strike, too, I can afford either the shield puller or Houjix, so I play it safe and play Houjix, although IHYN does not enter the fray.

So on turn 4, it is basically over, because I need at least 3 smugglers to take on one of his sites (Force Lightning or the choke are likely to take out one guy), Luke is a friggin' pansy without his sword and his damage comes in rolling fast with Visage and drains for 8. I pull off one Kessel Run and then it's over. FL by 15.

HIs: None, really. Nothing worked out.
LOWs: Lack of judgement. Did not pick the right moment to fight, and then it was over quick.

After game 4, we are supposed to have a break, but it's half five already, so everyone just wants to get on with it. I am at 0-4 and really want to take one win home. The next opponent I get is... the Bye! Which means free victory points and not playing, which sucks. Maybe I can justify taking the VPs for giving that game away earlier?

I watch a very cool game of TTO Ties vs. LS combat w/ space. At one point General Veers is piloting Saber 1 and we all giggle imagining a lorry driver like Veers in the Baron's seat. Good times. The game is open for a long time and in the end LS wins.

Game 6: Senate starting Combat Response (V), IAO Combo and Imperial Degree (V) vs. Martin's Profit starting Seeking (V), I Must Be Allowed To Speak (V) and Sai'Torr
Ok, I did not expect to see Profit and I do not start any aliens (could have started EPP Mara, but decided against it).

First turn I deploy Lott and Baskol to the senate, flip and start yanking out political effects. I ask Martin if he runs the shield and he does not know, so I tell him what to look for, but mix up the DS and LS names, so he thinks he does not have the shield. In fact, he does and deploys it two turns later, but that means I got to use the drain adder for the first and only time this tournament and feel a bit bad about it. But it would not have mattered in the end, Captain Hindsight says. Martin pulls naked 3PO and deploys Master Luke, finds the saber AND deploys Obi-wan's journal and the farm.

In the next turns I set up in space and pull stuff from the force pile with Lott, while he deploys heaps of guys to Tat: JP: Leia with Anakin's Saber, Protector Chewie, Lando w/ Axe, and Mace with saber and Ben Kenobi go the the farm. He then moves Leia and Chewie to the AC, frees Han and retrieves. I am not ready to move yet, so I eat one turn of drains and Profit damage before sending Maul down to slice Han and Leia, and Chewie dies to attrition, as does Maul. Martin POOPs Seeking to retrieve Han and redeploys him to the AC without moving the journal'd Luke over for protection. Hmm.

So Maul just kills Han again, dealing some overflow. Turns out that Martin wanted to Nabrun in jedi crew to beat the * out of Maul and forgot I started IAO combo. That's the game, as he has no second Han and cannot drain at Tatooin while on the 0 side. Appearantly he used to run more Hans and people kept asking him "Why do you run more than one Han?". Now that he doesn't, people keep asking "Why do you run only one Han?"

HIs: My first tournament win! And even though the match went really bad for him, Martin was a fun guy to play against.
LOWs: Profit. Protectig Han against the likes of Dooku and EPP Maul seems impossible without putting him on an enclosed vehicle or something.

Game 7: WYS starting Squassin, LMFBM (V) and Menace Fades vs. Floris' Walkers starting YMSYL, KDY (V) and Imperial Arrest Order
Yet another deck I did not expect to see. Engelking's original of my WYS even packed a T-47 Battle Formation for this matchup, so he could completely ignore the DS. But I don't, and it's not 2004.

Floris starts by pulling and deploying the 3rd marker, the Coruscant DB and the Hoth system. I miss the Kessel pull, so I get Corellia instead and deploy Captain Han + Falcon there. Floris draws some and saves force, so something is incoming. I get Luke to the cantina and AGAIN do not find Kessel, so it is the bottom card of my force pile. Floris gets to verify my deck and sees the Kessel Runs, but not the Free Ride combo or We Are Doomed that I have in hand.

On his turn he deploys Tyrant with Admiral Motti (V), Cabbel and Mareek Steele to Hoth and Imperial Justice (V). So Tyrant is immune to < 5 and he can substract one from my total while limiting to one destiny that I cannot substitute. Very solid. I have to draw to find some stuff (Honor eludes me again this game), so he has the chance to set up Blizz 4 (pulled Mara) and another walker on Hoth, and Rebel Base Occupation. He also pulls the Firepower shield. I finally get hold of Kessel, deploy Wedge + Skate there to flip. When he uses his last force to retrieve with Firepower, I cancel the occupation with FR Combo.

We keep trading drains until I stack some guys onto my ships and move to Hoth. He comes down with Devastator and some more guys, but I can forfeit Lando for friggin' 9 with Karrde there, but with only one destiny that I cannot substitute and he substracts one from I cannot take out anyone. Next turn I battle because I managed to track one of my Jedi Lukes so I can bust his immunity and he plays Takeel to switch his 4 with my 6! Now, that's a cool old school card. I have to move to Corellia (because Tyrant could have followed to Tatooine or Kessel).

He increases his damage, but he is shieldbusted and cannout take out Luke in the cantina, so from now on I just drain for four (Kessel + Cantina, capped by resistance) and Kessel Run with impunity. I can even do the ship docking trick and retrieve the previous Kessel Run as Outrider is not on table and he cannot pull the code clearance shield. When time is called I have 25 to his 12 or something, and I could have just retrieved my complete lost pile. Although he increased the pressure late in the game, it simply was not enough damage.

HIs: Finally WYS doing what it should do.
LOWs: None, really. Very interactive game with battling, running around etc. Kessel running can be a bit retarded, though.

I am very happy that I got a win with either side now, but everyone feels the endless hours of playing.

Game 8: Senate starting Combat Response (V), IAO Combo and Degree (V) vs. Lukasz's Combat starting ANSB(v), Squassin and Sai'Torr.
Ahh, one more deck that I have never built or played against! Before the Senate shield, this was definitely winnable, but now... Decree (V) is mostly useless I guess, but I wanted to save First Strike for, well, First Strike beatdown.

On my first turn, I deploy Lott to the senata and Black 2 to Naboo. It prevents him from getting space with All Wings combo and it's not too bad if I lose it if he already has space. Turns out he has space, but no jedi. He pulls Houjix with Escape Pod (V), deploys Luke (V) in R2iR5 and battles. I draw a lucky 5 so Luke bites it and he draws low so I stupidly lose one from the top. There goes my Baskol damage. On my second turn I get Toonbuck to the senate, SRF for Vader's shuttle (grabbed) and deploy it to Naboo.

Lukasz pulls BO to slow my drains, deploys Obi to the 2/2, misses the saber pull, pulls & deploys Nar Shaddaa, Luke to R2iR5 and moves him to Nar Shaddaa. When he missed the saber pull I get to verify his deck and see some more space and quite some SAC, so I pull both shields.

I deploy BDC, First Strike and Baron with Cannons to Nar Shaddaa and shoot Luke straight to lost, heh. He then deploys Quiggy and his saber to the 3/2 and Yoxgit to the 2/2 to retrieve sabers and X-wing cannons. I have trouble finding Tikkes or one of my hovercams and the damage I take from his drains hurts since I put more on table than him. Later I clear Obi and Yoxgit with Mara and a tracked 5, senate magick and Toonbuck attrition despite missing the saber swing. He puts Leia, RP in the senate and moves her to the DB to cancel drains at the senate.

The game still looked open to me up to the point where he deployed Wedge with a cannon in front of the Baron and shot him to lost. I come over with Vader and Black 2 to chase him around, but he deploys the next R2iR5 with Corran piloting. I manage to keep Vader alive by substracting 4 from the weapon destiny and play IHYN to get at least ONE destiny (because Wedge cancels the other), but he keeps his ships while I lose Black 2. The following turn Vader goes down and it does not matter that I clear Leia with Blizzard 4. I had Maul in hand but not enough force left in my deck to deploy him and swing his saber, and he still had the Houjix he pulled turn 1.

When time is called he has 18 to my 10, but he has complete board control, so it's a well deserved win for him.

HIs: A very educational and interactive game.
LOWs: Just about nothing. One interesting part is that we both offered our opponent to take back an action, or pull a shield before retrieving, and we both declined the offered opportunities. Heh.

So I finish 3-5 with a bye. I am not entirely happy how my decks worked, but I am very happy about how the tournament went with meeting people, talking BS and having FUN! I sincerely hope that my opponents had some fun as well!

The tournament team put together some amazing price support, with everyone getting some sealed Premiere and JP boosters, a poster, a comic, and some special cards for draft. Rasmus gets the R2DTour shirt (why the heck did they cancel the Alderaan gig?!) while Angelo get the Mountain Dewback shirt. Fun stuff. DDM, Krypto, Jimmy, Angelo, Marvin, Marc, Casper and Joe make it to day 3. I would have liked to watch or play the consolation tournament, but I am still a bit weak from last weeks sickness, so I am not there on sunday. The rest of the details someone else can give. I will post the WYS in the deck section for some advice (I feel it needs more muscle), and I would still like to figure out if and how dark senate can work nowadays (I feel it needs more damage). Over and out!

Edit: Mistyped Koen's name, sorry about that.
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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by WiseMarsellus »

fantastic report and great detail! welcome back to the game, glad you had a good time.

i hope you don't mind if i point out a small rules error. the timing rules in swccg are a bit overcomplicated. for instance, you can't play the shield puller as a response to a sense or a weapon levitation. once sense is on the stack, only actions that specifically respond to that sense are playable. so you can alter the sense, or grab the sense, but you can't play an unrelated interrupt. similarly, but not exactly the same, is the end of turn timing. you can't play interrupts during the end of turn, it's not a phase where players take turns going back and forth the way the other phases are. so after floris retrieved with firepower, he should have proceeded to his turn before you have the opportunity to play an interrupt. as he gets first activate action, there's never really a window to catch him without a force active, even through firepower.

anyway, sorry for that long rules bit. i enjoyed your tr immensely, hope you make it to more of these!
tom kelly
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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by tarkiNZ »

Thank you for the tr. Enjoyed reading it. Your story sounds similar to mine. Quit the same time - returned last year have only played a few times. Unfotunately no one plays close enough to where I am. And have no pc to HT. I was trying make the EC but work got in the way. Sounded like I missed out on good times. Props again for the report and more so getting in there and blooding yourself cutting your teeth in a very competitive and, yet, friendly environment. Cheers
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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by brainschrat »

WiseMarsellus wrote:anyway, sorry for that long rules bit. i enjoyed your tr immensely, hope you make it to more of these!
Oh, please do, I need to learn all of this. :) So in truth I would have played the interrupt during his activation phase, meaning he got the first action, meaning he would have had force to grab, right? And knowing about timing and appropriate responses to Sense etc. is very important, too, because my shield pulling timing sucks. :)

BTW, then the shield pullers are just for going over the 4 shield limit, eh? Because of how the card read I assumed they were for pulling a shield as a response, but luckily I asked Chris before the tournament if they go over the 4 shields limit.

tarkiNZ, do you have a Mac or something? With a bit of fiddling you should be able to get the Windows version to run with wine.

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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by aermet69 »

Great TR. Welcome back. I foresee you placing high within the next two years. You know what you're doing, you just need to get the hang of the current and forward meta. A great addition to the European family.
- Casper Jørgensen
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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by puck71 »

brainschrat wrote:BTW, then the shield pullers are just for going over the 4 shield limit, eh?
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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by gossuii »

Great TR! Love the detail and turn-by-turn actions. Thanks!
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: Euro 2015 - a NARP's report

Post by Shadow 14 »

Thanks for the great report, J.

I've only just read it and enjoyed it like the others did. Good to see you again after such a long time.
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
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