EURO 2015 - NP's report

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EURO 2015 - NP's report

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Dear SW Community,
some may have heard about me from brainschrat’s TR, thx 4 real names mate Mr. Paranoia. So I can take my real name as nickname, no need for shenanigans any longer.

First I would like to thank Mr. Menzel for the effort, time and whatever means necessary he put into this event. But I would also like to thank all of the attendants and the whole community for the nice initiation.

Background: (you can skip but fun inside)
As to myself, I never got into this game before 2015. I got some boosters during a holiday to Amsterdam (I’ve been a child, so nothing else but frikandel involved), got some starters and some boosters of the Limited Premiere. Opening Vader and also his lightsabre got me kind of hooked. But with 6 or 7th graders English I was out of reach of getting to know all the rules and gameplay.

Then all of a sudden, a few years later an exchange pupil (real name – Chris Goetz – maybe someone knows him) from Canada visited a friend of mine who wasn’t into all this ccg/tcg stuff and asked me if I could take him to some tournaments nearby. He also tried to explain me the game, but i could not connect and had no clue of what was going on. He asked for my Vader and his lightsabre, suppose they must have been good (he’s still a sledge hammer today) and I received some playables including an EPP Luke. Then the force fell asleep and during the spring of 2014 it suddenly come back to life, in a kind of drive by fashion. During a move you find things you already had lost track of. So I thought to myself wouldn’t it be a nice idea to get those 120 cards and try to read the little beginner’s book you all will know. So I got an idea of the game phases but I must admit attrition, destiny and all those keywords are kind of difficult to really get acquainted to without playing. During this time I got into contact with brainschrat. I bought his collection / or as I would say preserved and was pretty happy about all those playables, but once again stood in front of the problem of getting into the game. I wondered about all those v-sleeves and found out that there were a ton of virtual sets, so I thought besides of not getting into the rules I had to learn all v-cards in addition to the mess of real cards. Well I knew Vader ;->

So at the beginning of 2015 during the time of the reset brainschrat came to me and asked me if we should play some games. I had built those 30 card beginners ‘ decks I found on the internet and two old fashioned “The circle is now complete” Decks which I found pretty well adjusted. This as I think gave a pretty good idea of what this game was till New Hope and Hoth. It sucks to find activation was one of the first things I learned. Playing Obi Wans hut with Obi and revolution seemed like the only big move one could make at this time besides of playing Vader and his lightsabre.
After a few matches of these beginners’ decks it was brainschrat who pushed us to the next step. So as you already might have heard of from his TR we built some decks. Next difficulty - starting effects, interrupts and objectives made the game development even faster but also kind of more complicated to me. Because now you have to keep track of those effects, opponents effects and objectives – pretty intense the first times. And as you may already know brainschrat is pretty active in deckbuilding (congrats to winning the contest in September) and modification of these. So I was chosen to play DS (My Side) as you’d say TRV and for LS he gave me QMC which was never a real friend of mine (see also the following tr).

We’ve had enough of words! Let’s get into the business.

Tournament Report:
Due to the fact that I’m what one calls a noob I will tell some exciting moments of gameplay that I think make this game so outstanding rather than excite you with strange abbreviations. But luckily by now I already know some of them.

Match 1: Me on DS with my Villains against as I recall Tamas. He started the game with the Yavin 4 side which let him start the game so no drawback he would have gone first anyways. So he started to look for activation with Wesa and luckily for me I had read that sensing this wasn’t a bad idea at all. So I was happy to lose 2 just to deny him from activation. I pulled of 2 more recoils hit my activation and could deploy executor/ thrawn to coruscant. The craziest things about this game have been the battles. After 5 rounds with what felt like 3 force activation he found his battle plains dropped Luke with his glow stick. In response I played Vader without saber. An I have you know and Emperor made up for 4 destinies. He cancelled the first I have you now but I had two. So we traded for each other. I learned from brainschrat that playing a Potf onto JCC is a good move, why not play it on his Yavin 4 side. So I deployed Presence, EPP Maul and his Menace. Suddenly Mace Windu entered the side I could make him hit and thx to Menace was immune to attrition. Then while draining for 5 each turn an Anakin came down to kill Maul by Attrition. Pause for a moment. What do you think he will draw for his destiny? Right his lonely planet left - Kiffex. I wanted to lose one, so I lost a twix just to follow up with a menace and a solid 4 destiny (I can’t track destinies, no skill just luck). It must have been beginners luck. He couldn’t recover from that point so I managed to drain him out.
Still sorry for this truck load of luck.

Match 2: Against BHBM. We never built this deck so I had no clue of what I was facing and what was coming up next. I’m sorry that I can’t remember the name of this nice guy from wales. I took some early overflow due to ig-88 in his ship. He could initiate battle while I couldn’t. Did not know this till the moment I wanted to fight him with Dash and his ship. His Objective made me guessing if I should play Luke or don’t. Either way it ended up in failure. He had so much force drain and board presence that he could afford to forget draining me for 3 not having Luke on table. By now I know why he also wanted a card from me to put under his effect… So I got totally crushed but luckily I was rewarded with an awesome self-made card: I chose Wokling which has a misprint which makes him even more expensive (You wrote Wolking).
Needless to say that my QMC never connected and Bespin and all his quarters were crushed by the wrecking ball of dark Jedi.

Match 3: LS Senate: Once again a guy from Wales who looks a lot like Simon Pegg (google Simon and you will know whom I’m talking ‘bout). Very nice guy who like all the others took the time to explain me the cornerstones of his deck and his moves. But playing against a deck for the first time you end up understanding their mechanics when it is already too late. So he was on LS Senate and I could find 4 twixes on turn one with my recoil, so it was 13 against 3 activation. I played Potf on his JCC deployed Dooku he cancelled Potf and managed to knock me out. I got lucky played a second Potf and Maul with Menace. So I could have drained him for 4 each turn but after playing his political effect which lets him cancel my drains I had to find out the hard way that I had no senate shield – thx to brainschrat for the defensive shields. I couldn’t pressure him enough so that he ended up with a greater total of life force. What I learned that even bad luck is sort of luck. But did I say Wales, whooot once again an extraordinary card I haven’t found any mistakes on. Thanks once again.

Match4: Against Entanglements. No Clue No Competition. He managed to drain for a truck load must have been 8 or more each turn. So my QMC fell apart. Nothing special about this game. Never really got into the match.

Match5: Danish Dynamite. Some people call him R2/D2 nowadays but I go with Rasmus. Nice guy wearing the same haircut like me but who also has a Viking razorblade to shave. The first advice he gave to me was to have a beer. I’ll come to this later. Once again I had no clue what was coming at me. He played DS 2 and a lot of strange sites. Once having finished building his death star of his own I asked him If it would make any sense to fly there and to kill the DeathStar. You should have seen his eyes. So i tried to set up the flip of my QMC which I am very bad at. Out of nowhere he arrived with his ultra-fast flying deathstar and an armada of ties knocking off all my starships of Bespin into the the bin. So I had to suffer his drains and couldn’t get back into this game. At this point I started playing defensive shields – Come here you big coward and Rasmus realized that something is definitely going wrong. Why the hell is LS playing the same shields like DS ;->. We ended up in extra time and in an heroic moment I managed to fire off an off the edge with no clue if it would count towards the ability or the destiny number. Hitting Luke and a six was lucky but of no help at this point.

Match6 Buy: I followed the advice of Rasmus and had a beer, while staring at his Gungans fighting another guy from Denmark. Sorry once again for not remembering your name hope you will forgive me.

Match7: Ninja(QMC) against TRV
This time I knew what I was paired against. Got lucky finding enough activation and could once again infiltrate his JCC with Potf and Count Dooku. Draining for 4 since the second turn of mine left me in good shape. While we both were playing in an easy as Sunday morning fashioned play style I wanted to pull of one trick. Deploying the Sith Probe Droid to his lone Yoxgit, switching positions with the dark Jedi Dooku just to walk by for a force lightning. He resigned we Skalled our beers and watched other matches.

Match8:The Smurf from Italy (Yes I know smurfs wear white beanies instead of blue ones)
As Brainschrat already mentioned it was a pity that our communication was clunky half the time and worse the rest. He played his DS Ties in Space, which looked like hidden base of the dark side. His start with 4 planet sites almost gave me 12 activation for the first turn. So I was able to drop Leia at reduced costs his brother right next to her while Harc Seff was driving around Mc Bespin. Flipping on first turn isn’t the worst. I learned from the games against brainschrat that looking through your force pile for answers could come in quite handy later on in the game. His answer came quick, he dropped a tie with cannons and 2 seconds later Harc was nothing but juice round the weather vane. I was able to puzzle together some starships including pilots but all the time he managed to shoot them down. Thx to the Make X =4 Interrupt which in combination with 3 Force Cannons gets even rid of a Millennium Falcon on boosted maneuver. So when I realized that I would never get my Celebration going and realizing that he was space only I decided, while being flipped, to look for my alien friend Pucumir and some other dudes to setup up some nice drains on Bespin. It became a game of pure draining. I stopped drawing anything and managed to win on 9 life force.

Nothing more to say besides thank you for reading and thanks to all of you for being a part of EC and hopefully of the next to follow.

Sincerely Yours


p.s. So always be on the lookout for Vader and his Sabre.
p.p.s.Sorry for some Denglish (German/English) idioms.

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Re: EURO 2015 - NP's report

Post by tarkiNZ »

Nice one LL you and your crime partner B keep at it. Cool prelude btw yeah we all have our wee anecdotes how we all got started in this gig.
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Re: EURO 2015 - NP's report

Post by Hayes »

Definitely a great read. Wonderful that you've started this game after all this time. Keep at it!

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Re: EURO 2015 - NP's report

Post by JimmyFrench »

It s so good to read that players make a TR regarding the final result.
Hope U Will be there on other tournament.

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Re: EURO 2015 - NP's report

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BNice read, thanks for writing! I love to read reports from anyone, be it the number 1 player or a Narp :)
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: EURO 2015 - NP's report

Post by Twotak »

I followed the advice of Rasmus and had a beer
Not to be all like: " man im cool" but thats has to one of the best advise iwe given. EVR!

Couse when it comes to advise about the game.. hmmmm You gotta seek help elswere, not that i wont try, but i could mees up your game more that actually helping out :roll:

well see you next time, and Skål my freind ;)
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