EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

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EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by Yoda007 »

so, here is my tournament report. it won't be about glory, but a slow story of despair. i didn't intend to write one, but after reading so many great reports, I really wanted to tell mine.

my last tournament games were played in january, and they were ok - considering that i haven't played in tournaments for years. i mean my dark side deck lost to Pär's QMC with the bloody Landing Claw, but otherwise it was fun to play and a good meta call (i even managed to beat Angelo). my light was the weaker side again. ebo with speeders and acclamators. let's just say, i gathered valuable data. anyway, ever since a new set arrived, an errata occured (which hit my dark EOps Palpy deck), and i haven't played a single game. i followed worlds more or less, but really wasn't in the mood of playing. as EC-time approaced i got more excited. i bought my tickets months in advance, so i only needed to focus on decks: i read through all decks of Worlds, and i watched all videos.

sidenote: what i didn't do is read through the v-cards carefully. so, after the EC i had some fun time talking to Krypto and DDM about cards that actually do exist.

so, after watching the videos i was decided to play TRM built by Chu and Desai, since i can't stand Combat. TIGIH is a TRM for dummies (maybe, i should have played that considering my abilities nowadays), and QMC is not really working for me usually. i considered WYS for a moment, but the defensive shield against it is a bit too harsh for my tasting. maybe, i need to reconsider that too. i knew that the EC meta is different, but i hoped that TRM cannot go wrong.

for dark i picked TTO. I played EOps in january, i like the deck and the ability to deal direct damage that has no (interrupt) counters. i felt comfortable. i shouldn't have.

on friday morning i got up at 6am, went to the airport to find out it's one hour late, a good start. quick text message to DDM that i'll be late, so they don't need to hurry to get to the airport.
anyway, i got to düsseldorf, we had some sightseeing with the italian crew, and then we headed to Bochum for the team tournament. my plan was to play TRM to get to know it. i already saw the flaws, and that i can handle IE. but i needed some tweaking. after 3 games, the majority of the players decided to call it a day, and we went home.
instead of sleeping we chose to debate our last night changes, also playing some more, as if we weren't tired enough. i tried TTO vs DDM's EBO Madness. at least i know what to expect from him, if we happen to meet. after 4 hours of sleep day 2 was coming.

europeans (it may contain post-tournament whining about luck and such things)

game 1 vs dark TRM (Christopher, the Novice)
yay! a deck that was invented to fight TRM and TIGIH. also, my opponent picked this game up recently, so i should have had the upper hand. my plan was to drop 2-3 guys to Battle Plans, try to clash/satm his attacking dudes, and drain him away.
in reality, i drew no location puller (well, technically i had one, but it got sensed, obviously). so, my first 4 turns were basically, activating 4 force when i finally found battle plains (with threepio). which upped my activation by 50% (so it's still sh*t). anyway, i had some force left, so i started deploying guys there. but it was a bad move considering that my opponent managed to Emperor's Power away his 0s to draw a 5s and 6s every time he battled. my mace and luke had no chance of staying. also, luke was so blind never ever hitting anyone. the icing on the cake was when i drew a 0 for battle destiny against a single EPP Maul.
despite his lucky draws of destinies my opponent deserved his win, i had no good answers for his deck.

game 2 vs WHAP Space (Jimmy, the Quick)
a quick summary of this game: everything goes fine, but screwing up at the end. i played arica turn 2, and cleared Amidala from Naboo. Jimmy was suffering to find Ric Olie, so I could challange him in space. meanwhile, i could set up death star 2. i had Control&SFS in hand with A Dark Time For The Rebellion-v. A game in hand, i thought. Until the point, where if did forgot about Control, and he Sensed my ADTFR-v, saving his ass from an overflow of 10+ cards. So, it all came down to a drain race, in which he had the upper hand. despite my frustration over my mistake, the game was fun. this was my first game vs Jimmy, and I hope i can have my revenge soon. :)
in hindsight, i was happy that he won, and i didn't mess with his chances to play day 3. Congrats on your finish again, Jimmy!

game 3 vs BHBM (Jonas, the Dane)
see my game 1. though i got luckier with my activation. i got the JCC and the BSChamber too. but his double destinies just killed me. i struggled to find key interrupts in key moments. but at least i wasn't so badly beaten as in game 1.
0:3 - officially, out of the race. i ordered my first beer, and i was going for the fun aspect of this game.

game 4 vs QMC (Jonas, the Dane)
finally, an easy matchup. at least for me. he provides me an excellent planet to go to. he povides me plenty of force icons, and little challange in space. anyway, Jonas played quite a lot of space cards, so he decided to come after me at Bespin. this way we had a lots of interactions, while my Count Dooku was sitting on Bespin and TTO-ed 4 damage of turn. I was happy with that.
by the end i managed to clear him from space, while he cleared me from ground, but at that point the game was already over. TTO is quite stupid in that matter.
1:3 - my first victory! my only goal was not to finish with a negative balance. so, i needed 3 more victories.

game 5 vs EOps with mains and Black Sun Fleet (Eric, the Trader)
i think Eric is a returning player too. we had some trades before the tournament, so he wasn't complete stranger for me. i knew his deck well, as i played a very similar one in january (and in 2007-2008). i tried to build presence on as many ground locations as possible, and waiting for him to drop his systems(!). in fact, he played kashyyyk and naboo for a nice drain of 2 and 2. after, he showed up in space, i dropped Kiffex with Tantive IV-v with some pilots. satisfying Battle Order & gaining advantage in the drain race.
he had troubles to find Ominous Rumours the whole game. also, he played Elis in Hintra to Endor:Landing Platform, rookie mistake. as it was barriered, and he had to back him up with the scrubs from the Bunker. this, pretty much sealed the game. i cleared him from ground, making him almost impossible to set up Rumours.

game 6 vs Combat (Piotr)
this is a really bad matchup. half of my fleet is dark jedi, he puts pressure from early on, and he has the retrieval which makes this hard. i know that Angelo also struggled against him some turns earlier. and he knews TTO better than me.
as i expected he deployed ASAP to Naboo, while i started to build my death star. unfortunately, it wasn't a quick one. i was a turn late, and tatooine wasn't showing up either. meanwhile, i tried to slow him down with a dark jedi (Luke, JK was draining @Endor Platform, too.). I knew that my destinies were high, so i had a chance. But he drew a blind 6 (and a 7 from Qui), and i lost 4 force. I reinforced with Maul and cleared the site, but EPP Vader died. Next turn he comes down with Yoda, and i think he wins a combat again. On my turn, i use Maul's gametext and duel Yoda away for a drain of 3, and a drain in space. but it's already too late, as Anakin was draing for 3 the whole time at the other Naboo site, and he got his retrieval with the podrace.
it was nice to see that finally a good number of polish guys showed up.

game 7 vs Rebel Strike Team (Max)
this was kind of a short game. Max had Corran Horn in his opening hand, so turn 2 he layed a beatdown on me in the Bunker. then it was matter of time till he blew the bunker. i tried to build the D*2 ASAP, but it wasn't enough. Max is definitely improving. hopefully, he'll know the cards better, too.
2:5 - well, i'll have a negative difference. Chris and Sandra tries to cheer me up. without much success.

game 8 vs BHBM (Kevin, the Better Man)
when i sat down, i thought it'll be all over the game 1. anyway, Kevin was as disappointed in his performance as i was in mine, also, we had a really great game in the team tournament of worlds 2012 (despite, he having an overflow of 35 - ok, maybe it was a great game for me only :) ). so i was really looking forward for our next chapter of epic battle.
my TRM seemed to start working. i got most of my battle tricks, and he wasn't playing Emperor's Power, so i had chance to actually win some battles, even one with overflow. in addition to having all the cards needed, Kevin was a better man when he chose not to play Turn it off!Turn it off! on my Falcon. anyway, i managed to pull off a victory here.
3:5 - it could be worse.

and we finished by midnight. we waited an hour, till the results were announced. i still miss the differential system. it was so much easier than SoS. anyway, i got a shiny EPP Maul as a random prize that i really needed. i had some cards signed by Team Wales (you're the best team out there).
as i was running day 3, i needed the sleep as hell, so i was glad that DDM was just joking about needing a playtesting game later. also, he needed sleep more than me, since he was actually playing on day 3 (nice, buddy!).

Team Wales - always enjoying the game vs your team members. also, you provided really nice tournament support!
the Danish Hoard - bringing new spice to the European tournament scene. special kudos to Rasmus and his gungans. Steady!
Zee Germans - for keeping the game alive. always bringing in new and returning players. having an unpredictable meta, and great venues for any tournament. it's always good to visit you!
DDM & Sandra, Max - for organizing the accomodation and picking up me from the airport.
Jimmy and the real French (unlike, the one mentioned above ;) ) - it was good to finally match names with faces! I really cheer for you to grow a nice community.
the Polish - for showing up in such a large number, and ultimately winning it & taking home a 9th place too.
the tireless dutch - always bringing along new faces.
Zu den Vier Winden - best tournament location.
and last but not least - the Euro Emperor, for running this community. Organizing an amazing Europeans year after year.

the Swedish vikings - you were missed. i hope everything is fine, and it's just a temporary absence.
Tusken84 and Javier missing out again.
my performance. :)

Tamas Papp

"Oh come on! How could playtesting results have a greater weight in this discussion than pure opinions?!
What’s the point of this forum if you rather believe in people who tested those cards instead of people who just know?" -BW

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by kryptofis »

Nice TR, dude!

Reminds me I need to finish mine with the game breakdown :)

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by arebelspy »

Good TR! Thanks for running stuff day 3. :D

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by JimmyFrench »

Great to read your TR. I CAN put a face on your name too.

Hope to C U on milano in 2k16.

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by Yoda007 »

@Krypto: yes, you should! we are all waiting for it!

@arebelspy: i hope you'll have a safe trip around Europe! it was nice to have a US player around again. maybe next time we'll play.

@Jimmy: now i saw your DS deck, i love it! :) i didn't know that there are a few helpers for AOBS already. are you going to write a TR? i really thought you'd win the first game in the finals, and I'd like to know what did you think/plan for it. also, i forgot, but now it came to my mind. your son should be in the props section. i mean he spent 2,5 days in a pub, and he seemed to enjoy it, and behaved really well. good job on your parenting! :)
Tamas Papp

"Oh come on! How could playtesting results have a greater weight in this discussion than pure opinions?!
What’s the point of this forum if you rather believe in people who tested those cards instead of people who just know?" -BW

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by gossuii »

Great TR, thanks!
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by Shadow 14 »

Great report, Tamas!

Thanks for the props, buddy! Same back atcha! ;)

And I agree with you on Jimmy's parental skills. It was amazing how well behaved your son was, Jimmy!
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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Re: EC2015 - Yoda007's TR

Post by Darth_Link »

Yoda007 wrote:the Swedish vikings - you were missed. i hope everything is fine, and it's just a temporary absence.
I'll be back
Emil W. Sweden

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