StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

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StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

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Having come back to the game because of the reset and a really active player and volunteer (Gosse) I am amazed that the game I left behind in 2001 is still alive and kicking. Having missed Reflections III and Theed palace entirely I have no experience with shields and I still have some difficulties with the whole thought process of utilizing them as best as you can combined with the restrictions in deckbuilding they provide. However this game has the best mechanics of any ccg I have ever played and the current fellow Dutch players are great guys to hang out with so returning to the game was made easy. Having to learn all the new cards and objectives however was not as simple as I thought and I knew only lots of playing would be able to make me more familiar with all the new match-ups. So that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to go the EC in Bochum. What better way to play a bunch of games and also hang out with some familiar faces as well as quite some players I had never heard of before! Luckily for me Floris and Eric also thought this was a great idea. So the logistical part of the trip was arranged. Now I only needed decks and I was good to go. With almost no playtesting because of other activities and the announced errata to Imperial Decree (v) I only had time to playtest the Saturday before the EC. With Stefan, Eric, Floris and Martin (who also decided to join the EC, mad props for him to just decide spontaneously to go the EC and play in his first tournament ever) all there, we got some good games in. I lost quite a few games, but at least I knew some of my strengths and weaknesses of the decks I was testing. One day before the EC I played some more games against Floris and decided I would stick with these decks: Entanglements (later I found out that this deck had been created by Krypto) and LS combat with space. Although I knew both decks had several matchups I thought would be bad and both decks wouldn’t catch people by surprise, I also knew playing 8 games with totally unfamiliar decks can be quite hard.

Friday, day zero of the EC

Eric picked us up at the apartment of Floris and we had a really efficient trip to zu den vier winden. The trip went so smooth it was rather quiet when we arrived. No problem, we could just relax and meet some fellow players. After a while the sealed deck event began and I am paired with Floris for the deckbuilding. We all get 1 unlimited premiere starter, 1 revised a new hope booster and each pair receives 1 jedi pack and 1 OTSD fixed card set. I ask him which side he wants to play and he says DS. I knew DS would have the edge with most of the cards, but in sealed deck LS can have some weird tricks so I hope I get some of the cards to pull them off. I got a twix (Y4: War room) and I see 2 surprise assaults, 2 arcona’s and a Projection of a Skywalker. I look at all my other cards and also see a Momaw and 2 undercovers so I know my only chance I have is to shut down drains on the ground and hope nobody would play space locations. If I can set up my destinies my winning condition should be surprise assault. I am expecting most DS players either play a Tatooine site or a system (Kashyykk) as a starting location and no Yavin 4 locations so my starting site won’t be such a risk. So I include only 1 location, my starting location, the cards mentioned above, some characters with ability 2, my 4 ships, 2 vehicles, 1 proton torpedoes and some musicians. Otherwise recyclable interrupts with high destiny.

Sealed Deck game 1 LS against Franck

Franck is a French player and a really friendly guy. He starts Mos Eisley and deploys Garindan with Undercover at my Yavin 4 site first turn. I am wondering about this move and I just pick up some cards and leave some force. He asks if he can now deploy on Yavin because of the undercover spy and I tell him that this is indeed possible. He has other plans however deploys another Tatooine site if I recall correctly and saves some force. Knowing that my deck is all about the late game I just activate and leave more force hoping that my steadily increasing force pile convinces him to deploy in force. He eventually does deploy several characters but also a skiff with a skiff master. Since I don’t have a great hand besides the surprise assault I decide to take a gamble and play it to make him weary to drain. I don’t get great destinies but he still has to lose 5 force. After that I play some cards, including Tedn Dahai on the other Tatooine site. He moves his characters over to the canyon in front of my guys. Having another musician besides Tedn I get to cancel a gametext of an alien present and I can cancel the gametext of the skiff master so he cannot add power to the skiff as well as give him additional power in defensive battles. We battle for several turns but my high destinies combined with my musicians make sure I win the slugfest. I haven’t done any real damage yet so I know I have to get some damage going. His remaining forces retreat on the skiff and tries to drain again, this time my surprise assault gets in some more damage. He tries to Elis Helrot his undercover spy to the canyon but I have been saving my It’s a hit to cancel such nasty cards and so his undercover spy stays on Yavin. I think he finally got a system out and after the game he told me he was contemplating starting with a system but decided to go for Mos Eisley. Because he could not keep up with me on the ground and the surprise assault damage I could drain him out for a win of 18. I asked him after the game why he deployed his undercover spy on Yavin and he told me he was expecting more Yavin4 sites and we discussed this and both agreed that this was a mistake. So I got a little lucky with both his starting location and his expectations of my deck.

Sealed Deck game 2 LS against Joe

I get to play the only American guy at the EC and Joe is a great guy. Before the sealed event we already talked about all the travelling he and his wife are doing and I let him know that I really enjoyed his podcasts since they gave me some insight in the meta as a returning player. He starts Mos Eisley like Franck did and for the first 5 turns we both do nothing but activate and pick up maybe one or 2 cards. Joe did deploy Jawa camp to give us both an addition force icon. Then he deploys a rebel guard and 3 other characters to Mos Eisley. I counter with a PoaS on Mos Eisley and deploy some cards to the Jawa camp. He saves up some more force and ends his turn. I try to drain at the camp but Joe counters with his own tech and counter assaults me. Ouch, that hit me for 9 force. I had some space in hand but decide to take the gamble he isn’t going for space so I ditch most of my space to make sure I won’t lose any critical cards. I think I get my shuttle vehicle that allows it be piloted and hnemthe as a pilot. This was key since it added to my power and prevented him from deploying Tarkin for cheap because hnemthe also works for adjacent sites. Eventually Joe deploys some more Tatooine sites and uses his vehicles to spread out. I play my arcona but he has put out one of the desert sites in between so I will need a vehicle for my characters stuck at the Jawa camp in order to prevent him from draining. Some battles take place but I can stabilize my situation and eventually get out a Momaw nadon with undercover and he has to get creative in order to try to get some more damage. He does this by deploying even more Tatooine sites and makes sure my Momaw has to walk some more to prevent a drain. However I get my other vehicle as well and can safely journey with my characters to ensure I can follow him to get a small drain going and he has to evade me. Hnemthe and PoaS were key this game and I won this game with 9 force. Besides the counter assault it was a difficult game for Joe because I got all my defensive cards and he had to deploy a lot of sites in order to overcome this.

Sealed Deck game 3 LS against Floris

I have to play against Floris and this will be really tough. He had shown me had a Twilek advisor as well as a presence of the force. I only have 1 location in the deck and know it will get a presence of the force on it, but I don’t feel like side boarding, even although Chris told us was allowed between games. So I just start with it. Floris hesitates for a while and then sees he can put his presence on the War room. His starting location is the audience chamber. Then he starts the game and deploys the following characters in the war room in his first turn: Trooper Davin Felth, for free a Stormtrooper cadet and Lt. Pol Treidum. Ouch, especially that cadet paired with a trooper made any chances of going for an battle with high destinies near impossible. Besides his game text of the war room is so powerful that I have to switch my game plan. His power is only 5 for 3 characters so at least surprise assault could be great. I need to put pressure on him as well and decide to go all out for the audience chamber. I put at least enough characters there to draw destiny and I play PoaS on the war room to reduce his drain to 2. The next turn I deploy Arleis and fetch an hnemthe so the audience chamber should be mine. However my hand is almost depleted and I have to lose force from the top of reserve and I lose the first surprise assault. After the next few turns I draw some more cards and try to find the second surprise assault. Floris plays reactor terminal and that should let him recycle high destinies and be more aggressive in picking up a stack of cards to increase his damage output. I pick up a Momaw nadon which combines really nice with undercover which is already in hand. He still has Treidum in the war room and I hope he deploys somewhere else on the ground so I can play it safely. At least 1 part of my wish is being granted, Floris deploys another location. Unfortunately for me it is a system, Tatooine, and he deploys a dreadnaught and a obsidian squadron tie. He tarkin’s orders one of my drains and now I have no choice but to deploy my Momaw Nadon with undercover to block his drain because otherwise I will definitely lose the drain race. He goes for the blind pull and it is not a 3, but he puts down 1 card with reactor terminal so I know that will be a 3. I have one trick that I can use and that is Bith Shuffle. I wait for him to recirculate and during my turn I play the card. I have a 50% chance of pulling it off but it was not meant to be so Momaw’s cover is blown and the game is lost. Floris wins with 4 force left. It was a great game, after his first turn I was not expecting a close game anymore but reinforcing the audience chamber made sure I at least got 1 drain going all game.

Sealed Deck game 4 LS against Eric

As if playing one group member is bad enough, playing them back to back is not an ideal situation. It should be a fun game as Eric starts the detention Block corridor so it will be interesting to see how we both handle this non-battleground start. After a while he gets a Tatooine site on table and deploys some characters. I eat the drain for 1 turn and I think he deploys the JP: dungeon to increase his force activation. This allows me to play an Arcona which means I have not to worry about the drains. We both draw a lot of cards and he deploys 2 systems (Yavin 4 and Corulag) and starts draining at Yavin IV with an dreadnaught and either 1 pilot or a obsidian squadron tie. I think it is a tie because I remember holding on to my it’s a hit to prevent a possible talon roll. I deploy both of my squadrons cheaply to Yavin and move away because I don’t have enough force for a pilot and know that keeping the ships alive will be essential if I am to win this game. After some draining from Eric he is chasing my ships with a dreadnaught which now has a pilot as well. I have a few maneuvers in hand and play it to track it and bait Eric to attack me in the next turn. The 6 is the second card on the top so Eric may have thought he was safe. I was holding an Out of nowhere and with my total destiny of 8 against his ships he has to decide if he wants to keep a lone Tie out there or forfeit everything. I had to lose a pilot in the gold squadron to attrition but both of my ability 2 ships survive. He decides to forfeit everything. He does not have to fear a beat down with this choice but recapturing space will be difficult. With my rebel barrier ready in hand for any new ships I am able to drain him out for the win of 13.

Floris lost his last game against Ninja with 6 force and so Ninja wins the tournament and an amazing R2-D2 foil made by the Welsh guys. Awesome artwork! I end up in second place and receive a foil Probot that is also extremely cool. Floris and Eric place 3rd and 6th respectively so that was a nice start to the EC! After this event we get ready to start the team event. Before this starts I am glad to help Krypto receive the collection he bought from my friend Pieter who hasn’t got the time to play anymore. I am also glad that now my luggage is probably 20 kilogram lighter after this transaction. Our team for the team event consists of Floris and myself and one of the most important things in these kind of events is to have a silly name. Knowing Floris likes experimental electronic music I suggest our name to be a homage to a certain band as well as a certain cartoon. I get the impression that Floris doesn’t share my opinion about the importance of a silly team name and gives me a blank expression after I tell him what I think our team name should be: Lords of Canada: Terence & Philip strike back. We thought it would be an elimination tournament so we brought high risk decks that could win big. Floris plays WYS with guns, read Krypto’s report for some insight in the deck with his match-up with Floris and I play Watto with ties. It seems it will be swiss after all, so unto the games:

Team event game 1 DS Watto against Jonas (QMC DDM style with sabacc)

Jonas is a very relaxed guy from Germany that I had met in Amsterdam this year. He teams up with Rasmus and borrows DDM’s QMC deck. He has never played it and also has never played with sabacc before. Props for Jonas for just going with a fun deck that you have never played before! Watto is of course all about pressure and hopefully let your opponent lose critical cards in the early game. I start with Endor Shield, Kuat drive Yards (v) and Combat response (v). Jonas starts with Keeping the Empire out forever, the EP I squadron assignments and I think the Lando effect from Reflections III. I do the usual Watto stuff and make Jonas lose 2 force and get a system out and move ozzel over to Watto. I think Jonas either loses his CC: casino in my second turn or my first Watto damage, but that eliminates his retrieval option with sabacc. He does however remove Watto 3 times from the junkyard with EPP’s and also flip his objective. I can get 1 Watto back with No Escape and this makes it an uphill battle for Jonas since he is behind on the board and he has to do something about Watto in order to mount a comeback. But he is running light on characters and visit Cloud city with EPP maul and put the Emperor also somewhere on CC to further pressure Jonas. Because he has no sabacc tricks with Lando he is unable to overcome the sheer power in numbers of the DS in this game. FW with 20 force. I think after this game I suggest Jonas to read some of the sabacc rules for the next game, because the deck certainly has potential if you don’t lose the Casino. Floris wins against Rasmus and I am also introduced to the strange phenomenon called “Steady”

Team event game 2 DS Watto against Jonas (RST with cool tech)

Jonas (from Denmark) is also a returning player and also a really friendly guy (this might sound repetitive, but it is great to see that not only the SW scene is alive and kicking it’s community and comradery has flourished even more in all those years) Jonas plays RST and he forms a team with Casper who is playing Floris with I assume a TTO deck looking at their table. Our game begins rather uneventful because we both set up our stuff on the separate planets. Because Jonas misses his search action I get to verify his deck and there I see loads of mains and cool battle stuff, but no space in reserve. He does have quite a large force pile and I am expecting a Home one as his lone ship. I have no experience with RST in the current meta, but from my experiences with scouts on Endor I have to be really careful if I am to deploy there. Since I am doing quite some damage and his Home one has not been deployed yet I am reluctant to go to Endor, either on ground or space. Jonas remains somewhat unlucky with his card drawing and I get to verify once more. He deploys Launching the assault and then I know for sure a Home one is coming. After playing Home One Jonas plays an admiral’s order, the reverse one of We’re in attack position now. I made a huge mistake by thinking only about its first function and totally forget he has 3 Generals on 3 different Endor sites (Madine, Cracken and Solo) Still confident that I am in the lead I am still draining on several locations and do some Watto damage. Then Jonas inflicts the AO’s damage and I know I have to be careful with his retrieval and damage of the shield is down. He gives me a friendly reminder of the game text of the shield is down so I can deploy the political effect shield. He blows up the bunker and the following 2 turns are all about maximizing damage or reducing losses. I have enough damage to make him loss just enough so he cannot win, but it certainly was close. Full win with 6 force remaining. Floris loses to Casper but that loss was just with one force less so we get the psychological edge by winning with 1 force. Although it was not a really interactive game, Jonas made it certainly interesting enough and great to see some cool cards in the deck. Jonas and I talk about RST and he is confident that only a small benefit to the objective in virtual set 3 will make this objective much more popular. Jonas sounds convincing and after this game I have no doubt he can make it work. I am also glad to see some cool decks in the meta that I hadn’t seen in action yet. It is always nice to see more diversion in tournament play.

Team event game 3 DS Watto against Angelo (Combat with space)

Now we have to face off against 2 of the top players in Europe Angelo and Krypto. I have to play against Angelo and his combat deck. This should be fun and it should help me improve my knowledge of the deck I am to play on day 1 since my deck is nearly identical to his deck. In hindsight I think there was one key sequence of the game in the first turn that had a rippling effect in all consequent turns. I start with my usual Watto stuff and Angelo loses 1 card from hand and the top card from reserve Wedge. I pull Tatooine with Kuat and deploy Baron in Saber 1 there and I also think I put a gun aboard. I have 2 force remaining so I can shoot twice as well. I have no barrier in hand but with the gun aboard and Wedge gone I am somewhat confident of holding space until I have more back-up. Angelo realizes this more quickly because he ditches Wokling for Wedge in my first turn. In that moment I realize Angelo’s not only a great player but also has the experience and awareness to conclude that in this match-up Wokling is not essential for activating and Wedge definitely is. Knowing his deck I should have activated and played at least 1 more shield besides the grabber and there is no try shield, secret plans or as an alternative come here you big coward. Secret plans should have been a no brainer because of the likelihood he will have either 2 jedi on the ground in a couple of turns and the combat deck has all kinds of retrieval going on. This concludes my theoretical approach and here is what happened in the real game. Angelo activates 9 force and plays Luke (v) as well as Artoo in Red 5 from hand. Then comes the more painful part since he has also got red squadron 1 in his hand and squadrons the retrieved Wedge which I know is somewhere on the bottom of his reserve. He initiates battle and I try to shoot one of his ships down, but that fails. I am quite certain he also plays darklighter spin since I have to lose both the Baron and his ship. If I had played the secret plans shield the first turn Wedge could not have been pulled, but that is Captain Hindsight talking again. The next turn Yoda comes down on Naboo and I do some more Watto damage. I manage to get out another Baron in Saber 1 but Angelo has got the essential parts of his deck in play and from then on it is rather a lost cause. Angelo wins convincingly with 20 or 22 force left. Floris loses to Krypto and so Angelo and Krypto are in first place and because of the late time there won’t be another round. Casper and Jonas are trying to challenge Angelo and Krypto for a final duel but after some friendly banter I think everybody is ok with the outcome and that concludes day 0.

After we returned to our hotel I read a little to reduce my adrenalin of once again participating in an SWCCG event and try to get some sleep. Seeing a lot of players the next day still have to write their deck lists down I am relieved that I won’t have to that since I already printed them out. There are 35 players and I see some guys that I haven’t seen in a very long time like Jimmy and Jerome from France, always nice to meet them. On to the games:

EC day 1 game 1 DS IE against Jordi (WYS with Jedi Luke effect and kessel run)

Too bad Jordi already edited his report, which you should check out since it is definitely a good read, where my name initially seemed to be some cool alien bounty hunter (Kwoehl or something close) Jordi is also a returning player and he is playing the objective which can really hurt mine. He converts Tatooine with his episode I Tatooine. I start with Imperial Justice instead of the Endor shield because of all the destiny adding that WYS has, but this hinders the build-up of my activation platform considerably. One of the cards on Justice is Occupation the other is Vader. I deploy Motti (v) to the Devastator which makes me less vulnerable to the Outrider. I also deploy Blizzard 4 with Tarkin to the docking bay to make sure I can activate more and have the presence in order to utilize Battle Order for future turns. I won’t play that shield immediately because I have to be conservative with my shields against WYS, I do however deploy the grabber shield. Jordi has only the pulsar skate in hand and decides to go to Kessel. I deploy Tempest Scout 3 with Marek Steele, We’re in attack position now along with a Barich on Devastator, Tatooine occupation and flip with some tactical moving. I also play another grabber with the virtual SPPFT. Jordi responds by deploying Luke to the cantina with his saber to increase his drain output. I know I have to keep one of the grabbers for a possible We’re doomed but when he plays the Free Ride combo I know what my other grabber is being used on. I was expecting a cancel card sooner or later but luckily I can use my fetch objective part to grab my second Occupation during the control phase. The third one is still on the Justice. I deploy Piett to the Devastator and search and deploy Desanne to increase the damage output of the AO. Jordi will probably have to come to Tatooine because my third shield Ultimatum is capping his drains at 2 and I am inflicting more damage. I occasionally retrieve a trooper with my objective as well. Jordi comes down with the Outrider with Dash and Wedge and I think I barrier the ship to make sure I can reinforce my position on Tatooine before he can attack. Before he moves over he is now of course flipped so I use my fourth shield to deploy the anti WYS shield. I play the Conquest to make sure Jordi cannot play any weird interrupts, as his report indicates he had a Hyper Escape in hand, and add another Biker scout to the conquest along with 1 more pilot which I believe was Ozzel. Using both the Imperial Justice and the game text of Barich I can reduce his attrition enough so I don’t have to lose anything while Jordi has to make up some power loss combined with my somewhat high destiny. Mirax stays but Dash and Wedge are gone. Jordi brings another dimension the deck with a Kessel run, but with my damage output and his diminishing life force he has to choose between retrieving or battling and this puts him in a though spot. He blocks one of my drains with Luke but I have enough damage to finish the game. It was a bit of an unlucky game for Jordi at the beginning and I could capitalize on that. We talked about the game and Jordi is yet again another example why this community shines: There a lot of relaxed guys wanting to win their games but also to enjoy their decks and the atmosphere of the event!

EC day 1 game 2 LS Combat against Floris (Ymsyl Walkers)

Already having to play a teammate in the second round is rather quick and I know the deck of Floris causes me problems. When we played this game on Thursday he won and he now has also included Prepare For A Surface Attack as one of his starting effects. His other starting effects are YMYSL and Kuat Drive Yards (v). Floris begins by ramping up his activation with the 3rd marker and Hoth with his KDY and picks up some cards. I have Qui Gonn in hand as well as his lightsaber but figuring every force counts I am only going to deploy Qui Gonn. I use A new secret base to fetch Nar Shaddaa and pass the turn. He sets up walkers along with star destroyers from reserve with the PfaSA. I have to be careful because I know he has a lot of star destroyers in the deck and can overpower my matching ships with ease and plays plenty of takeels which can be devastating with his low destinies and my high destinies. Floris deploys Fondor as well so he has plenty of activation going on. I deploy Luke in Artoo in red 5 to Nar Shaddaa and pick up some cards. The next couple of turns consists of Floris increasing his damage output with more walkers on Hoth, more destroyers on Hoth with an added PotF and one of those destroyers being the Stalker. The special ability of this card proved to be deciding in our previous game so I have to be careful. I add Yoda to Naboo and now we are both doing quite some damage. The damage Floris is doing is somewhat more but I have the retrieval going on with Luke. Some battles take place in space where Takeel does indeed make an appearance but I can use Darklighter spin during one of the other battles to ensure there can be no switching of destinies. I have to lose Luke at one time but I had a second copy in hand. After those battles both our force piles are becoming thin and Floris puts out the Hoth docking bay to make sure he gets on top of the damage race. I think I have a clever plan to play Leia Rebel princess to the docking bay along with a Blast the door kid in hand to cancel the battle but also cancel his drains. But because of the Prepare effect his Hoth site drains cannot be cancelled and I have to settle for lowering his force drain for the next turn. He comes with Veers and I cancel the battle. After that Leia avoids Veers but dies eventually to another walker. We both draw a 4 for destiny which helps me a lot since switching is of no use to him and it results in not having any overflow damage. I set up the We’re doomed combo but Floris already knows it is coming and grabs it. With the We’re doomed I have one additional turn of doing damage and retrieval and it is just enough to seal the victory. It was a really close game and unfortunately for Floris our practice game had given me enough insight in the match-up to avoid some nasty situations.

EC day 1 game 3 DS IE against Marvin (WHAP)

I had not tested this match-up but knew it would probably become a damage race just like last game. I start with Imperial Decree (v) instead of the Endor Shield. We both played very slowly at the beginning and the first turns are not really eventful. I eventually flip and Marvin does the same. We’re both doing some damage and I am trying to lose troopers to my lost pile but somehow I keep losing other cards from the top while my troopers remain in reserve deck. After some turns Marvin deploys Mace Windu along with Jerus Jannick to Tatooine to limit my drains as well as damage output. Then he also deploys Obi and Anakin to the Tatooine docking bay. I am afraid of battling because of his flipside ability and my reserve deck containing quite some high destinies. Here I make a crucial mistake: I totally forgot that his flipside ability is not usable if I have Imperial Justice out and I just lose that card from hand for a ping damage because I thought it cost me some cards. Our force piles are dwindling and Vader makes an appearance at Naboo. I finally lose a trooper to the lost pile and then somehow I even forget to retrieve it. Marvin moves his characters around, having just enough force to force drain and move them. After some more turns time is called and I think Marvin has eight force and I have five force left. Marvin played this game well and I played like a rookie.

EC day 1 game 4 LS Combat against Hipo (DS Combat)

I try to block out last game and to start focusing and the current one when I see his objective. I have never played combat vs combat and I also was not expecting any DS combat so not only do I not play civil disorder I also have no clue what are the best strategies in this match-up! I am thinking what my win condition is and I hope Hipo does not play too much space. Hipo starts with ability *3 (v) , Wipe them out and I think Blaster Racks combined with the Emperor effect. I have no Qui Gonn in hand but I do have Yoda as well as the Threepio puller. So I get Threepio and then realize I do no play the Affect mind shield and I think have no way to play Threepio safely. As I am typing this down I just realize that I have made another huge mistake since our objectives both flip when I deploy Yoda to Naboo and could easily have put down Threepio as well. His only way of getting rid of Threepio was to force lightning it. The writing of this report becomes even more of a learning experience with every game I write down : ) So I only deploy Yoda to Naboo and I try to fetch Nar Shaddaa with ANS. Here my memory abandons me somewhat because I know in one of my LS games this search fails, but I am not entirely sure it is in this game or in the game with Floris. Our turns consists of me evading his deployed Maul with huge Lightsaber while I eventually deploy Qui Gonn to ensure the objective remains flipped even if he manages to win a combat with more than 5. I only realize after losing several combat cards to his ability card that Hipo will keep losing force to make my combat cards lost and should just put lousy cards on them. This cost me some high destinies as well. Because of my Luke in space and my retrieval and free drains I am slowly getting the game under control. Hipo realizes this as well and plays Dr. E combo as well as Mara Jade with lightsaber against my Jedi. I cancel the battle, but in my control phase he disarms Qui Gonn. I know have a choice to make to either lose Qui Gonn in a battle or duel and deploy another one along with his lightsaber which is also in my hand. Once again typing this down I still am baffled that I somehow chose to let him remain alive by moving away and reduce my potential damage output because Qui Gonn without his lightsaber wins fewer duels. Hipo plays a Omni Box combo to mess with my tracking since there are 2 sevens on top. The only good part about this action is that I get to play my it could be worse without fear. After several turns we are both through a lot of our deck and Hipo has some huge destinies remaining in his small reserve deck. I don’t play Bith shuffle so it is hard for me to circumvent his destinies. After another turn of moving to the emperor and unsuccessfully duel him, Hipo has the ace up his sleeve and in his turn plays force lightning lost with a tracked 7. I had used my senses in an earlier sense war and I have no answer for it. This proves to be pivotal because with only 1 jedi left and not much force left Hipo has the Maul and destinies ready to eliminate Yoda in the next turn as well and that is game. Hipo knew what he was doing during the game and he played to his advantages, I clearly have some more practice to do in order to ensure I am better prepared in this mirror match-up.

EC day 1 game 5 LS Combat against Kevin (BHBM)

After the previous 2 games I just want to have some good games and enjoy the tournament. I get to play Kevin from Team Wales. I have heard about their custom of handing out cool cards if you face them during the EC tourney so I am glad to get paired with Kevin. Kevin plays BHBM and once again I have never played this match-up before. Kevin deploys the Emperor . I deploy my jedi to the ground and Luke to Nar Shaddaa. Kevin has trouble finding Vader in the following turns. This helps me out tremendously and after a copy of Vader is also lost as one of his force loss from combat, he declares that if he is to win this game now he has to take risks. He deploys EPP Maul and plays Maul strikes for the duel part, I have no sense for that but I know my destinies are quite ok. I drew quite high and Kevin cannot top my destinies. Had the duel gone the other way it would have been interesting to see if I could recover, but this was effectively his last chance of getting rid of my Jedi’s. I have more evasion cards in hand for potential beat downs and combined with my space presence I can close out the game for the win. This game wasn’t meant to be for Kevin but he remains a true gentleman and the first thing he does after congratulating me is to pick up his binder with foils. He even gives me the option to choose, which is not easy since all of them are amazingly done. After some debating I pick out the Kuat Drive Yards which I later have Kevin sign for me. That card looks so sweet, I have built an ISB space deck around it so I can start with the effect.

EC day 1 game 6 DS IE against Angelo (LS combat)

At 3-2 I was not expecting to face Angelo but afterwards I found out he lost twice to DDM. So I should know this match-up as I am playing nearly the same LS deck. The first couple of turns we are both setting up our stuff and I have a game plan for his space. I have both Conquest and Flagship Executor in hand and some pilots as fodder to make sure I will survive the first vulnerable turn when there is only one star destroyer on Nar Shaddaa before the second one could join in. However I make a mistake with my force activation because I wanted to look at the maximum number of cards with my objective instead of deploying the Flagship with back up as I had planned all along. Then the turn after that somehow I think I can win the damage race without confronting his Nar Shaddaa space presence. I am still baffled to why I came to this conclusion but I did. I had saved my first grabber for the Free Ride and Celebration combo and wanted to use the second for the We’re doomed. But in doing this I let his it could be worse through several times. After several turns of both of us doing some damage and Angelo cancelling another Occupation with his second copy of the combo I missed one turn of Occupation damage. I could immediately deploy my third Occupation but this helped him enough to prevent some crucial damage. Angelo exactly knew what he was doing and when I realized he could stabilize most of my damage I no longer had enough force to deploy the ships. I finally decided to grab the It could be worse but by then the games was out of reach. I can now see this as another valuable lesson learned but during the EC I was disappointed with myself that I had 2 match-ups with IE that should have been favourable (WHAP and Combat) and I didn’t play up to the standards of actually winning them. To stay on a positive note both Marvin and Angelo did play these games at the highest standards required to win them.

EC day 1 game 7 LS Combat against Pjotr (DS Combat)

I see his objective and think did I miss the memo that DS combat is the deck to beat, but after the game I realize that both Pjotr and Hipo are friends and from the same playing group. Luckily for me Pjotr does not run Ability*3 but does start with the Emperor effect. My memory of this game is not that great but it consisted mostly of the same actions as the game with Hipo. This time I was somewhat better prepared and I thought I had the game well in hand. After some combat battles however Pjotr was gaining some momentum and time was called. I lost 2 force too many to the last combat initiated between Qui Gonn and the Emperor having somehow been under the impression that I should lose 2 additional force and we have a tie. I guess fatigue was to blame here, but it didn’t matter in the end because even without the 2 additional force loss I had a smaller lost pile than Pjotr and I won the game.

EC day 1 game 8 DS IE against Marc (LS WYS Luke)

Marc is 5-2 so apparently there is some unbalance in the last match-ups and I have to play Marc who is playing for a place in the top eight. Having come to the conclusion that starting with Imperial Justice hindered my ability to generate force I start my usual stuff. Marc is also a member of Team Wales and is letting me know he has a terrible hand. I am not sure whether to believe him since he is quite talkative, but I start my game by pulling Piett and Ozzel and deploying them to the Executor db and Devastator respectively. When fetching my sites I notice both of my We’re in attack position now are in my force pile so I cannot pull them with Piett to make my ships immune. I do however have my key card in hand against WYS and that is Yularen (v). Naturally I deploy him to the Devastator as well besides Ozzel. He picks up that card and asks me what that bugger does. I am not sure if he is bluffing or not but he seems to be still in a good mood after reading the card. I have no barrier in hand but with Ozzel and Yularen both aboard I feel quite safe and pass the turn. Marc activates and asks me if he should go for it. I answer I could help him better if I knew his cards, he laughs, thinks for some time and says some curse word and something along the line ah well let’s go for it. He deploys Dash and the Outrider and if I remember correctly Melas. He initiates battle and then something happens which I did not foresee. He draws his only destiny 7 of his entire deck and the only card that ensures I have to lose Yularen. Even with IAO Ozzel was just not enough. I wish I could tell you more about the game but after that first turn I had some trouble focussing on the current state on the board. Marc deployed Luke along with his lightsaber to the cantina and we both reinforce our space presence. I finally flip my objective but Obi makes sure I have to work hard to keep it flipped. I am not entirely sure how the space battles unfolded but I remember Marc deploying his Captain Han in the falcon eventually and grabbing my Imperial command. With his Episode I version of Tatooine and Yularen gone it is not easy for me to get rid of his space presence and this allows Marc to slowly dwindle my force pile and forfeit fodder down and thereby the game. Marc played well and it was an entertaining game. I have to admit however that because I was already out of contention, swallowing that first turn destiny 7 was not that detrimental anymore. Marc offers me his binder with foils as well and I get to pick up a great looking Manoeuvring Flaps. He signs the card with an especially appropriate, and now funny, text “Lucky number 7”

So I finish at 4-4 and with my low SoS I finish in 19th place. I am not too thrilled with this result, but having made several mistakes and realizing that I had not practised several match-ups adds up to make my position a logical outcome. I still had the consolation event to look forward to and after talking to Jimmy he tells me he is not playing his AOBS deck tomorrow. Without any doubt I ask if I can borrow his deck because it looks amazing. Jimmy immediately agrees and also gives me some advice so now I have a great deck to play tomorrow, I only need to learn how to play it : ) Having played some AOBS in the past as well as plenty of Scum decks I hope I can master some of the more delicate elements of the deck during the games itself. For LS I had no clue but wanted to play something I thought was not something mainstream and I went for WYS palace raiders based on Brian Fred’s deck. After some talking to Jerome I make some small adjustments and am ready for some fun games. Meanwhile Joe is looking for some shields for his day 2 decks and asks me if I can check out my shields. I show him my shields and tell him I included Jabba’s prize because I am playing raiders. Then he shows me he is playing raiders as well having been convinced by Brian. Unfortunately for Joe he faces a terrible match-up with his deck against his first round opponent Marvin.

On to the games of the Consolation event, I think we are with 14 players. And it will be an old skool tournament with differential.

EC Consolation event game 1 LS WYS Raiders against Jonas (DS Invasion)

I get to play against Jonas and he has brought Droids for this tourney. I have only played against this kind of deck once, which was against Floris and to whom I lost that game, and I at least know those droids can be really annoying. Without the ability to deploy directly to the Naboo system if he is on the 0 side of his objective I decide to focus on setting up my palace raiders as quickly as possible along with a celebration. This plan seems to work quite nicely and having no clue if Jonas plays a lot of space I decide to stick with my ships to Tatooine in order to prevent any cancelling of the Celebration. Jonas does play the Wipe them out shield, which is unfortunate but still having only 2 destinies is not that bad. After a while Jonas sees he has to increase his drains on Naboo. Once he is flipped however he can use the ability of removing my interrupts from the game after they are drawn for destiny. For a moment I thought those destinies would also be cancelled but Jonas reassures me that isn’t how the objective works. Jonas battles me on some occasions but I mostly move away my raiders and retrieve with the Celebration and Luke while Jonas has no real retrieval going on. I was glad he didn’t play those blasters that could shoot at vehicles and after seeing a couple of his ships end up in the lost pile I add my Kessel drain to win the game with 14 force.

EC Consolation event game 2 DS AOBS Jimmy style against Robert (WYS)

Even with my 12 game start I have some trouble finding the cards I really want, but I do have some activation going on. An Elis Helrot on my second turn allows me to flip and I am glad that Robert realizes just too late that that Elis is probably the card he wants to grab. He pulls the grabber shield after this action and I think I get one turn of my flipped objective. I deploy the Emperor to the Cantina along with Bossk and Jango Fett. Robert comes down with EPP Luke and I think EPP Han and EPP Lando. He battles and I think I play cease fire. Because of Bossk he is restricted to 1 destiny and I get to add one with Jango. He forfeits Luke and plays a Jedi’s resilience. I lose Jango. After this I have some opportunities to put some high destinies in my used pile with the AOBS objective. I cannot seem to recall what happened in the middle part of the game, but after some turns my destinies are set up and I see an opening in the Cantina where he has Lando (v) with EPP Han. His objective is flipped and I already put out the Resistance shield, A useless Gesture (v) and the grabber shield so his interrupts are more expensive to play from lost pile. I play Snoova and having put his axe on my used pile the previous turn I know it is in there so I have an insight in my potential destinies. I only see destinies above 4 and so I can safely go for Han with Snoova while adding a destiny with Jabba’s through with you. He has to lose Lando and this enables me to firmly take over the ground. I win with 28 force.

EC Consolation event game 3 LS WYS Raiders against Floris (DS HD Backdoor)

Unfortunately I have to play Floris yet again, we now have played each other in every event at the EC. Floris has recovered well from his unfortunate last place finish at the main event and has won both his games. I use my All wings combo to fetch a ship and decide to go for the Pulsar Skate because I am afraid of his Vader coming to Tatooine and so I don’t get Luke’s ship. Once again I am trying to figure out my mind set at the time as to why I came to this conclusion since Floris starts with the backdoor effect. Naturally he deploys the backdoor and I play the goldenrod shield because I am not sure if he plays with Blizzard 4. I decide to take some risks by playing the spaceport docking bay and deploying palace raiders on both docking bays and Mirax in the skate on the spaceport docking bay as well. I flip my objective and take off with the skate to Tatooine. I have no force left and I know Floris hates HB so he always packs anti-space stuff but I am confident enough that with only 1 turn played and no additional cards drawn by Floris his space package in hand should be limited. Floris plays no Escape to reduce his deployment costs at generic sites. He deploys Tarkin to the spaceport docking bay and 2 other dudes there, 1 pilot and 1 non pilot character that I can remember because of the spaceport docking bay’s game text. He initiates battle and is surprised that I react to the site because of the nice ability of the palace raider to move for free. I don’t draw a lot of high destinies but I inflict some damage. I think I have forfeit 1 raider and 1 patrol craft. I keep losing some important cards to Visage and I can only reinforce my space position somewhat. Floris comes down with Zuckuss in Mist hunter and I have trouble removing his ship since I have trouble finding additional ships myself. I think I have a control / tunnel vision in my lost pile and I declare my action to search my lost pile. It is not in there however and while a little bit confused I go for the jedi levitation. This costs me too much force because I have to pay for it with a Useless gesture, secret plans and the text of the card itself. And the only targetable card is a palace raider, which I already had in hand. Having used a lot of force that way, I can now only fortify the skate with some forfeit fodder while only picking up a few cards instead of several cards needing to increase my space presence a lot. Floris comes up with a Maul in Infiltrator as well and now it becomes even more difficult to get rid of his space presence. I eventually land the skate to pick up Talon Kardde so I can let him and Melas pilot in order to start drawing destiny. He also gets some more presence on the ground and the Visage damage claims another victim with the Falcon being lost while having Captain Han in hand. My Celebration was also cancelled at one time and that proved too much and Floris wins rather convincingly with 20 force.

EC Consolation event game 4 DS AOBS Jimmy style against Hipo (WYS Luke with IMBATS)

I had the perfect hand, even though this is made easier by the 12 card start, and I can pull almost all my activation out first turn and flip with my presence of the force on Imperial City. Where I have a perfect hand it seems Hipo has a rather lousy hand since he has trouble finding his Luke for the first couple of turns. He deploys the farm for adding to his activation. I have the benefit of him missing a search action and seeing his deck. It contains a lot of battle cards like Jedi presence, Run Luke Run and other cards that makes you hesitant to deploy lightly. With all my activation I can easily afford to make sure I have enough cards on table and in hand to be prepared for his forces. He comes with Owen & Beru to the farm as well as Jedi Luke and his lightsaber. I activate and a search of my reserve deck allows me to check the destinies, all higher than 3 so I deploy Scum Jango Fett along with EPP Dengar (v) to the farm. I initiate a battle and use hidden weapons on Luke (he is hit) I think he targets Jango but either he misses or I play A dangerous time for the rebellion (v). I then shoot at Owen & Beru with Dengar and adding a destiny with Jabba’s through with you. With the game text of both Dengar (vs WYS) and Jango (vs Jedi) I add 2 destinies, combining them with my ability and the JTWY I draw 4 destinies and before we start calculating Hipo plays a Houjix. With only his space presence on Kessel remaining Hipo flips back and I start inflicting more objective damage as well as some drains. Hipo deploys another Jedi Luke to the Audience Chamber along with Chewie, Enraged and cancels my Scum. I use 2 recycable destiny 5 interrupts to stack my destinies and counter with EPP IG-88, and Boba Fett Bounty Hunter. My first action is to capture Chewie with the tracked 5. I then add another destiny with Jabba’s through with you. Combining them with the texts of IG and Boba I add several destinies once again and this will be painful. He tries to play Houjix from his lost pile but he was not flipped anymore and so he extends his hand and gives me the win. I had a rather large hand but 23 force remaining as my life force. Typing this down I suddenly realize something Hipo forgot, he didn’t flip his objective when he deployed Chewie. After Chewie was captured he did not have 2 smugglers at 2 battleground locations and could not flip anymore. I am not sure if it mattered because he had to forfeit Luke and he would have flipped then anyway. However I am wondering how the timing of Houjix and flipping back of the objective works. On the card it says damage section and there is no “just” wording, I assume you check if all cards are forfeited but before that happens the objective already flips back. If someone has the correct answer for me please let me know, I am rather curious to see how this works. Back to the game, I don’t think the outcome would have been different if he could have played Houjix from lost pile or not because it was his last effort to get back into the game having already lost quite some force through drains and my objective.

Playing Jimmy’s deck was a blast, so a big thanks to Jimmy for lending me his deck! With this result I end up in third place just behind Floris who finishes second. The combined forces of Toby and Mark win the consolation event but Chris informs Mark that he can only pick up the trophy and not the prize support because of their split personalities. That means both Floris and myself receive some cash as well as an additional foil. I get the R2-D2 foil and it might sound repetitive but this card is truly wonderful! Along with receiving the also spectacular Slave I symbol of fear foil because of the participation in the EC and the Obi in Radiant 7 foil for our pre-registration this should tell you enough about all the amazing prize support that was handed out. There are also some raffles going and with all kinds of special prizes for specific people and cards like EPP Maul etc. If you are (still : ) ) reading this report the prize support alone should be one of the reasons to drop by next time!

So we say goodbye to several people before we leave and I congratulate both Krypto and Jimmy for getting to the finals and wish them the best of luck. Great to see such nice players as well as creative deck builders reach the finals of a big event!

• For all the organizing people (Chris, Meike, Angelo, Tamasz and people I might be forgetting) as well as the people of Zu den vier winden for hosting the event!
• All of the players that have stayed active during all this time! It was such a blast to once again visit such an event and seeing how the comradery and friendships have only increased in the fourteen years I have been away. It has been fantastic to witness and also be a part of it!

• None, didn’t you just read the whole report : )


• Ok, I do have one favour to ask the team in charge of the Virtual slips, can we have some white bordered slips for some of the cool white bordered cards like Commander Luke, Veers etc.? I really like the craftsmanship and high quality of the slips, but having to come up with tricks or a lot of extra work in order to use my white bordered cards without looking really ugly is something I feel can be avoided. Thanks in advance.

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by brainschrat »

Ha, nice report mate! Yeah, I read your command card bottom up so I noted your name as "Kloew". Honestly, I have no idea where that l came from, but next time you have to sign a card for me!

You told me that WYS is a hard matchup for you IE. I think my WYS version lacks ground power, but is that the key? In our game you also play IJ (V) on your first or second turn, so that helped, too. And you would not have had such a rough time vs. Marc without that destiny 7. :)

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by gossuii »


Great report Koen, glad you had such such a blast. See you soon, I'm very curious to see the foils and perhaps your take on the AoBS deck :-)
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

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EC has been a well reported event - kudos. Gotta love the narp's input and balls well done well written and thanks.
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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by sjacree »

Typing this down I suddenly realize something Hipo forgot, he didn’t flip his objective when he deployed Chewie. After Chewie was captured he did not have 2 smugglers at 2 battleground locations and could not flip anymore. I am not sure if it mattered because he had to forfeit Luke and he would have flipped then anyway. However I am wondering how the timing of Houjix and flipping back of the objective works. On the card it says damage section and there is no “just” wording, I assume you check if all cards are forfeited but before that happens the objective already flips back. If someone has the correct answer for me please let me know, I am rather curious to see how this works.
He should have flipped to his 7 side when Chewie was deployed, but when Luke was forfeited, the objective would have flipped back to the 0 side as an automatic action before he would have had the opportunity to use the optional action of playing Houjix from lost pile. The outcome would have been the same.
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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

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I honestly didn't read all of it, but great work none the less. I'm very excited when old strong players return to the game, to see what they can channel into the cards. I'm sure that in one or two years, you're up there in the top. I didn't play TTO in the team tournament though (I'm not that much of an arse!) but Endor force choke :)
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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by Yoda007 »

welcome back! great report!
Tamas Papp

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by DutchVader »

Koen, great TR!

I wish I could have attended the EC with you guys! Sounds like you all had a terrific weekend. I hope to attend the EC next year!

Stefan / DutchVader

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by FlorisV »


great stuff, how did you remember all of it?

Some clarifications:
-The awesome Trooper Cadet costed me 1 force (Felth is not a leader and neither is Pol Treidum).
-I grabbed It Could Be Worse so We're Doomed could be replayed. But it did not matter since hands down was called.
-Luke v is not necessarily better to start with in space against Hunt Down: Their Fire Has Gone Out Of The Universe says he can't drain or battle, plus you face I Have You Know if Maul comes up in space (and I play 2 of them and can pull them with Crush)...but on the ground he's still cool (and still piloting and therefore retrieving!).

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by JimmyFrench »

It was Stefan and we miss U. With returning Player as Koen, the next european tournament Will be really tight and fun.
Welcome back Koen and great report. So good to See friend I face 15 years ago!!!

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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

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Great report, Koen!

I'm only slowly catching up on the reports, but I'm happy to read them, and enjoy them tremendously.

Also happy to hear that you liked the foil cards!

See you next year, I hope!
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Re: StarWars: A new Narp (aka an EC 2015 TR)

Post by TB »

Great read, koen.
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