Rebel Beer Running TR

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Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by Twotak »

Ok first of all i gotta' give props to anyone iwe been in contact with, or even the vicinity off!
That you can survive, endure, beein' that close to me for more than 33 seconds shows that you all are regular Bear Gryll types!! well fought. you Fkin' rock all of ya all.

Well as you have seen from the other insanely detailed TR's, in order To give a deep, specifik Tr it requires a few things:

1. You gotta Know who you played.
2. Know what decks they played, heck even know what Game they play in the first place is a good idea!
3. Know what decks you brought and youve' been playing during the event is also a really great idea.
4. Remember names n' nick names. (sometimes name dissapear again?? dunno why???)
5. somtimes its good to know what table you were playin' at too. (otherwise thoose bathroombreaks can be kind of awkvard)
6. Its good to know how to get a hold of the bar ceep fast, you dont wanna die from dehydration mid game. After all you could risk bein at the table, or bathroom for a full hour.
5. last but not least You really gotta Know who you played.

Most of these things seem to have eluded me, but why wouldent it? we play, laugh and drink so hard it is only natural a few momentary lapses in memory is inevitable. :???

The only real TR i can give, isent' even mine to give, is the one game were Ce -drik and i kill it on the web cam. and since i cant remember much about that game to, here is the link: ... Kd&index=6 THs for the memory boost DDM. youre still cool in my book even though you have troubble understanding my bad english from time to time :yes:

I must say i too was supprised that i had some kind of english - ish' language left . Couse thx to the wales Crew, and Sean Connery (my farther), iwe lost all kinds of a chance for a normal english accent.

Ok Tr done, ill throw down a few props to dudes and ladies

Thx to Angelo for trying to be my angel of soberness AND a good sport when i "drunk cheated" in our game, to no foult of my own ofc :lol: , The Wheet schnaps made me do it! Angelo youre my god damn yoda! 8> i ceep learning new meen tricks from u. thx

props to Cedrik for not killing me after getting him to the point of near deafness with my constant shouting "Steady", AND for drinking with me, now that is a number one player in my book! cant understand why you didnt win it all???

Props to all wales Psykos for the Dragonian foilalized cards and for letting me win all games evr played against them "Teknicly." And for letting Kevin try out the Counts VS Viking SwCCG drinking game even though it could have killed him right then and there! now we know 8 glasses of beer isent enough for 25 to 30 minutes of playtime. Drink Kevin! i wanna see that chair picture tho'!

props to the Bar for letting me become their permenant Cavetroll in there, and finding my helmet! (this ment i could put away my heavy antlers once and for all.) and Play Cedrik in style!

Thx to the Emperor for the intire Turnement and the Awesome R2 tour shirt. Man im hot in that T-shirt. DDM, Joe and Chris's ladies couldent stop staring at me. Ofc i understand, but im in love with my girlfreind, so again, sorry ladies this candyshop is closed for outside traders :-D dont think you could afford shopping there anyways. :queso:

Props to The Ninja and his crew for getting in the Viking car and goin raiding with me. without you i wouldent have made it there. Simply couse i would have put on the auto pilot and slept the intire way, not a good idea in a car i guess? by the way Board games, vikings, wierd youtube shows and ancient history ROCK's

Props to Wheet Schnaps, yes you can be a biatch but man its fun to see Toby squeel when you hit him in the mouth! The fact that Toby then ceep asking for more shows potiential tho'. Toby you can still become a real man someday, dont worry. Schnaps and i will train you :lol:

And finally props to all humans, animals and deamons at the Vier winden for letting me in, and letting me stay in there. im' serious when i say, you are the most messed up, star wars-nerdiest, freekish, scary-funny bunch of wierdos iwe ever met.
And i love u for it couse i feel like im right at home when im in that twilight zone off geekness with u crazy lot.

Sobs??? None.

Thx folks and see u next time. and as i said b4 u Fkng Rock all of ya all!
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Rasmus Juul. Winner of No Turnement ever

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Re: Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by aermet69 »

That's the tightest TR I've ever seen!

Thanks for being awesome Bro! :)

Hugs and Molotows from cph.
- Casper Jørgensen
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Re: Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by Yoda007 »

neat report! :)
Tamas Papp

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Re: Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by Darth Eweuge »

All of team Wales had a blast at the evet this year..

My best moment was during a game of Counts VS Vikings (Rasmus own game swccg styled game) at some point on the Friday night, it had most certainly gone 1am. The teams were me and our Euro Emperor V Rasmus and Marc.

We set up and start with a 3/3 site and then a tray of 8 beers arrive at our table, this game just got really really interesting and I was instantly hooked.
The cards were so cool and the detail about incorporating drinking into the game was genius, after Rasums explains the rules about drunk characters and goal keepers, the game was on.

We played a few turns, drank all most all of the beers, after I intervened with a response of "Drink" whenever any action was played "end our turn, your turn.... Drink" "Force drain for 2.....Drink"

Now me and Chris were conferring about our next move, both looking at our hand, when we hear a large crash...... we both looked up simultaneously to empty air sat across from us where Rasmus was sat not 3 seconds earlier. Marc was sat there puzzled looking down at the floor at a sprawled out Rasmus on the floor. He gets up and looks around the room while saying "you know my dads Sean Connery ..... I think there was something wrong with my chair!!!!"

The funniest thing all weekend, am even chuckling to my self as I type this out. You sir are a legend & can not wait for next year event
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Re: Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by brainschrat »

Just plain friggin' hilarious. STEADY!

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Re: Rebel Beer Running TR

Post by gossuii »

Gosse Z. - Seattle

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