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LS Region: Coruscant
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Re: Instant non-card feedback!

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The year of Boston worlds I didn't have a bye. I only played the MPC that year and obviously didn't win it :) So It was stressful for me getting a bye out of the way. I luckily got it in a cube draft on Thursday.... but if I hadn't, I would have been disappointed. I wanted to play in the Team Event on Friday and not day 1. Seems silly to play in day 1 when everyone gets in.... How about this:

Worlds registration with a bye: $40
Worlds registration without a bye: $60 or $70

It's not like states and regionals are getting massive turnouts. 5 to 10 people at each. I think we'd still have them, but any lost revenue from not hosting them would be made up in the increase entry fee.

Matt Sokol

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