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Dreams Really Do Come True...

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Apologies in advance about the subject line, but I didn’t think many people would read a topic called “Tournament Report from the guy who finished 51st.”

Okay, so this was my first Worlds and in a lot of ways I was excited because along with Brian Hunter and some others, the reset really did get me more excited about SWCCG. I’d been play testing somewhat frequently with JJD and went to Kashyyyk Regionals (or Connecticut states, not sure which one, but true be told, I think Kashyyyk is easier to spell that Connecticut, so lets go with that) and Coruscant Regionals trying out different decks to see what I like. And, it’s no secret, I like mains. So for the longest time I’ve been playing There Is Good In Him with a 12-card start (did pretty well with it at Philly reset event and in testing) and Dark Side I have a bunch of decks that Jarad always yells at me for trying and tells me to pick one (more on this later). But TiGiH seems to lose to Imperial Entanglements so I wanted to switch that up. For DS I had actually really started to like Watto, but WHAP slaps that in the face, so I needed something else – so why not Imperial Entanglements? So for the past two “major” tournaments I’ve used that deck with zero success in Kashyyyk and decent success in Coruscant (losing only to Gogolen’s Palace Raiders which, is a bad match up for me being played by a really good player, so I’m okay with that). So I felt like once I got the hang of IE, that was my DS deck. It’s just a solid deck. It’s definitely beatable and has its bad match ups, but it’s just a solid deck that can give you a fair shot to win most of the time.

Which Light Side to switch to was actually a lot harder. I pretty much had my mind made up I was going to play a deck with Like My Father Before Me since it’s like, oh, I don’t know, the best card in the game. But the platform was really hard to decide upon. I have Profit, Senate, Watch Your Step and “junk mains” deck (pretty much keep the same 55 cards together but go back and forth between starting Massassi Throne Room or Jedi Council Chamber). Prior to any competitive tournament, I want to play Profit. Prior to any competitive tournament, I’m told that the rule is I am not allowed to play Profit. So for Coruscant regionals I played the junk mains deck with the JCC start versus the TRM start. I’m sure people can debate which ends up being better, but my thinking was that: (1) you get about 3 extra card slots by starting JCC, (2) your activation is more reliable, not having to hope for one of your “outs” to get it (and I understand that between all of the Wesas and Speaks etc., in all likelihood you will get some in your opening hand or first 3 cards if you play TRM, but we’ve alllll been there for those games where you don’t and it’s awful), and (3) you’re immune to the force loss from A Dark Time For The Rebellion. A side benefit-ish might be you can get Reflections III Yoda to get you a Control & Tunnel Vision to get you that one card you really, really need. So I stuck with that because it did play pretty well and, regardless, it was just a lot of fun to have a 5/0 ratio and access to a bunch of main characters with their weapons or in their ships.

Okay, so onto the Worlds tournament itself. We got in Friday. I still needed a bye, despite never playing in Cube, I played in the 1 PM cube event. Props to Casey for helping out a lot during the draft as far as when to open what pack and who to pass to etc. He also got Max Reebo’d, but handled it like a champ. During Cube I was Dark Side, which I’m told is worse but would have no idea. So I draft and as it comes along between what I draft early and what gets passed to me, I end up with 3 Maras (only played 2 in the deck though) and pretty much no space. But I did get a Battle Order & First Strike combo, so score for me. I also got some twixes and the Cloud City site where I drain for two. So anyway, my first game I start DSII Throne Room and my opponent starts the Yavin 4 Throne Room, so I just say, “F that” and start Presence of the Force on it. I opening hand some ability 3 person (Baron?) and a stunning leader so I deploy directly there and start draining and building my hand. Eventually characters come to fight me, I stunning leader the battle and then reinforce and with me getting two destiny there I basically own the site. I think I at some point fight him at another site on Cloud City, track a 6 to shoot Obi-Wan with EPP Dengar and maybe do overflow with whoever else was there (maybe Lord Maul?).

Second game of cube my opponent started JCC so I do the same thing, start presence of the Force there. I drop either Thrawn there first turn (I was actually a bit upset I opening handed Sarkli or whoever shuts off their activation at their non-BGs, so that could have been a slow game). We battle a bunch at the JCC, but eventually when he drops Princess Leia, Chewie Protector and Harc Seff, I Ellis Helrot over to his Y4 exterior twix where I drain for three. I also drop Battle Order combo and Sarlki there so he’s basically activating 5 all game and no more (and only 2 if he wanted to drain for 1). After I get some drains in (oh yeah, I forgot – Mosep. Mosep made an appearance this game and last game too, so my drains for 3 were all coming from deck) he Nabruns over to the Yavin twix. I apologize myself and Ellis back to the now vacated JCC, leaving his guys at his own twix. I did sincerely feel bad about that. So I basically drain him out. There was some small battle at the JCC with some fools, but I just dropped pretty much everyone in my hand because past few turns I had been activating just for tracking purposes and not drawing since (1) my hand was full of good characters and (2) I just found out in the middle of this game that Cube was differential meaning drawing last few cards in my last game was a n00b move. So I think I got like 30 power on him, including a totally broken power 4 Myo since he was with a bounty hunter.

Third game LS started Careful Planning and got Moisture Farm and Cantina on table, so I have a glut of Force. I remember going to the Farm 1st turn with a walker and then backing up. I drained there as he set up in space. I countered with like my only space card (some empty TIE) being piloted by Dr. E combo. I drew enough to clear him and he (unfortunately) drew a zero. So now I’m draining for free at 2 drain 2 locations and he drops to the Cantina for some drains, which I’m okay with. Eventually he deploys Luke Rebel Scout and Obi-Wan but couldn’t battle. I have no idea what’s in Light Side cube, but assume Gift Of The Mentor, so I reinforce like a mofo at that site to get some extra destinies myself and I think I put a scrub infront of EPP Qui-Gon at the Cantina because I have a stunning leader and will just try to re-beat him next turn. On his turn he does battle me, I out power him by a lot and his destinies are low again, so Luke takes a huge hit. Oh yeah, during his control phase I forgot – he actually tried to Under Attack my Walker which what a rough moment because I think he drew decently and has a saber there. Then he Snipered EPP Mara which was bad because I was holding a You Are Beaten for a slick beat down. So the battle actually didn’t go AS good as I was hoping it would have, but it still went well enough and between all of my drains that was it.

So I went undefeated in Cube with a good differential, which accomplished 3 important things:
- It gave me the bye I needed (which was ironic because Cube cost $10, but had I just waited for Day 1 which was essentially free for me since I paid to play in Worlds, I would have gotten it anyway since no one showed up for that tournament)
- It gave me some confidence going in about this Star Wars card thing going in. I felt I really did play well, tracking and recognizing board state and such.
- It made me the UNDISPUTED 2015 World Champion Afternoon Cube Champion of the World Undisputedly (Advocate, are you going to mail me my glass trophy or should I PM you about ordering one later?), making me probably a top 10 player when you factor in how I used to win tournaments when I played this game in college

So with those in my pocket, it’s on to the Team Tournament. I was teaming up with JarJarDrinks. He was set on his Day 2 choices, but I was kind of up in the air on both of mine (and it seems like every MPC I pick a deck and then play something else in the team tournament that I end up liking, so I just audible to that), so we each played one of my possible Day 2 decks to see how they ran. I played Light Side (Watch Your Step with the Luke effect) and he played Dark Side (Hunt Down with docking bays). I had never played the WYS in real life, so this would be interesting.

Our first match up is me against Gogolen (playing Scum off of Court platform) and JJD against Amar running quads. Unfortunately I don’t remember too, too many decent details of my match, other than my first turn I drop Jedi Luke to the Audience Chamber and clear Jabba and Bib and then my next turn I use the 4 Force to cancel Scum. He battles me back and forth, retrieving his guys. At one point I search for Kessel (which had been my “put back to get a Force” card with the Luke Effect) and then drain, but Gogolen points out that the Kessel search is actually a deploy phase action so I can’t drain (whoooooops!). He fights me in space with Zuckuss and Stinger/Guri to knock me off Kessel. Theron holds Tatooine for a bit, but between First Strike and his re-deployed Scum (he took back the Audience Chamber with Thok & Thug and some other alien outpowering Luke by enough to make me have to forfeit him), he’s getting a bunch back and I am far behind so he eventually drains me down to three, so I end the game by battling (cause SWCCG is about fighting!!!) where I’m outpowered by about elventy bagillion. Jarad makes fun of me for not remembering which phase to grab Kessel in so I make fun of him for DRAINING AT THE EXECUTOR in Hunt Down... so we lose the match.

We actually decide paying $20 to play one game of Star Wars cards was kinda absurd, so we find another team that came in 2nd during their game and make our own consolation tournament. So we find Cellucci and Brian (who came to Coruscant regionals and is getting back into the game – great guy) and my WYS matches up against Cellucci’s Senate with Emperor start. It’s kind of an interesting deck, using Decree and just draining for 2 from the beginning at the 2/2 Naboo site. Buuuuuut I actually draw the perfect possible hand and get all of my Jedi Luke stuff AND a The Force Is Strong With This One, and drop him on the Emperor first turn. Unfortunately Luke missed the swing, but then played TFISWTO, then got it back into hand with Bionic Hand and I drew pretty well, making him lose the Emperor. After that, I took a smidge of space and Jedi Luke just owned the site. I think at one point he dropped EPP Maul (or Vader?) on Luke and his first action was to swing, which missed and then my first action was to use the Hand to get Hear Me Baby back into my hand, which was a baller play because then he groaned and showed me he was holding an I Have You Now. I think he must have then deployed Vader at some point because I do remember playing TFISWTO to draw 3 battle destiny, and that was basically game.

So JJD and I were the self-declared 2015 Consolation Bracket Team Tournament Co-Champions and were pretty excited about our accomplishments. So while he searched Etsy to buy us customized t-shirts memorializing our championship, I was thinking how I didn’t really love the WYS. The only time it played well was when I fought with Luke and there are better decks to fight with Luke, so I put that deck on hold for a bit and decide I’m going with me JCC mains deck for sure since win or lose, it’s just a fun deck to play. JJD keeps on my to switch it over to Throne Room, but I try to sell him on what meta-ish cards I can include with those extra three card slots and I think eventually he either got tired of arguing or was distracted when he found out his Etsy coupon expired and he couldn’t get us those shirts after all. Fun fact though that I never told him: later on Day 2 when talking with Greg Shaw, he pretty much agreed with everything Jarad said about the deck and playing TRM instead of JCC, so now I feel pretty convinced to switch it over. (Wait, Jarad can’t read this, right?)

For Dark Side, I like Entanglements, but Jarad refuses to let me play it and tricks me into thinking my Hunt Down was actually good and played well. I believe his dogmatic lies and don’t fear the Dark Side like others do, so I go for it. Whoooooops. (Sorry, that’s called foreshadowing and blaming my poor play on other peoples’ decisions.)

Onto Day 2 of the 2015 World Championship.

First off, I’m only going to say it once for brevity, but I hope no one takes this as a slight. This tournament was run AMAZINGLY. So smoothly. Kim and Scott and Maven and everyone who helped are owed so much thanks. There were more people than expected so we ran out of room. I assumed the solution was to take a few people out back and shoot them, then steal their cards. But instead they were patient and got more tables and it was pretty flawless. Kudos to everyone. Also, an INCREDIBLE thank you to the Europeans. It’s so cliché to say how everyone thinks they’re so nice and great – but this was my first time meeting them and trust me, they were all so nice and great. Chris actually gave everyone (EVERYONE!) the coolest AI foil card ever of either Gold Leader in Gold 1 or Col Jendon in Onyx 1 (depending on what side of the Force you were assigned for round 1). It was like the Rebel Leader packs from the days of old. The cards are amazing and all of the players seemed floored by the gesture. I also want to send out a hearty congratulations to the new Hall of Famers – all three very classy, deserving guys! Okay, now onto the games.

ROUND ONE: My Light Side versus Brian Fred’s DS (SYCFA TIEs)
I never played Brian before but have heard he’s a funny guy, so I was looking forward to the game and just having some fun playing cards. I ended up getting sat next to Jarad, and when Brian and I revealed our effects, Jarad had one of the lines of the day, saying Brian was in a lose-lose situation because even if he won, it’d mean that the Luke effect wasn’t crazy broken. So we laugh about that and Brian (true to his word and form) actually said he wasn’t joking about his desire to play it and took out his LS deck and showed me he was playing it too, but had to write “ADDS ONE TO BATTLE DESTINY” on it to remind himself that it did that. He says he’s using it in Step and assumes it was close to what I played in the team tournament (although looking over it, his [obviously] seems stronger than what I could put together with it). So I try not to get too giddy over the fanboy card getting used and get ready for round 1. We shuffle up and offer the other our decks for cutting, and I cut his deck and then that’s when Chris wanted to make his announcement and give us those cool freaking cards. So after a short delay, I re-offer Brian to cut my deck and see he had drawn his starting hand, which he must not have liked because he said he thought we already did cut so he reshuffled it into his deck and we both drew our hands for real this time and the game was underway!
Early on he goes to space at Kashyyyk to drain for 2 and I get a stacked Jedi Luke (with saber and Bionic Hand) to the Battle Plains to drain for 3. I lucked into a bit of space early and drop Han, Chewie and Falcon to Kashyyyk, but he plays Turn It Off! and I think next turn moves to Endor. I do a docking bay search for one of my 1/0s, but unfortunately only my Theed Palace DB is in there, so I have to deploy that. I also get Green Leader and deploy him and do some shuffling to get a ship at the Death Star for some extra damage. He by now has some other ships and is doing some decent damage to me as well but has Resistance. He’s able to drop Emperor to Death Star docking bay, Qui-Gon clears him, and then he drops Sidious there. I think Qui-Gon (or Obi?) hit him with a 10, but then he Close Called it so it was a 7 and he survived another turn. He then makes a huge play and drops Blizzard 4 with Sidious and not much I can do to clear both off the site. At one point he moves them all to my Theed Docking bay once s* gets real at the Death Star Docking Bay, and that’s basically game. I think he also battled me off one or both systems.
So I lost, but honestly, I am feeling pretty darn okay about it. Brian is (obviously) a great player and I do think I played pretty well against him. I didn’t get much space after the initial rush and in retrospect, I should have invaded his Docking Bay early to drain for 2 (stopping Palpatine from ever coming down and probably being fine against Sidious) rather than dropping another BG just for the extra drain, but especially after I had to deploy my own DB, I probably didn’t consider that option as seriously as I should have. But either way, I felt we both played well, but obviously Brian played better.
HIGHS: getting Luke set up quickly and getting some damage going in space
LOWS: never being able to knock Sidious/Bliz 4 off the ground to make him pay for drains.

Game 2: My Hunt Down versus Chris Westergard’s TRM/Space/Back Door fiasco!
Hahahaha, no idea what to call the deck, and no offense meant, but it was crazy. It had a lot of manipulation going on but main vehicle seemed to be 3PO at the Throne Room while General Solo pulled the Back Door all game to put back with 3PO. I set up at the Death Star docking bay pretty quickly, draining for 2 and doing Visage. I can’t quite seem to locate my Search And Destroy between having to pay for drains and reasonably reinforce my sites. I also don’t find my location puller so I kind of have to drop Emperor just for the extra 2 Force he gives me. Eventually he plays the Back Door and Jedi Luke with Anakin’s Saber there, flipping me back and letting him drain for 3. Well, that’s no problem for an Amish man like me (sorry, stealing a Weird Al lyric, but seriously, there were some Amish people giving fools carriage rides in the middle of the city) – I would just drop EPP Maul and Dr. E on that fool. And, lucky for me, I found my Search And Destroy too!!! So I pretty much go to win the game by killing Luke off the Back Door, making him pay for his drains of 1 and 2, flipping Hunt Down back to give just him Visage and force him to do Search And Destroy damage all in one fell swoop. So I drop those two AND Phantom Menace. Battle. GG….. err, maybe not. So unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to Chris Westergard, he had been tracking a 7 and was holding a Fallen Portal. So instead, a damn door fell on Maul, Dr. E freaked the F out because after seeing his buddy’s arm get lopped off, he just saw his other friend get crushed by a giant gate and then Ponda Baba was like “yeah, I didn’t sign up for this either,” so they jump off the table about as has as my Ghhhk jumps out of my hand, all the while I think I heard Chris’s Jedi Luke yell, “You’re the punks that pushed me around in that bar, aren’t you?” And, basically as predicted, that battle was GG, but for the other side. Visage hitting me and Search and Destroy had to go to lost before I even got to use it, and he’s draining for free and for a total of 6. It was a nice trap Chris set. Definitely the kind you have to say, “That’s Star Wars…” to and have fun at the game. Giant props to him for setting it up because I feel like if I had the Portal canceler, that battle (and then the game) really go my way.
HIGHLIGHTS: honestly, say what you want, I kind of loved how the battle turned out, just picturing it in my head… but I guess I need to pick something good I did? I guess early Vader and just keeping track of the game state, not rushing into bad mistakes – but rather waiting a while before making one.
LOW LIGHTS: hearing Chris say, “Phantom Menace makes Maul an 8? So my 7 will still get him with Portal?” and then flipping that 7 over.

Okay, so now I’m 0-2 and thinking, “Woah – except for that last battle, I’ve played pretty well, no? How am I 0-2????” I mean, it’s not so bad, right? Cause, it could be worse. [hears giant swamp creature groan…] It’s Worse…

Game 3: My Hunt Down vs Sean Miller’s LS Combat.

Okay, finally a match up I was prepped and ready for. My Combat tech in Hunt Down is pretty decent (or so I thought?). I run the Theed Palace Docking Bay and pretty much make Qui-Gon chase me across three sites while I drain at the others and then First Strike for the counter-battle (the 2 Force swing helps mitigate the combat damage while piling it on from my drains). First turn I get Vader – NO PROBLEM. Oh wait…. Yeah, this didn’t quite work out. He drops Qui-Gon, combats me. I know I’ll probably lose the combat, but pretty excited about the counter beat that’s coming his way. Then he flips over like a 27 in combat destiny and I flip over a 7 (I think my first draw was a 6 and a 1), and Vader goes away and I peel 4. Actually, this happened quite a bit until it does me in. I remember talking with Sean after and realizing, that we combated 4 total times and for some kooky reason, I drew a 1 for destiny every single time. Which is odd because my Hunt Down destiny is actually really, really good. Oh well, those are the breaks. I’m suddenly starting to not love my Hunt Down at all, which I thought was teched against WHAP and TiGiH pretty well and always matched up well against LSC (or so I thought!).
HIGHLIGHTS: I’m not too shy to admit it- I love Combat. Cool to see it being played. Threatening to drain for 4 by dropping Vader + saber turn 1 was probably only highlight of the game for me, though.
LOWLIGHTS: making the total on tilt play of dropping Boba Fett BH and EPP Dengar against Leia, Rebel Princess and having to be reminded to * on Leia.

Game 4: My JCC Mains versus Ca’ldred’s Blow Stuff the F Up Death Star Deck (starting KDY, IAO and Power of the Hutt)

So we both sit down knowing neither one of us is doing so hot, but one of the things I love about this game and community is that there are so many of us who just can sit across from one another, having never met and just have fun playing some stupid cards. So from the beginning, we both reveal our 3/0 starting locations and Ca’ldred comes out and says, “if you’re playing Night Club, I cannot win the game.” And based upon his starting location, I figure, okay, I have about 5 turns to get as much damage in as possible and then things will get dicey. So I get my Battle Plains drain set up early and Jedi Luke with saber to the docking bay so I’m doing 4 damage. I also use the JCC to pull Yoda so I can have my ability 7 on table for Sense and (more importantly) Alter and I use him to grab my tunnel, which I use to get Nar Shadda, then I set up there for a drain and move another ship to the Death Star to drain there as well. He Image of A Dark Lords one of my drains and sets up Strategic Reserves to cancel another one of my drains with Death Star gunners (so I’m essentially draining for 1 at the plains, 2 at the docking bay, 2 at Nar Shadda and my Death Star drain gets canceled). He opening handed a Superlaser and it set up at the core to blow up whatever he wants and Ephant Mon and 4-LOM (v) are there too. I try to be a bit sneaky and hold onto Boss Nass’s Chambers and Wesa to subtract 2 from the draw so the turn he orbits Naboo, I move Luke to the Home One DB so I can still drain for one there with his saber. Then he goes to blow up Naboo (“How RUDE!” – Jar Jar Binks) and my plan was a total fail because he had a 7 with 4-LOM and 3 gunners on table, so Wesa makes no difference. I then have 2 more turns of damage before Nar Shadda explodes, so I get those in. The whole game more or less I’ve been holding onto my Alter, trying to math it out about whether or not I should Alter Strategic Reserves or save it for Coward and I keep convincing myself Coward is the way to go. Part of me thinks I should be aggressive or greedy and just Alter the Strategic Reserves and retrieve it with Wokling, however he has the free grabber on table, so if he grabs it, I’m done for with Coward. (He also had Oppressive Enforcement on table, so anything that I do Alter is back next turn with 4-LOM anyway.) So I get a bunch of damage in and he blows everything up and plays Dark Jedi Lightsaber on 4LOM to drain for 1 at the Central Core while there are no more battleground on table with the Coward effect out, but then I remind him that the JCC cancels his saber’s drain bonus and he checks that text and offers the GG and has no way to win. So I finally get a win (in a very weird way…)
HIGHLIGHTS: me getting some fast damage in and not forcing the issue and then actually remembering the text on the JCC.
LOWLIGHTS: having all of my locations exploded.

Okay, so halfway thru the tournament I am a terribad, 1-3. But things can only get better from here, right?

Game 5: My JCC mains versus Ryan Jellison’s Naboo CR-v.

This was easily one of the more fun games of Star Wars I’ve played in a long, long time. It was just fools battling, lightsabers swinging, and starships maneuvering. So many battles, it was just a good time. The game basically played out exactly how you’d think it would, DS tries to take the Naboo site, Light Side fights back. At some point I projection the site so it’s only a drian 1 for either of us. My early hand was actually completely rank and had little to no deploy characters so I draw up. Then my next turn I activate and draw up again. No lie, despite knowing he had instant access to Monnok since he started Crush, I go to 23 cards. TWENTY THREE. I just had a boat load of red and just like a Leia and 1 Qui-Gon. It was bad. So Ryan debates back and forth about whether to dump me to 8 cards or use his Monnok lost to try to kill me. He announces used, then lost, then goes back to used again, which I tell him after the game was actually the 100% right play because despite having all of those cards in my hand, the only duplicates I have were of Wesa. That’s actually pretty freakin’ crazy when you think about it. Anyway, his Blizzard 4 fights an EPP qui-gon away from the Battle Plains, so I counter with Jedi Luke and Lando and cause 14 overflow, which he Ghhhks. He then counter beat me and I Houjix and I think at one point I battle and win with Jedi Luke elsewhere, but use the Hand to get Houjix back anyway, just in case. He goes to Naboo with Slave I + Boba Fett Bounty Hunter and Jango. I’m actually holding a lot of space but I have too much math trouble to figure out which combo/pair to deploy so just stick to the ground. Eventually I drop Nar Shadda and play I think HCF on Fetts, clear one of them (I may have used Evacuation Control?) and he counters by deploying more forfeit fodder on Slave I, he chases me, I deploy some more space but it never ends well for me. He tries to battle my Jedi Luke with EPP Maul, then decides to just Maul Strikes him. (Memory issues here- Ryan, help me out. I thought they both hit each other, but then you just said you were Maul Strikes-ing to end the battle?) He wins the duel, I AJR it because he had no destiny left, but for some reason did we not finish the battle? Did we not forfeit our guys and did I not draw my battle destiny? Because after I played AJR to cancel the result of the duel, I think you we recycled and as soon as I activated 1 force you re-dueled with it? Was my brain that Star Wars fried that I forgot we were mid battle and had hit you? Anyway, his space drains are bleeding me and he beats up Leia, and that was game. Afterwards we talk about some random things like the ideas behind Slave I and it was really cool to put a face (and personality) behind some of the recent card designs and this was really such a fun game of Star Wars cards with all of the main characters on table and battles.

Game 6: My Hunt Down versus Chris Menzel’s WHAP

Chris is an amazing guy. I obviously never met or played him before, but we were all blown away by his gesture for the foils and after game 1 he was showing us some other AI foils he was giving away of some cool “staple” cards (like Endor Shield or Blaster Rack) and he was just a great guy. So by now, we both know that we’re not winning this even and are both like, “Let’s just have fun and play cards.” We go back and forth about setting up at one point cutting each others’ decks and say, “Not sure of the need to cut, obviously neither of us got this far because we were any good at cheating.” So the game goes pretty well for both of us, I think. My WHAP tech is basically using the Theed docking bay to slow them down and then a few Dark Times and Justice. I end up dropping choke Vader with saber, Blizzard 4, EPP Mara, P-59 and Dr. E. all at the docking bay, where he has had to move to if he wants to flip (and he moved there with Obi-Wan, Panaka and Amidala). So I’m ready to beat him down all crazy, but Chris had a pretty good set up too. So I battle, and he Weapon Levitates Vader’s saber away (rats – down 1 way to kill the Queen). He then plays Impressive Most Impressive and takes the 1st weapons phase action to hit Dr. E and then play Blaster Proficiency (rats – now down 2 ways to kill the Queen). So I figure I will choke Panaka so that I can use P-59 and Mara to target the Queen – I miss. Then I fire P-59 at Panaka, hit. Then I target Obi-Wan with Mara, but it gets deflectioned I think. So wow. That battle went from awesome for me to really rather meh. I end up losing the Blizzard 4 I think because I didn’t have to force for upkeep anyway and next turn Chris Ascension Guns into the Throne Room and that’s the end of that story. I didn’t get Dooku until super late, but eventually he’s able to Force Lighting Amidala to take away 2 damage, but nothing too stellar. There’s another battle at the Throne Room with Dooku, Obi-Wan and Captain Rex. I hit Obi and then as we’re forfeiting Chris realizes he forgot to play First Aid (a card I love – it’s a 62nd card in so many decks!), so I’m like, “It’s just a game and it should be fun, so just play it,” and then eventually his drains and objective damage do me in. After the game, Chris and I talk and he offers me another cool AI card (Combat Response) and I’m just so impressed with how people can be so devoted to this game and so nice to random strangers just because we both like Star Wars.
HIGHLIGHTS: Getting the set up I wanted at the docking bay
LOW LIGHTS: Not pulling the Weapon Lev shield hurt me, as did the Impressive, Most Impressive. However, after the initial wave, I didn’t see a Maul or Dooku until it was too late

Game 7: My Hunt Down vs Phil Zang’s WYS Freighters/Quads

Phil is a fellow Coruscant-guy and I think I’ve played him twice before this (once at Philly reset and once at regionals? Phil let me know if I’m wrong?). At regionals he actually killed my Devestator in IE with his quads on turn two (ughhhh…) but I was eventually able to eeek out a win, so I’m curious to see what he has this tournament. As we flip our cards over I see he is playing what I guess to be the same deck as regionals, which kind of makes me happy because I think Hunt Down is a better match up for me than IE was. And as we draw opening hands, I get even happier because I have some good cards to be aggressive on the ground with, knowing his quads will take some time to set up. So I activate 6 and right as we hit my deploy phase I ask the standard, “do you have any actions?” and he declines so I play Blizzard 4 to get Vader, then get his saber, and can pay the upkeep on Blizzard 4. So I flip first turn with that at the DB. However, it didn’t matter too too much because I totally forgot about Visage anyway (which, at this point in time, I’m not sure ANYONE can blame anyone for forgetting stuff – we’d played a lot of Star Wars cards! I’m also secretly relieved because everyone has had those brain fart moments where they honestly forget something that hurts them and then realize it later or it’s point out later – well here I forgot something that helped me, so I feel like hopefully it balances out! I know a funny story from when I played Phil, ironically, at Regionals was I was so hung up on whether a shuttle vehicle could be trampled I planned out my entire next turn in my head to trample it, but then when he moved it I played trample on it at a site where I didn’t even have an AT-ST and Phil was like, “Ummm, you don’t even have an AT-ST there.” Was actually pretty funny I’d gotten so fixated on that one move). Anyway, I do shuffling and more deploying and it ends up being the perfect set up for me of a drian 2 at the docking bay and a drain 3 at the Cantina with Emperor and Janus and I think Dengar? Eventually I add Dooku and a saber at a docking bay. Visage and drains are eating away at him, but he starts to pull off a Kessel Run with a RFC (who lets you get ten back!). I quickly look for my Search and Destroy, but can’t get it. So Phil gets 10 back but I’m still doing a lot of damage and pull it out.
HIGHLIGHTS: This is the first time all day I felt my deck actually worked how I envisioned it
LOWLIGHTS: Having 10 retrieved against me and forgetting Visage (you know, the point of the whole deck).

Game 8: My JCC Mains versus (not certain of my opponent’s name, I’m really sorry, but it was super late – was it Mitch? Again, sincere apologies!)’s TTO

Okay, not a match up I wanted to see, but I know my win conditions are either drain him quickly or blow the Death Star the F up. After seeing my opening hand I assume it’ll be the later because again my hand is empty of anything. So I do the “uhhh, I guess?” move of deploying Yoda from deck to the JCC to get Tunnel. He sets up his regular TTO stuff as expected, I drop EPP Qui-Gon at the docking bay to help ensure Jerjerrod doesn’t come out of the bunker (where he sat with Ozzel) and once I FINALLY see a ship is in my force pile, I tunnel for it (HCF) and then deploy it to Endor and move it over to the system. I then, as he is draining me in space, I move the Falcon in. For the second time in the tournament I forget when my ability is reduced to zero, assuming I could drain for free and not realizing the Maul in Sith Infiltrator was Tatooine Maul who blanked Lando and Gold Leader. I think about moving GLiG1 into the DSII to help with the blow up, but the maneuver destiny thing scares me and I still have 2 zeroes that aren’t coming out of my deck for whatever reason. And I need a 7 to blow it up, but I opening handed a Bionic Hand, so as soon as I draw a Luke, I can put it back. Well, no lie, I didn’t see Luke until 2nd to last turn. Wow. Total deck fail. At one point when I was trying to verify what was in my Force pile, there were 3 Jedi Lukes all in a row in my deck. It was rough. So I try to lose the hand and wokling it back, but right as I start to track, he Omni Boxes me. I Sense it (had been holding that for A Dark Time, but what else can I do?) but he controls it, which easily is the game winning play for him. So I can’t blow it that turn, but I keep bleeding to his TTO damage and drains. That next turn I finally get a Luke and I drew another Bionic Hand. I put it back and pay for maintenance, tracking the 7 and FINALLY blowing it up. But it only does 20 damage and he was so far ahead, he wins.
HIGHLIGHTS: Blowing up the new armored space station that was even more powerful thant the first dreaded DEATH STAR
LOW LIGHTS: Honestly not being able to get Luke into my hand until 2nd to last turn in a Luke Effect deck, when he is the key to winning the game.

Okay, so there you have a decent instruction manual on how to scrub out at worlds. I know it was long and hope no one actually read all of this, but here’s the good parts:

- Can’t say enough thanks to Scott, Kim, Chris, Mavan and everyone else who helped run the event
- All of my opponents throughout the weekend – I like making sound effects during the games, so thanks for tolerating that if I did it (or if when I used the Luke effect, I tried impersonating Mark Hamill and said, “I AM A JEDI!... Like My Father Before Me….”) but more importantly – each and everyone one of my games all weekend was a fun, well played game where I did not walk away frustrated or feeling cheated or slighted in anyway. Seriously, I can honestly say everyone of my opponents was a class act and I’d look forward to playing you again and have plenty of respect for you (and I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s rear, that’s not something I’ve always said after events…)
- Everyone else who has posted a TR or Props list already and all of those who will
- Jan Westergard for the cool signed Black 6 – that card just looks crazy cool with the laser beam and the inscription is classic. I love high destiny cards, and that puppy is going into a deck asap (for those not there, I asked Jan what the idea behind his card was because I read the text and I’m like, “Wow, that’s a lot of math!” and he inscribed the card, “MATH FTW.”) Anyway, I never think to ask folks for signed cards (although I think about 99% or more of BFred’s cards were signed?), but I really appreciate it Jan – it’s cool as heck! Also, to double up the props for you, I LOVED your v-slips. I thought I was super anal with the double sleeving and cutting them out perfectly, your cut outs look PERFECT and sticky paper idea is pretty balling too.
- Chris Menzel and company: amazing. Just amazing. Generosity and kindness so, so appreciated. Loved our game and looking forward to using the foils. Well done.
- Tom and Reid and anyone else who helped out setting up the commentating for Day 3. You guys did a great job. I haven’t watched all of the matches yet (so sorry if I didn’t list you yet, but thanks in advance!), but you guys have been really entertaining so far.
- Jedi Luke for being a destiny 6 *.
- Harpster for not letting fools steal our signs
- Jarad for helping me with my decks and SWCCGing skillz (and for being my co-champion of the Team Tournament Consolation Event)
- JediJerr for all of his work and making me the sweet Jedi Luke deck box
- Steve Cellucci for some tech talk after team tournament
- Brian Fred for a good, fun, interactive game – was a great way to start off Day 2
- Chris Westergard for fun game and dropping portals!
- Sean for a quick game that gave me time to eat some beef jerky between rounds!
- Ca’ldred for not blowing up the JCC while Yoda was at it (would have been F-ed up, man!)
- Ryan J for playing a fun mains decks and swinging lightsabers
- Phil for reminding me of when retrieval of 10 was totally doable – nice job pulling that off!!
- Mitch for winning a game despite getting your Death Star blown away – and it wasn’t even that close either
- Casey for the help during Cube
- Brian for coming out to worlds and playing a bit. Hope to catch some more games with you soon!
- Whoever that guy is that thinks he’s Top 10 all-time for winning a sealed event at a worlds because I did too and now I feel like we’re entering the dawn of the IJJK era of Star Wars CCG because of it
- Tom Haid for asking me to sign a Luke Jedi UR card and for using the pouches in his Rebel Flight Suit utility belt to hold his decks during the tournament
- Proofing team: you make the cards look write! Totally the least sexy of all the volunteer positions, but you all do it so great
- Philly hotel bar for a good turkey club sandwich and semi-okay looking chick who made me coffee at odd hours even though I forgot to pick it up
- Golden Bowl: your food is amazing
- Desai for winning the whole damn thing. Awesome job. Congratulations, champ!
- Chu for being a mainstay. Great player, great guy, cool TR! Congrats on making the finals!
- The entire community – so impressed with how easy going most people can be and how willing to let people borrow cards and such are.

- Me for playing like Scrub McScrub
- Me for not reading Ascension Guns before thinking I had tech to use against Ascension Guns
- Me for not just listening to better players like Konsker and Shaw that TRM is better than JCC start
- Me for making up an entire event at worlds and then calling myself the co-champion of it
- Hunt Down for being the deck that I have NEVER liked playing with or against and yet me somehow thinking, “Eh, I don’t need to test it that much, it’s Hunt Down – I’ll be fine!”
- Jedi Luke for ducking out early and not being around for that last game (did you REALLY have to go to the Tosche Station before it closed?)
- Jarad for not letting me play IE or believing anything Casey said
- Casey for his sports team choices and saying stuff that Konsker just didn’t find credible
- Philly hotel for not always having coffee ready for me
- Philly hotel for the guy who was like waaaaaay to protective over his luggage cart (anyone else try to borrow one to take their stuff out to the parking garage?)
- Philly hotel bar for overcharging for their turkey club sandwich and the semi-okay looking chick who called me out for forgetting to pick up the coffee she made me at odd hours
- Philadelphia economy: why did you take the Wawa away from me?????
- The Evans Family: like I hope you had a fun time on your family reunion and all, but seriously, the elevators don’t belong to just you
- David Ortiz for testing positive for steroids and lying about it and then acting like it never happened
- Max Reebo: you know why.
- Premiere booster packs: why do I always get General Tagge?
- Me for writing a friggin 12 page TR (maybe I’d be better at cards if I spent less time talking about them and more time playing them?)
- Me because I’m sure I forgot to give some props to peeps that I’ll have to edit this post for

Until next year guys…

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by Hayes »

I definitely lol'ed irl. Great read.

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by brainschrat »

Indiana Jones Jedi Knight wrote: - Premiere booster packs: why do I always get General Tagge?
Because I'm the lucky punk who gets all the Tagge Seekers.

Great read! As I do not play competitively I alway appreciate TRs and even more if they are funny as heck, as yours is.

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by rax »

This.. was an amazing read. By far the best TR I have read for a LONG time, thanks for that!

Btw, you loose 24 when DSII goes up in smoke, not 20 ;) I'm sure it didn't matter (edit: you probably didnt play the DB, so forget what I just wrote). And yeah, we are crazy about those foils over here, expect to see more in the near future. Also thanks for reaching out to me via PM, I will def. ping you once I get to NYC. After reading this, I know I just have to play you and grab a few beers!

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by gogolen »

Holy cow that's some detailed report. Well done

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by gossuii »

Great TR, I love to read such detailed and funny TRs, no matter what place they end up at :)
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by Xanth »

Great read, thanks for writing this up!

I still need to get you to sign that Luke =]

And don't worry, I do have plans for LMFBM. I just need to figure out the BHBM matchup.
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by Shadow 14 »

Awesome report, Chris. It was super nice meeting you, and it was a fun game!

Look forward to see you again at Worlds.
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by WiseMarsellus »

good seeing you as always. enjoyed the tr. can't believe this is your first worlds, let's hope it is the first of many!
tom kelly
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by AnakinSolo »

This was awesome, and so was seeing you. I was sorry I never got to play you.
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by arebelspy »

Great read, thanks for posting!

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by imrahil327 »

Fun read! Glad you had a good time. It's pretty sweet that we are seeing this many TRs come out of the weekend, I kinda doubt that would happen if people weren't having fun :)
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by mryellow »

Good TR, good read!

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by gatsbythegreat »

Thanks for making it sound like I knew what I was doing during our game. It was a classy move on your part to ask me if I had any actions during your deploy phase, and I wish I had realized that meant to pull the Goldenrod shield. Nonetheless, it was a fun game, and the only game that day that I pulled off the Kessel Run for 10. See you at the next event!

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by chriskelly »

gatsbythegreat wrote:Thanks for making it sound like I knew what I was doing during our game. It was a classy move on your part to ask me if I had any actions during your deploy phase, and I wish I had realized that meant to pull the Goldenrod shield. Nonetheless, it was a fun game, and the only game that day that I pulled off the Kessel Run for 10. See you at the next event!
It was a good game. I always feel like game etiquette is to ask about Battle Plan specifically (something quality players like Konsker and Shaw do, which is apprecaited), but something like Goldenrod I just ask generally because otherwise it's a dead give away I have Blizzard 4 in my hand.

Looking forward to it!

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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by sac89837 »

I actually played Maul Strikes on you 3 times. First time Maul dropped in front of fully loaded Luke with a 7 and 5 on top and you played AJR and you had already grabbed something else. So I just recirculated and played it again with the 7 and 5 on top.

Second time Qui Gonn and Maul were fighting at the battle plains and we just hit each other. You had a card left on Evac so instead of playing it for the 2 extra destiny I just dueled since I had a low one on top. You won the duel but since we were both hit, we both died.
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Re: Dreams Really Do Come True...

Post by NoLimit »

Detailed and hysterical TR. So freaking funny. I lol'd at several points including the Dr. E / Ponda Baba dialogue after the Fallen Portal.
It's been fun hanging with you at the last couple events! Looking forward to the next.

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