My Rookie Year In Review

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My Rookie Year In Review

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Ok, settle in and get a snack. This is gonna be a long post.


1996: At age 9, I get the Premiere Introductory Two-Player Game at the toy store. It's the greatest day ever. My first pack has a BB LS Sandcrawler, which I still have.

1999-2000: I play in locals in central PA, as well as the first PA states in 2000. (I think I got 6th.) I'm not a great player, but I'm pretty good for a 13-year old.

August 2000: I stop playing SWCCG, because starting high school brings some tantalizing attractions like marching band, drama club, and girls. (Based on the first two, you can guess how I did with the third.)

August-September 2011: While a third-year law student, I flirt with the idea of picking up SWCCG again. But the sheer number of new cards (everything post-DS2 is new to me) makes it a daunting prospect, and life and law school get in the way.

2014: Life isn't too bad. I'm gainfully employed, although not as a lawyer. I'm working as a political consultant. I'm a regular at the bar across the street from my apartment. I live by the ballpark. Life is pretty good.

Early September: A host of issues come up at work, which result in the company pretty much going under. My boss can't afford to pay me anymore.

September 19: I quit and start looking for another job.

September 25: I get an email in my inbox, announcing the Reset. With my newfound free time, I decide to have a look. Looks like I just have to learn Tatooine, Coruscant, Theed, Ref 2, Ref 3, and a handful of v-cards. Seems doable. I start reading cards and listening to Shancasts.

October: I see the announcement about Local Tournament Weekend, and there's one in the VA suburbs. I mark that on my calendar, choose a couple decks from the Philadelphia Premiere Tournament, and order the singles I need.


November: My hands start feeling numb. I don't have health insurance. Next open enrollment period is in December. Crap.

November 23: Local Tournament Weekend. I have a great time and meet some great guys like Barry Alperstein, Pat Johnson, Chris Westergard, Matt Carulli, and Trevor Partridge.

December: I sign up for health insurance. Barry invites me to playtest with Tom Haid and Matt Schmaltz. This is the first time I play decks of my own design. (They are terrible.)

January 2015: I start playing with Tom often. He owns the gaming store and I'm unemployed, so we both have plenty of time to play cards.

March: I finally get my health insurance card and make an appointment with a neurologist, who recommends a couple MRIs to see if I have an impingement in my neck. I also have an EEG and EKG to rule out Epilepsy and heart conditions.

March 14: I take a job waiting tables.

March-April: I get added to the playtest list for Set 1, and Tom and I start experimenting with WHAP, ISB, and AOBS. We have our first league event and I'm really jazzed to go 2-2 and get 3rd place.

April: The MRIs didn't show any impingement, but there were signs of demyelination in my brain and spinal cord. I have more tests.

April: We start prepping for the MPC. Tom, Barry, and Matt agonize over their deck choices, but I decide on mine fairly early. I'm just looking to have a good time and have no delusions of winning anything, so I pick decks that I'm comfortable with: MKOS and a funky TRM that has Lieutenant Tarn Mison in it.


May 1: MPC! I'm excited to meet some people and play some Star Wars cards. I convince Tom to enter the team tournament with me. We choose "The Constant Gardeners" for our team name because we just had a conversation about how bad that movie was.

Round 1: Tom plays Brian Fred and I play Steve Brentson, who's playing CCT. I open-hand Corran, overflow Iggy at the prison, and hang on for the win. We advance to round 2!

Round 2: Tom plays Tom Hollingworth and I play Keith Brown, who's playing Watto -- something I have next to no experience playing against. I have a complete brain fart and forget that Goldenrod is a card. I'm able to get some good space drains in early, and that's enough to make it close. I lose, but Tom wins by more and we advance.

Round 3: We're in the top 4. Tom plays Steve Baroni and I play Kevin Shannon, who's playing MKOS. I get set up in space and put the pressure on with EPPs at his JP sites. At one point, I have Corran and Lando at the Lower Passages and I have to forfeit one of them, so I forfeit Corran and leave Lando, forgetting to pay maintenance for him, which is ironic because I would've been better off POOPing him or sending him used. He gets overflowed for like 9 on Kevin's turn and I lose the game by 11 or so. Tom and Steve aren't done yet, so Tom scoops when it's apparent that he can't win by a big enough margin.

We were psyched to get top 4 though. We get back to the room and Barry's panicking because he still doesn't know what he's playing tomorrow. We order food, he decides on Hyperdrive for LS, and we go to bed.

May 2: Barry throws together SYCFA at 8am and we end up sitting next to each other for round 1.

Round 1: My opponent is Clayton Atkin, who is a really nice guy. First game is my MKOS vs his EBO. I know this is a good matchup for me because he can't interact very well at my interior sites and I can crack his speeders' immunity pretty easily with my +2 battle destinies, so I set up Gailid and Resistance and appear to have things well in hand. But I forget to play Secret Plans and he gets a free On The Edge with a tracked Artoo In Red 5, then Woklings it back, finds it with Threepio, and does it again. That's enough to give him the win. Nuts! Second game is my TRM against his Senate with 4-LOM start. He's able to overpower me in space while my EPPs fight his guys at the Battle Plains, and he's ahead when time is called. Afterwards, he signs my Secret Plans and writes "Use this card!" on it. Great guy!

Consolation: I get the first bye, so I get some Chipotle. MKOS gets stomped by TIGIH, and I make some bad mistakes against Schmaltz's Hunt Down. So I'm something like 2 (-47) after round 3, so I drop to play sealed Secret Squirrel, which was a really weird format. Not sure how I feel about it, but I did pull Wedge and Red 2 from the same Reflections pack, so that was neat. Tom makes the sweet 16, so I watch some of his games against Greg Shaw. Schmaltz makes top 4 of the consolation tournament, so we hang out in the room watching X-Men on cable while he builds decks for Sunday.

May 3: Sunday Scuffle! I tweak my MKOS a bit to hopefully give it a slightly better matchup against mains, and decide to pull out my janky WHAP Podracing Acclamators for LS. (It doesn't always work, but when it works, it WORKS!) Hey, it's just for fun, right? First round bye, again. Second round I play against the same TIGIH as yesterday and get stomped again. Then WHAP wins by 30+ against Throne Room Villains. (When it works, it WORKS!) 4th round I go up against Amar's Quads, and while Hutt Influence makes it close, he's able to outlast me and win by 9. 5th round I get paired with Michael Pistone, who informs me that he's dropping. Steve Brentson has the "actual" bye, so we decide to play a friendly game to pass the time. I play WHAP vs his CCT, and he wins. Then when the 6th round pairings are announced, it's "Lenny Rubin, light, playing Steve Brentson, dark." Ugh. So we play the same matchup again, and he wins again. So I finish 3-3 with 2 byes.

Sunday night rolls around, I go get some dinner, then go back to the room to have a quick nap and watch Game of Thrones and Mad Men. Around 11, Barry texts me to come play Resistance, which is incredibly fun, but I will omit the details so as not to aggravate Reid's PTSD.

May 4: We drive home. We stop for gas in Jersey, and the gas station attendant sees Matt's Star Wars t-shirt and wishes us a happy Star Wars Day. We spend an embarrassing amount of time talking about whether Proton Bombs could be viable. An amazing weekend all around.

May 12: I have a spinal tap. The doctor jokes around with me while he's sticking a needle in my back.

May 18: I am diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


Late May: I get really curious about the Naboo CRv that was played in the MPC finals, so I spend a few hours watching the videos and reverse-engineer it. Then we learn that the Day 2 lists were lost, so apparently I have done a great service for the community. Heh. We have our second league event, and I go 3-1 playing Naboo CRv (with maybe 5-6 cards changed from the MPC list) and WHAP (totally normal with no podracing or Acclamators), good for another 3rd place finish.

June: I start experimenting with 12-card TIGIH. I'm really bad at playing it, but I feel like people are going to expect WHAP and it doesn't do well against Naboo CRv, which people know about now.

June 20: The Pirates are in town! My buddy who works for the Nats knows I'm a Bucco fan, so he scores me two free tickets behind the visitors' dugout. I invite Tom to go to the game with me. Max Scherzer throws a no-hitter.

June 27-28: Tom and I take a roadtrip up to Long Island for NY states. We stay with Greg Zinn, who's a colossally nice guy for offering up his place for us to stay. I play Naboo CRv and TIGIH. CRv goes 1-2 and TIGIH goes 0-3. So I end up 1-5 and Tom goes 2-4. Not a great day for Team VA, but we learn a fair amount about the meta to expect for Worlds, and we got to spend the afternoon with some great guys. Tom and I talk about WYS and HB Acclamators during the drive home -- two of the more interesting decks we played against. First thing I do when we get home is build Acclamators.

July: We test Acclamators and find that it can do enough damage to race Combat. We make some tweaks and I'm thinking it's my Worlds deck. Tom and Barry start messing with WYS and they really like it, but the strategic decision-making is beyond my skills right now, and I have zero experience playing WYS. With a couple months of practice, I could probably feel okay with it, but I've got a good feeling about HB.

July 5: We have our third league event: Legacy Power Cube. I know nothing about Legacy, so I just draft cards that seem good. I end up with ISB for dark and Restore Freedom for light. But I'm really bad with both of them and go 0-4.

July 6: I lose my job waiting tables because I called in sick one time and now my manager says I "need to focus on my health." Guess I'm too fragile for the service industry.


July 18: Yavin 4 Regionals. I play 12-card TIGIH even though I'm terrible with it because Barry says not to put my HB decklist out there. For dark, I whip together a Hoth CRv with IAO to get the docking bay so I can play Occupation and Walker Garrison, based on Seth Acree's TR from one of the online tourneys. I go 0-3 with light and 2-1 with dark.

July 19: VA States. I bring out HB for this one because no decklists. It goes 2-1, losing only to Tom's Brangus, but Hoth CRv (same list as yesterday) goes 0-3. So, two days of subpar showings, but the league bye fell to me when all was said and done, so that was cool. I had definitely expected to be playing on Day 1, but it was nice to not have to worry about that.

July: At this point, we're pretty stumped about what to do for dark. We've been thinking about Deal Tanks, but the matchup against QMC is just terrible. Barry has a nice BHBM list, but it loses hard to HB. I start experimenting with Throdo's Decree Senate, which seems good, but it probably loses to WHAP and a few other things.

July 25: I decide to rent a car and drive up to Pittsburgh for Corellia Regionals, partly because I love driving, partly because I love Pittsburgh, but mostly because I love me some Reid Smith. Barry tries to convince me to play WYS Raiders, but I'm not ready to let them flow just yet. I play DS Decree Senate (Throdo's, with maybe 6 cards changed) and WHAP, and go 1-3. We have a spirited discussion about Landing Claw, talk to Shewski a little bit about what to expect from Set 3.

July-August: We start tossing around ideas and testing every dark deck we can think of: HD Podracing, Decree EOPS, 12-card Entanglements Drop and Drain. I get the idea to add non-v Decree to Senate and play a second system. We test it out and now it's really strong versus WHAP, TIGIH, and Combat. So I'm fairly certain I'm playing HB Acclamators and DS Senate. I keep tweaking Senate, adding a few things that should hopefully make it better against QMC and some other matchups. For light, I'm really struggling with whether Out Of Commission combos are necessary. If I can reliably beat Hunt Down without them, I'd really like to use those slots for something else.

August 4: Our last playtesting session before Philly. Barry has made some changes to BHBM and now it has a better matchup against HB. Tom came up with a ridiculous Proton Bombs deck, and it's sick. After changing the platform from EOPS to Naboo CRv, it's just stupid good. He and Barry are both thinking of playing it, but I'm really proud of this Senate brew, so I'm going to stick with that. It's still loosely based on Throdo's original design from Georgia States, but I've done a lot of tinkering, adding non-v Decree as mentioned earlier, and doubling down on the UC spies with Keder The Black, Nevar Yalnal, and a SATM canceler. I still haven't made up my mind about the last couple of cards in HB, but there'll be time to test some more in Philly.


August 6: Off to Worlds. We get into Philly on Thursday and discover the glory of Reading Terminal Market. Tom and I playtest a bit and decide that HB doesn't need OOCs. I opt for a 2nd Baragwin and a 3rd On Target instead. We meet up for Mexican food with Steve Skilton, Emil, Maven, Mike Richards, and TacoBill. Then we go to a place called Barcade, which is exactly what it sounds like. I discover that my sclerotic hands make me suck at Ninja Turtles and Galaga. But that's okay because there's plenty of cider and Canadian Club. Some other people come by. More drinks. Crammed 5 people in an Uber. Great night.

August 7: I had thought about getting up early to play in the Breakfast Cube, partly because I said on the forums that I would, and partly because it's a pun on the greatest movie of the 1980s, and I have a deep appreciation for puns and Emilio Estevez. But another hour of sleep is too enticing to pass up. So I have a non-Cube breakfast with Barry and play in the 1pm Cube. Team VA got stuck with the Rebo after the MPC, so Tom and Barry suggest that I try to Rebo someone during Cube.

I get there and there are 6 of us, so I draft Dark with Chris Kelly and Casey Anis. First round I draft Broken Fett, then a handful of good TIEs and matching pilots start falling to me, so I think that's my deck. Chris passes two cards to me near the end of the first round. I pick one of them, look up, and Casey is still staring at cards, thinking about what to draft. Now's my chance! I slip the Rebo under the last card and slide it over to Casey. Nailed it.

I end up with a bunch of matching TIEs: Baron and Saber 1, DS-61-2 and Black 2 v, DS-181-4 and two Saber 4s, Black 4, Emperor's Sword, ZiMH, All Power, and You Overestimate Their Chances. I would really love to pull off a reacting beatdown with Fett in Saber 4/Black 4 for free, Emperor's Sword, All Power, and YOTC. At the very least, it'll be fun to try. I also ended up with one of each Executor and TMNALTC, which was cool too. First game, I pretty much dominate space and my opponent dominates ground. Black 2 gets Don't Get Cocky'ed, which is just rude, but Zuckuss still wins the battle. I pull off free Executor with Laser Cannon Battery, but peel my Artillery. Lose by a handful after the ground drains get to be too much. Second game, at one point I have two TIEs at Tatooine, my opponent battles, and I react with The Emperor's Sword and play All Power, which will be good for power +10. But it gets Sensed. Boo. But my opponent doesn't have as much good ground as my first round opponent did, so I take space and get the win. Third round, my opponent starts Battle Plan and has Home One and some other good space. Activation is tight all game. Power +10 APTW gets Sensed again. He has trouble finding someone to hold a BG site, so Battle Plan makes it a very slow game. I get the win on time. Crazy fun deck. 2-1. Not bad.

I grab some food and meet up with Tom for the team tournament. He plays his WYS, and I decide to test-drive Senate. We discover that it's match play. First round, I play Casey's Palace Raiders. I open-hand no Senators, Squabbles, ships, or pilots. Umm... okay. Casey gets a huge jump in space, I keep digging, and eventually find two Senators and flip, UC spy some of his sites, and find some space. But Bacta Tank + recurring forfeit 9 Captain Han is a beast, and I'm too far behind. Casey wins by like 25, and Rebo Karma bites me in the ass. Tom can't win by 25, so we're done for the night.

Tom and Barry have been debating whether to play Proton Bombs tomorrow or save it for Day 3. They decide to play it tomorrow, and make a bunch of last-minute changes to their Gungan Podracing deck, including 2x Padme, EPP Obi, and EPP Qui, so they can play A Remote Planet against Entanglements. They text Steve to ask him to bring Padmes tomorrow. He says "You mean Amidala?" They say "No, Padme. From Tatooine." So that happened. We fill out decklists and go to bed.

August 8: Day 2! My personal goal is to go 4-4, but I have no frame of reference and don't know if that's realistic. I'll try to remember everything as best I can. 8 games is a lot to remember, and I'm sorry if I forget things.

Round 1: HB Acclamators vs Phil Aasen's Naboo CRv

I get out all my systems and Projection the 2/2. Like you do. He drops some TIEs to my hidden base system right away. So I can either fight him and delay the flip (in which case he'll know that was my hidden base), or flip anyway, get a turn of canceling drains, lose 4 to Sec Prec, and then play out the rest of the game. I opt for the latter. But I have trouble finding my gunners and Combined Attacks, can't clear Vader or the Baron, and he wins.


Round 2: Senate vs Phil Zhang's WYS Quads

He starts ANSBv, which I definitely didn't expect to see in WYS, so I really have no idea what's coming. Then he gets Corellia and Corellian Engineering, and starts putting out bulk freighters and Quads. I try fighting at Tatooine, where he has no Quads, and he plays Rapid Fire, then Steady Aim to hit my stuff. I grab them both (one with the shield, one with Something Special). Subsequent battles go better. I put Maul at the Cantina early, and then when it's apparent he doesn't have a solution for it, I deploy the Theed Generator and Arica, and immediately break her cover. So as long as I can occupy Kessel and avoid getting shot down, I can win the damage race comfortably. He pulls out Ralltiir with ANSBv and has a bunch of freighter captains. But by the time he can get a Kessel Run off, he doesn't have 10 avaiable for Secret Plans, so he has to target a different smuggler and settle for 5. He has the upper hand in space, but he can't handle my drains at the 2/2 sites and the Senate. At one point he plays R-3PO to bust one of my UC spies, which I think is a really great, underplayed card.


Round 3: HB Acclamators vs TacoBill's Naboo CRv

This plays out exactly like my game with Phil Aasen: He deploys straight to my hidden base before I flip (and I even picked a different hidden base this time!), I take the Sec Prec damage, and can't find the tools to clear his important ships.


Round 4: Senate vs Matt Scott's(?) WYS

I honestly don't remember who my opponent was this game, but looking at the decklists, Matt Scott was the only person playing WYS who I don't already know, so I think it was him? Sorry for not remembering. Anyway, I have trouble finding Senators and scoop when I get too far behind in the damage race. Very quick game, don't remember much else.


Round 5: Senate vs TacoBill's LS Combat

I'm ready for this matchup and feel good about it. He starts quickly, activating 10 and dropping Luke for 6 (with LMFBM) and Yoda for 4 on turn 1, then putting a card from hand on his force pile so he can still grab something. LMFBM is a good card. I find my second system, Image the 3/2, and convert his 2/2. So he's paying 6 to do 3 a turn. Once Decree non-v is online, it'll be down to 2 and I'll be doing 4. He realizes this and starts suiciding guys into the Senate, which is the right play. Eventually, he has Anakin there, draws a tracked 7, and I draw low so I don't crack his immunity. Goodbye Senate. Now the Hovercam is gone, Decree is offline, I don't have Lott Dod pulls, and the Falcon catches me unprepared at Naboo. I scoop and resolve to put the Coruscant Guard back into the deck for the consolation tomorrow.


Round 6: HB vs Maven's DS Combat

I quickly find everything I need: systems, 2 Acclamators, 2 guns, 2 gunners, Projection, Luke, a Baragwin, and It's On Automatic Pilot. On Target and Stay Sharp in hand. He has the Emperor at one site and a guy with a saber (I want to say Dooku? Maybe Vader) at the other. With Projection, he does 4 a turn. With Kessel + Nar Shaddaa + Automatic Pilot, I'm hitting him for 7, plus Luke and Baragwin retrieval. On Target + Stay Sharp to clear Maul's ship, then he thinks for a couple minutes and scoops when it's clear he can't win the damage race.


Round 7: HB vs Chris Wirfs' TDIGWATT

He loses Mob Points combo to get Combat Response and deploys Kashyyyk, which has me worried. Not what I was expecting from Deal. I have Luke + Acclamator + gunner + 3 missiles, so I feel pretty confident about blowing up the Executor, but he's got Vader + shuttle, Baron, Black 2, et al, and I have a hard time dealing with all the threats in space. He decides not to deploy the Executor, wanting to draw out my ships and missiles first, then make me chase it, which is a good play as I don't have the On Target. Eventually I find it and blow up the Executor, but the rest of his fleet is too much for me to handle at that point.


Round 8: Senate vs Chris Westergard's Throne Room Snubfighters

I've played against this deck before, at VA States, and have a pretty good idea of what to expect. I set up in the Senate, go to space, and UC spy his Back Door (with Nevar Yalnal and Imbalance combo in hand). An early space battle goes well for me, with Toonbuck's nice attrition bonus, so I'm able to spread to two systems and cancel his drain bonus at Nar Shaddaa. I think Jedi Luke is his only ground, so I put Maul at the Naboo 2/2, but he has the EPP Qui-Gon to clear him. Then he goes to the Senate with Leia RP and her gun. He shoots at -6 and misses, then plays Slight Weapons Malfunction to clear the Senate. I deploy more Senators, then make my dumbest mistake of the tournament, moving the Baron in front of his whole space fleet (including Gold Leader) and saving a bunch of force to react with both Onyxes and All Power. But, like a noob, I forgot that Gold Leader stops reacts. He overflows me for a ton and I scoop.


Not exactly what I had hoped for, but I was encouraged by my results, especially Senate. With a Coruscant Guard thrown in, I think it could be really solid. HB was more problematic: Automatic Pilot makes Acclamators a great choice against ground-based decks like Hunt Down, BHBM, and Combat. Ability 2 is also nice, making the AO unnecessary, so you can make a deck with no 6's so Alter with Obi v is a guaranteed success. But it has its problems too, namely the inability to hit the Baron without gunners and/or Combined Attack. I like the deck, but it probably wasn't the best choice for HB. (If ground-based DS becomes a lot more popular, then I'm definitely a fan.)

Tom has gone 6-2 and has a real shot to make Day 3, but his SOS isn't high enough and he gets 10th, so he's pretty bummed. And I'm bummed for him :(

At this point, I become acutely aware that I haven't eaten all day. A bunch of people are going out for burgers, so I join in. I add the Coruscant Guard into Senate and decide to shelve HB for the time being. Tom and I bounce some ideas off each other for making WHAP better, so I pull that out for the consolation tournament tomorrow. Saturday night is a blast - I meet some more people, play a couple board/card games, consume some outside food and beverages (CONTRABAND!), and go to bed at like 3:30.

August 9: Only 16 players in the consolation tournament, which is kind of a let-down, but I guess you can't blame people for wanting to watch the top 8 in action. WHAP goes 3-0, beating Dark Deal, Hunt Down, and BHBM. Senate goes 1-2, losing to Gungan Podracing (piloted by Barry), losing to Casey's Palace Raiders (but only by like 4 this time... progress!), and beating Gungan Podracing (piloted by Tom later in the tournament, when I had a much better plan for how to fight it). So I go 4-2 and get 4th place, which I'm really happy with. Tom goes 4-2 with a high diff, comes in 2nd, and gets his glass after all, which is awesome. We go out for Vietnamese food with Kessling and BFred. Tom buys cheesecake for BFred, himself, and the front desk ladies. Around this time, Barry heads up to the game room to consume more outside beverages. Tom's gears start turning and he starts coming up with some crazy deck ideas. I bounce ideas around with Tom and watch the end of the Hall of Fame Game and the Pirates game. After that's over, I head up and join Barry, watch him play a hilarious game of sealed, and go to bed.

August 10: We drive home. I sleep most of the way. Eat a couple of sad tacos at Delaware House, which has two Starbucks in it. (WHY???)


I wrote this novel of a post as a way of documenting my growth as a NARP, but also to say thank you to everyone for making it such a great year. Whether it was on these forums or in person, I've had some incredible experiences meeting the members of this great community. I want to thank all of you for making this game so amazing. The fact that we are still playing Worlds with 60+ people when the game has been out of print for 13+ years is a testament to the PC's hard work, the community's enthusiasm, and the unabashed love of the game within all of us. If you made it through this entire montrosity of a post, you know that I haven't had the greatest year. But it didn't feel that way, and that was all you.

Special thanks to Team VA for taking me under your wing and helping me get back into the game. Barry, Steve, Matt, and Tom, you guys rock. Barry, you've helped me from day 1 in rejoining the fold and relearning the game, you've introduced me to some outstanding people, and you're not so bad yourself. Tom, we met in December, and you quickly became my weekly playtesting buddy, my partner in making stupid juvenile jokes about Barry's mom, and one of my best friends. Love you man. Never change.

☮ ♥ ⑦
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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Great post. Almost as great as Barry's mom.
Camden Y, Southern California
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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Great read. Welcome back.

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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Great read, very much enjoyed it.

I don't know much about the medical stuff, but I hope that all goes as well as it can for you, and you continue playing SW for a long time.

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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arebelspy wrote:Great read, very much enjoyed it.

I don't know much about the medical stuff, but I hope that all goes as well as it can for you, and you continue playing SW for a long time.
Agreed. And I'm glad that we as a community have given you some positive experiences and some great friendships!
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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imrahil327 wrote:
arebelspy wrote:Great read, very much enjoyed it.

I don't know much about the medical stuff, but I hope that all goes as well as it can for you, and you continue playing SW for a long time.
Agreed. And I'm glad that we as a community have given you some positive experiences and some great friendships!
Agree x2. Excellent read, thanks for all the details and the timeline going way back. Awesome to see a returning player!

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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Glad you're part of our community now. Your report was touching and I forced my gf to read it.... she might have teared up a bit. Hope to see/meet you at the MPC in 2016 :)
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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lenny i guess i shouldn't say nice to meet you because it seems we met at the mpc, but i don't think we talked like we did this past weekend. i'm sorry to hear about your health issues and hope they get better. it's great to see new members of the community and i'm glad you're one of them and that you have decided to share this experience with us as well. thanks for this report, it was a great read
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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<3 you too man.

Your detailed memory is amazing.
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

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My mom says she has the cheese but you need to bring the handcuffs

(I hope she never sees this).

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by spideyguy0 »

Lenny, it's been great getting to know you at the events we've overlapped at, and this was a fantastic read. Very glad to have you in the community
Casey A. - New York, NY
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by gossuii »

Great read! I hope that all goes well with your MS, terrible disease
Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by Zarantai »

Hey Lenny, great read! As a fellow new player, you've always been really engaging at all the tournaments we've both been to. Always enjoy throwing ideas around with ya :-D
Trevor Partridge, Pittsburgh

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by Shadow 14 »

Good read, and it was nice to meet you Lenny.

I wish you all the best with the MS!!
Chris (Euro Emperor) Menzel
Hannover - Germany

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by quickdraw3457 »

It has been good to meet you and play in a number of tournaments with you the past year! I'm sure there will be many more to come.
Matt C. - Pittsburgh, PA
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by Gravityshadow »

Hi Lenny!

This is a great recap of your SW career. It made me feel nostalgic and reminded me of my first steps of SWCCG 16 years ago. This is what makes our SW community so great!

So sad to read about your diagnosis. I really hope everything will work out for you in the future.

Best wishes

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by Kimura »

Great retrospective post there. As a newly returned player, I hope to have one of these myself one of these days.

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by stevetotheizz0 »


Thanks for writing all this up it was great to read through and reminded me a lot of my first year.
(It was a whole year before I even won my first game at a major tournament.)

I definitely identified with the part where you took out the guard, and then found out why it was needed at the event. A big part of my first year was gaining that type of experience that you can't get in playtesting and it definitely changed the way I look at deckbuilding in the game.

The Va group is pretty amazing and took me in as well when I started, you're lucky to be so close to a great group.

I look forward to the next few years and having more time/money to drive down and hang out.

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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by TacoBill »

Definitely cool to meet you and to get some games in against you. This is a fantastic synopsis of the past 18 months. Had no idea about the MS; that's tough, but I bet the community as a whole is here for you if we can help. Also, it's very likely that I end up in the DC/MD area next September, so we can go to all the Pirates/Nats games you want (especially if they're gonna be Nats no-hitters).
Bill Kafer
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Re: My Rookie Year In Review

Post by lsrubin »

Thanks everybody for your support and kind words. You're the best. :-D
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