Missing erratas

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Missing erratas

Post by Emkay09 »

I can see in the changelog, that the recent erratas (OA and No Ideas) were be implemented, even if it have the old pictures. But I was wondering when the Yoxgit v errata (changing Maz' Palace to Maz' Castle in gametext) and Yoda, Keeper of the Peace (finally a council member) will be done in GEMP.

I am looking espacially for Yoda, so he can be combined with Are You Brain Dead.

Also, when do plan to upload the Puck 71 set. Since Bastian played Khurgee v in his Worlds deck, it would be nice, to get him, too.

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Re: Missing erratas

Post by jdipaolo1 »

All these erratas are actually already coded in Gemp, we just need to update the images.

Stay tuned for the Puck Set, along with many requested bug fixes.
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