Third Annual Local Tournament Weekend!

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Third Annual Local Tournament Weekend!

Post by imrahil327 »

The Star Wars CCG Players Committee is excited to announce the return of Local Tournament Weekend! During this weekend, local player groups are encouraged to hold tournaments, game days and/or demos at their friendly local game stores across the globe. These events will be promoted on our social media sites as well as here on the website, and each event will receive a promotional package including a special v-slip! This year's v-slip will be one that complements the slip from our first annual LTW, so be sure to come check it out. Even if you do not have a large player base, we hope that you will take this opportunity to run demos and introduce people to the game. During the event, participants and organizers should post pictures and cool happenings to Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #SWCCGLTW

Want to attend a Local Tournament Weekend event? Just look in this forum for an event in your area, or contact your local tournament director and ask him to schedule one if you do not see it. By attending one of these events, you'll receive an exclusive v-slip, as detailed above, and help to promote and grow our community on a local level.

Those who wish to organize an event during this weekend need only to fill out the form below and email it to: tournaments AT starwarsccg DOT org. Please do not send the form to me via private message- I try to use the email account for forms such as this one, so as to keep my inbox clear for issues & conversations. These forms will be due by October 28, so that we have time to promote the events and prepare & mail the packages. Once your submission is received, you will be sent additional instructions and a flyer template that can be used to promote these events at their store. Be sure to post the details of your event in the Local Tournaments Weekend forum so your players can find it!
•What type of event will this be? (Tournament OR Game Day/Demos)
•Where will it be located? (Must be a game store)
•Which day will it occur? (Saturday, Nov. 12 or Sunday, Nov. 13)
•What time will it begin?
•Who will be running it?
•How many players do you expect?
We encourage each organizer to take many pictures and put together a report of the day's festivities. For example, you might want to write a list of 'cool stuff' that occurs in-game. Want to get 'techy'? It would be great to have some games streamed on Twitch, if you have the capability! Feel free to come up with your own ideas too, though- be creative! We will post all such reports here on the site, and the organizer who prepares the best report and pictures (as judged by the advocates and Tournament Committee) will receive a v-card design! Most of all, have fun!

We will be announcing additional promotions as the event approaches. We hope you enjoy this event and take the opportunity to show your local game store and the PC that your community is the best!

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Re: Third Annual Local Tournament Weekend!

Post by quickdraw3457 »

Is there something specific we should give the local gaming store to post on their website/calendar/faceypage/etc? Certain wording or link to the PC page?
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Re: Third Annual Local Tournament Weekend!

Post by darkjediknight11 »

This is a bit belated, sorry, but the Tournament Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the v-card prize for best post-LTW tournament report and supporting media.

Congrats to Camden Yanaga for an interesting report with lots of great detail for us to read at home!

Thanks to all those who also submitted reports, it was great to read about your weekends, and hope you participate this fall for the 2017 event(s)!
-Keith Brown

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