ACS --> Redemption

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Cam Solusar
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ACS --> Redemption

Post by Cam Solusar »

Arguments against ACS:
1) What good does downloading a senator do with no Senator Leia Organa?
2) +2 force to battle seems to be contrary to unofficial design guidelines of sticking to +1/-1 modifiers.
3) It should have been renamed Sundered Heart when the PC decided that proper names could be used on cards.

Arguments for Redemption:
1) Nifty Bacta Tank synergy--at a cost.
2) Good cheap ship for EBO decks.
3) It's a cool-looking card straight out one of the most iconic scenes in ESB.

Camden Y, Southern California
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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by sac89837 »

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Re: ACS --> Redemption

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Gosse Z. - Seattle

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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by aermet69 »

I'd love a playable redemption, but I think it can be done better than it is. Especially for a destiny 1 ship. But other than that, good points.
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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by AnakinSolo »

This should happen
Well, Bye.

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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by Hunter »

Would rather see Tantive IV --> Redemption.

But the Redemption should be included either way, even if it is replacing the ACS instead of Tantive IV.

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Shadow 13
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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by Shadow 13 »

i dunno, i think redemption could be done better.
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Re: ACS --> Redemption

Post by mrfahrenheit7 »

I love the idea of redemption coming back but I think it could be done better.
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