Road to Worlds - Western US - All West States Events/Plans

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Road to Worlds - Western US - All West States Events/Plans

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This is your Road to Worlds here in the West.

June 20: UT States
June 21: Tatooine Regionals in UT
July 25-27: CA states and Alderaan Regionals in San Diego- tentative
July 26: WY States - Tentative
July 27: CO States -Tentative
August 1: Nevada states - tentative
August 2: Western Nationals - tenative
August 3: Mini-Open - tentative
August 9: ID States - Tentative

Washington: The guys there have this state taken care of. I'm guessing that they will have it in June/July sometime.

Oregon: Not sure what is going on there. One of the UT guys is moving back to Portland area this weekend and wants to run states if no one else does, so I'll help him get that set up, but he wants to go to Washington states too and hopes that the Washington guys will to Oregon states too.

Idaho: Aug 9th is the potential date. We will be holding it in Pocatello with the location at Empire Cards/Games. A Washington player emailed me and said that a group from there would come to this given enough time, I can't find this players email so please hit me back again.

Montana: So I've learned that there are 3 total Montana/Wyoming players that we know are interested in playing in a states. If the Idaho guys could drive up to a Montana event, it could happen, especially if it's advertised and some of the older players in Montana/Wyoming find out about it. So see if you guys can set something up there. I wont be able to help at all with this one though, too far for me.

Wyoming: Looks like it will be July 26/27th for WY ad CO states, look for further updates soon.

Colorado: Looks like it will be July 26/27th for WY ad CO states, look for further updates soon.

California: July 25-27 - it will be in San Diego

Nevada: States will be the day before Western Nationals, see bellow for details.

Utah: June 20th & 21st. States is June 20th and Tatooine Regionals is the 21st. Friday will be a 3 pm start and Saturday will be a 11 AM start with 10:30 registration. We will be playing at a store where they wont let us do it for money, so please pay me for the event outside or sometime without the store noticing, I'm guessing entry will be $10.00 for each event. The store is located off of 10600 South and 1300 East. Press Box Sports Cards 10261 S 1300 E Sandy, UT 84094

Arizona: They usually have a states weekend but I haven't seen an AZ guy on the boards for a while, I'll try to contact some of them through myspace and see what they say. They usually have two big events but it looks like Mini-Opens aren't allowed this year so I don't know what there second event could be this year. Hopefully they pull something together, Chris has said he will put it together if they don't, so something should happen, not sure of a time frame on this one though.

New Mexico: Yeah, not even sure if there are any players in this state. I'd maybe be willing to drive to Farmington to run an event, but that's if there is even any interest.

WESTERN NATIONALS: August 2nd weekend is tentative Looks like that weekend is what is going to work for the most people and it might have another bye if a Mini-Open is added on Sunday. This will also have WN and Nevada States so there will be cash and 3-4 byes for Day 2.

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