Deployment and Movement Questions

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Deployment and Movement Questions

Post by ChristianAdkins »

I have 3 questions:

1. Can I deploy Jabba's Space Cruiser to a system from Reserve Deck using Power of the Hutt if I have an Outer Rim Scout from hand to deploy with the ship?

2. Can I move an empty vehicle (no presence there) between docking bays by paying docking bay transit?

3. Can I move a Dark Side character present at Jabba's Sail Barge: Passenger Deck to the site where Jabba's Sail Barge is located? If so, is there a Force cost involved?

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Re: Deployment and Movement Questions

Post by Gergall »

1. Yes, you can use PotH to deploy the Space Cruiser from Reserve with a pilot from hand:
AR Page 9-15 wrote:When deploying an unpiloted starship from anywhere (including a deck or pile) you may deploy it to a system or sector with a pilot from hand.
2. This is actually already under review by the rules team. There seems to be a minor conflict in the AR (one area says unpiloted vehicles cannot move, but another section suggests that maybe it can use DB transit). For now I'd go with the unpiloted entry that says no, it cannot move.

3. Yes, a DS character at the passenger deck may move to the site the Barge is at (alternatively, he can also move from the passenger deck to the Barge itself, to be a driver/passenger for it). This is free.
AR, Page 7-3 wrote:Regular - Starship And Vehicle Sites
You may move your cards to or from your starship or
vehicle card (or its location) and a related
starship/vehicle site for free. You may perform any of the following moves:
• Moving between the starship/vehicle site and the
related starship/vehicle card (capacity permitting)
• Moving between a vehicle site and the starship card
that vehicle is aboard.
• While the starship/vehicle at a site, moving between a
starship/vehicle site and the location the related
starship/vehicle is present at (This is the only one of
these moves your opponent may use. Follow the cost
listed on the starship/vehicle site; if no cost listed, it is
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Re: Deployment and Movement Questions

Post by Lukes Bionic Hand »

Update on issue 2. Unpiloted vehicles may now use docking bay transit.

Ruling here (under Chapter 9 "Starships - Unpiloted"): /viewt ... 14#p977214
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