Items needed for worlds

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Re: Items needed for worlds

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I can bring Goldeneye on the Wii, would that help in any way? :P :lol:

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Cam Solusar wrote:What TacoBill proposes is ideal IMO.

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Re: Items needed for worlds

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quickdraw3457 wrote:
fungineer wrote:
quickdraw3457 wrote:
JediJer wrote:I have the N64 but only 1 controller, and no goldeneye cartridge :cry:
Why do you even have a N64? :lol:

j/k N64 is incredible. But I couldn't imagine not owning goldeneye.
Perfect dark is basically the same game, some of the same maps even.
I have that, but even though perfect dark improved many of goldeneye's flaws, goldeneye remains most people's game of choice. It's just too much of a classic.
But perfect dark had tranqs which made the game super fun (for me). Plus no odd job.

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