Day 1 Updates

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Day 1 Updates

Post by quickdraw3457 »

Apologies for the lack of updates today -- we will do better tomorrow!

(also apologies on spelling mistakes)

Day 1 Main Event:
Mitch Nieland 5-1
Adam Schellberg 4-2
Dennis Reinhart 4-2
Ming Huo 4-2
Steve Skilton 4-2
Benedict Donnay 4-2
Brandon Nguyen 4-2
Joe Phillips 4-2
William Ament 4-2
Chris Wirfs 3-2 (dropped)
Andrew Sauvageau 3-3
Jacy 3-3
Jan Berueda 3-3
Fernando Souza 3-3
Tom Marlin 2-4
Condrad Simmering 2-4
Peter Muelkin 2-4
Tim Culver 2-1 (dropped)
Andrew Kline 1-5
Stephen Fulner 1-5
Ethan Phou 1-5
Mike Turner 1-3 (dropped)

All byes were earned except for 2 players, who earned them in a late night cube tonight.

Team Tournament Champions:
Team KTOD: Jonny Chu/Justin Desai 12 VP (undefeated)

Matt C. - Pittsburgh, PA
Hunter wrote:quickdraw is right

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Re: Day 1 Updates

Post by imrahil327 »

quickdraw3457 wrote:Team Tournament Champions:
Team KTOD: Jonny Chu/Justin Desai 12 VP (undefeated)
This is my shocked face.
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Re: Day 1 Updates

Post by marines28 »

Any cool decks rear their heads?
Steviegets112 wrote:The same 5 people are going to win consistently and there really isn't much any of you can do about it.
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xblack: from now on it will be
xblack: gl/hf/nr
better damn believe it.
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Re: Day 1 Updates

Post by shawnd1984 »

I don't think anyone would want to show their tricks yet! Although if I were there, I'd most likely be using the same decks all weekend, so maybe others are in a similar boat.
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