New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

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New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by Corran »


While I should have been doing other things, I made @badStarWarsCCG on twitter to make bad jokes. Please follow and let me know if you want to contribute.

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by rhendon »

I like how it has all 3 of the Hunter brothers on there.

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by arebelspy »

Wait, I thought that's what this Corran account was?

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by stephengascrub »

Nice. Also AITC Ewoks, is the new secret tech. Trust me! 8>
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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by GrayChevyVan »

I look forward to a thread about Seekers and why they belong in basically every deck.

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by seitaer »

stephengascrub wrote:
May 20th, 2020, 9:24 pm
Nice. Also AITC Ewoks, is the new secret tech. Trust me! 8>
I mean if you really want to

Ewoks in the Court?
by Hayes Hunter

The basic idea of running Ewoks from AITC was my initial reaction to the objective (what was I smoking?). My friend actually managed to go 3-0 (5-1 on the day!) with a deck that I built for him that was very similar to this one. So, while this may not be the best deck out there, it is certainly a lot of fun to play and it will most defiantly surprise your opponent!

Start (8)
Agents In The Court
Jabba's Palace: Audience Chamber
Tatooine: Hutt Trade Route
Yarna d'al' Gargan
Heading For The Medical Frigate
Do, Or Do Not
Wise Advice

Locations (7)
Endor: Back Door
Endor: Dense Forest x2
Endor: Ewok Village
Endor: Great Forest
Endor: Hidden Forest Trail
Endor: Rebel Landing Site (Forest)

Characters (24)
Daughter Of Skywalker
Ewok Spearman x9
Ithorian x4
Kazak x4
Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
Obi-Wan With Lightsaber x2
Tessek x2

Interrupts (12)
Houjix x2
Nar Shaddaa Wind Chimes x2
Rebel Barrier x2
The Signal
Transmission Terminated x3
You Will Take Me To Jabba Now x2

Effects (6)
Bargaining Table
Bo Shuda
Honor Of The Jedi
Order To Engage
Your Insight Serves You Well

Weapons (3)
Ewok Spear x3
General Strategy: Start you're only Jabba's Palace site the Audience Chamber (the AC) with the desert all the time as well as Uh-Oh and Yarna, show Kazak as your rep, laugh at the opponent's expression at this point, and then choose your starting effects based upon what the opponent starts with. If you suspect Sense/Alter/Control (SAC) you'll want to start with your anti-SAC package Do, Or Do Not (DODN) and Wise Advice. Otherwise, drop DODN and start Your Insight Serves You Well (YISYW) to pull Honor Of The Jedi (Honor) if needed (like against a HDADTJ deck that doesn't start No Escape). On your first turn you'll want to deploy Bo Shuda from the reserve deck with the AC's text. From there you play it by hand (which should never be more than 12 to ensure your Monnok protection from Yarna, by the way), so to speak. Just deploy your Endor sites with Spearman, one or two at a site (two draw battle destiny), and enforce them with Ithorians. You'll want to get Tessek to the AC for several reasons: 1) you'll prevent the opponent from force draining there, 2) your Spearmen, and Ithorians will go down for a force apiece, and 3) most importantly, you get to add one to each of your drains with a non-unique alien! Don't forget to activate a force whenever the opponent deploys a character with destiny 1! If you fear Bubo, you can slap Rennek down with him to prevent attacks. Sooner than later, you'll also want to get Kazak out to add another one to all your drains (making all of your drains on Endor with Ewoks at least 3!), but don't deploy him to hastily. When you're in a game where you'll be fighting most of the time, as opposed to where you're in a drain race with the opponent, he's more valuable in your hand! You see, this deck CAN FLIP! All you need to do is occupy any three battleground sites- one of which has to have an Ewok! How hard is that? Then he can be used to cancel battle destinies!

Card Specific Analysis:

? 7 Endor sites means you'll probably get one in your opening hand. All but one of the sites in this deck give you two force icons which means all of your deploy for 1 Spearmen are power 3!
Characters ? Daughter Of Skywalker (DOS) and the Ithorians serve the same purpose (though the Ithorians are more versatile), they each boost your 'woks power. Take any six of the locations that give you two force icons, add DOS and a tree lover (Ithorian) and any Spearman you throw down is automatically power 5! For only one force!
? Kazak is the destiny/force drain canceling rep, so it's nice to have a plentiful amount of him.
? Jedi Luke can be replaced with the EPP version, it's just safer to use him against a Bring Him Before Me deck.
? Two Obis to kill off who ever wants to drain at the desert, since your Ewoks are going to have a tough time getting there, and to ensure your total victory in some battles.
? Rennek and Tessek to hold down the fort.

? Barriers and Houjixs to prevent beat down of your little fuzzy guys.
? Chimes, The Signal, and You Will Take Me To Jabba Now to fetch key cards, and chimes can be used for late game retrieval.
? Transmission Terminated for all those HDADTJ decks out there (some play No Escape)

? The table for canceling drains, duh.
? OTE to hurt any decks dependant on maintaining a presence in the AC (like my other deck).
? Sandwhirl to get rid of any guys that want to drain at the desert.

? Deploys for free, fires for 1 force, and makes the target of your choice power = 0, even Vader!

Some Match-ups

? VS HDADTJ- Again, start YISYW and pull honor if they don't start No Escape. Some decks don't even pack NE in anticipation of the lack of people playing honor. Even if they are playing NE it'll take them a couple turns to get it out so hopefully Visage will eat them a little bit, and then once NE is out you can just cancel the Visage with TT. Don't put Obi or Luke near Vader for fear of an epic duel, but still use them to win some battles. Just get Tessek to the chamber and spread out and drain. Due to the often-limited number of characters they'll have trouble covering all the sites. If they spread to thin let the little guys go nuts with their spears- it's surprising how much power you can amass with just a few force.
? VS BHBM- Start your anti SAC package and again spread and drain while Tessek sits in the chamber. Hopefully you're barriers will set up some big Ewok beatings.
? VS COTVG/MKOS and S+V- Spread and drain but save Luke and obi to disrupt things on Tatooine. Get Rennek into the chamber as fast as possible and get Order To Engage out. If they want their Scum and Villainy to stay on the table they'll need to keep someone in the AC, but if they can't battle there OTE will cost them 3 force a turn.
? VS TIES- This game is just a drain race. If you know you're going to be facing ties it might be a good idea to not even start all your effects because the game will be close! This time you can spread really thin and just try to drain as much as possible as quickly as possible. Remember to retrieve an Ewok every control phase, and that you can use Kazak to cancel drains along with the bargaining table.
Have no idea what year that was.

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LS Region: Kashyyyk
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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by Hayes »

Damn that's a trip down memory lane... if I could remember authoring that.

Josh Radke (red 84?) had me do deck write-ups for for a while. Looks like that one was written in response to the release of JPSD, so late 2000 or early 2001?

Rennek was some wicked tech.

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by Hunter »

it will most defiantly surprise your opponent!
Opponents be all like "Don't surprise me, dude. I mean it."
But I'm all "ORLY? We'll just see about THAT!"

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Re: New Star Wars CCG Parody account!

Post by fungineer »

stephengascrub wrote:
May 20th, 2020, 9:24 pm
Nice. Also AITC Ewoks, is the new secret tech. Trust me! 8>
Seeing I have an "Agents in the forest" deck this sounds about right for a bad SWCCG advice page.
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